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Somerfield Deep Filled Mince Pies

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Brand: Somerfield / Type: Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      26.12.2009 13:00
      Very helpful



      Brill For Supermarket Own Brand Mince Pies!

      Like you all know, yesterday was Xmas Day!!! We had a wicked time, everything went right and there was no arguements apart from my mum kicking off when my dad walked dirty snow through her clean kitchen! lol

      On the morning we went round next door to give their kids the pressies we'd brought them and as usual ended up staying for mince pies and coffee. The mince pies were delish and I was mega shocken when Karen told me they was Somerfield own because I don't like a lot of their own brand food.

      We've been eating Mr Kipling in our house this year and they're the best because they're soooooo buttery tasting, but these Somerfield ones are way better than the Tesco and Sainsburys mince pies my mum brought earlier this month.

      The pastry isn't majorly thick like a lot of own brand mince pies, we had ours warm and the pastry had gone delish and crumbly as it warmed. They didn't look that good because the pastry is quite plain and they're a bit pale looking when you take them out of the box, the tops go lovely and golden in the oven though and when they're nearly cooked the smell of the filling is gorgeous.

      The filling is wicked. They deffo ARE deep filled and there isn't much of a gap between the crust and the fruit inside the mince pie. There's loads of fruit in them and it's wickedly sweet. The filling tastes proper fresh too and I loved how juicy and yummy the raisins and sultanas are. Karen put a splodge of thick brandy butter on the top of the mince pie and that was delish, with the boozy flavour of the butter mixing gorgeous with the fruit and buttery tasting pastry.

      Deffo recommended by me, you've still got time this year but remember these little gems for Xmas 2010!


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      29.12.2008 17:10
      Very helpful



      Better than most luxury brands of mince pies

      COST: £1.30 for 6


      Calories: 251
      Kj: 1056
      Protein: 2.5g
      Carbohydrate: 39.6g
      - of which sugars: 23.5g
      Fat: 9.2g
      - of which saturates: 3.2g
      Fibre: 1.0g
      Sodium: 0.7g
      Salt equivalent: 0.2g


      Sugar, apple pulp, sulphur dioxide, E202, glucose syrup, currants, sultanas, raisins, apricot filling, glucose-fructose syrup, gelling agent (E440), citric acid, acidity regulator (E331), candied mixed peel, invert sugar syrup, E220, vegetable oil, acetic acid, modified potato starch, barley malt extract, cinnamon, coriander, caraway, fennel, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, turmeric, orange oil, wheat flour, vegetable oil, vegetable margarine, salt, dextrose, milk powder, raising agents (E450 and E500), flavourings


      Contains milk, sulphites, wheat, gluten, may contain nuts


      Somerfield Deep Filled Mince Pies made their way into my home via a friend who visited on Boxing Day, plus he also brought round a bottle of rather nice Chardonnay. I'm not a great lover of mince pies in general, as I find them far too sweet, but when I've had a few wines and/or gins I'm anyone's - so, I did manage to pull the barriers down and let a couple of what my friend was offering, slide down my throat!!

      These mince pies come in a purple box, with the Somerfield logo in white on the top. A few white festive-looking stars are splattered over the face of the box, around an image of three and a bit mince pies - the bit is one which has been broken open, displaying what's inside. At the foot is a small table giving very basic nutritional information, plus the "V" sign indicating that the product is suitable for vegetarians. The product description is just under the Somerfield logo, and in white letters reads "...shortcrust pastry cases filled with rich mincemeat, topped with a motif pastry lid...."

      The sides of the box are the same as the front, but with just one mince pie, and no nutritional information. The rear of the box contains detailed nutritional information, a list of ingredients, allergy advice, heating (conventional oven and microwave) and storing instructions, plus advice that the product can be frozen. There are details on how to write to the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the product, and a caution that though all care has been taken to remove them, some stalks may remain on the dried fruit.

      On opening the box, the mince pies nestle in foil cases that are placed inside a clear plastic tray. There is a little pastry lump, vaguely resembling a holly shape, on the top of each pie, and the pastry is rather yellowish in appearance.

      I watched my friend take a mince pie from one of the foil containers, and despite being given a plate, he proceeded to take a bite out of it in mid-air, spilling crumbs all over himself and on the floor - typical male! - but I decided to let the spirit of goodwill enter my heart, and turned a blind eye to it. I then wrestled a little with one of the pies myself (on a plate!), and found that the pastry was very crumbly and it was difficult to get the pie out of the foil container in one piece.

      I eventually managed to get the pie out, in two pieces (which I thought was quite an achievement, bearing in mind how easily the pastry just fell to bits), and I took a bite from one of the pieces. I chewed for a few moments, not expecting anything spectacular; I was right....I wasn't transported into epicurean heaven, but the overall experience wasn't in the slightest bit unpleasant.

      These pies are very generously filled with moist mincemeat, that is positively packed with plump dried fruit. Normally I find mince pies are so sweet that they make me cringe, but these ones didn't. The pastry is very light and crumbly - fairly rich and buttery, which is great considering the pies aren't marketed as a luxury brand. I was quite happy to let the remainder of the pie just slip down my throat with ease, and I even reached for another one and repeated the experience - two was enough though, as they are quite large sized and substantial.

      I suppose £1.30 is a fairly good price for my friend to have paid for 6 Somerfield Mince Pies, as each pie is a very generous portion and they aren't so disgusting that you chuck them on the floor and stamp on them in sheer horror. In fact, I would certainly consider buying them myself, but not until next Christmas.

      Overall, I feel Somerfield Mince Pies are a quality product in which there has been no skimping at all on the ingredients, and I have tasted much worse - even mince pies which have claimed to be of "luxury" quality. They aren't for bingeing on though, as the fat and calorie content is terrifying, and I speak as someone who doesn't flip out into major anxiety attacks about things like that.

      Well done to Somerfield - I shall pay you a visit in approximately one year's time, and hope that during 2009, the standard of your mince pies isn't compromised on.

      Thanks for reading!


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