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Soreen Lincolnshire Plum Fruit Loaf

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Brand: Soreen / Type: Cake

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    4 Reviews
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      06.11.2009 14:07
      Very helpful



      A really testy fruit loaf that you can have different ways at different times.

      I'm quite a fan of this product & have been eating it for quite some time. My Mother was always a fan of Malt Loaf & one day when I saw this next to that I said that we should buy some & give it a try as it sounded quite nice. That was years ago!

      Licolnshire Plum Fruit Loaf is a spiced loaf with candied fruit inside. There is some citrus fruit & some cherries, but curiously no plum is used in the loaf. It has a really great taste & texture. You can taste the fruit but the flavours are sublte. I find the texture softer & less grainy than malt loaf. I also find the Plum Loaf to be very moist & soft. You can eat it sliced on it's own or with butter. I have never tried it toasted but in theory you could do this too.

      I buy it from my local Tesco where it is usually priced around the 90p per loaf mark. However wait before buying it because around every 4-6 weeks they put a buy one get one free offer on these. I always tend to buy 4 at once when they have this offer one as the sell by date is usually around a month after purchase.

      I would recommend this product to anyone who lies fruit loaf or cake. It's great as a snack, with a packed lunch or as a dessert after a meal. It can also be quite filling too.


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      02.09.2009 15:26
      Very helpful



      See description.

      As a family we are very consious of what we eat, and are constantly looking for food items that are low in fat, and that can keep us on a healthy diet. A favourite of ours is the traditional malt loaf, so when we saw that Soreen had brought out a Lincolnshire Plum variety, we were only to happy to try it out.


      The loaf is in a normal size Soreen packet. Bright yellow as you'd expect with a purple circle boasting of a richly spiced fruit loaf, with juicy sultanas, cherries, currants & citrus peel - but curiously no plums!!

      So we have a Lincolnshire Plum soft and moist fruit loaf - with no plums!!!

      Tate and Texture

      The loaf looks very similar to the traditional one, but in my opinion is much drier. I can eat the other one without any margarine, this in my opinion actually needs margarine. Maybe plum juice might have done it a favour!! The taste, although a little dry, is nice and sweet. It is also quite filling, and as you know it is not too fattening you don't mind having a couple of slices. (Expect about 8 slices from each pack).


      Wheat Flour
      Glace Cherries(6%)
      Glucose Syrup(16%)
      Colour E127 and Preservatives E202)
      Currants (3.5%)
      Golden Syrup
      Vegetable Fat
      Mixed Citrus Peel (1.5%)
      Malt Flour
      Wheat Gluten
      Dried whey (from cows milk)
      Mixed Spice
      Preservative E282
      Emulsifier E471

      Nutritional Information per 100g

      Energy 261kg
      Protein 2.1g
      Carbohydrates 12.3g
      of which sugars 5.4g
      Fat 0.9g
      of which saturates 0.13g
      Fibre 0.5g
      Sodium 0.05g
      Salt 0.13g

      Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat Gluten, Whey (from cows milk)

      Also suitable for vegetarians


      I would recommend this loaf, to be used as part of a diet. The fat level is less than 5% andit is full of many different kinds of fruit. In my honest opinion I don't think it is as nice as the original, but that is only my opinion. Recommended


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      17.07.2009 20:50
      Very helpful



      If you're looking to try something new to have with a cuppa then try Lincolnshire Plum Loaf

      I'm always on the look out for various things to have after my sandwiches at lunchtime. I love crisps but obviously these are usually high in calories. So when my husband suggested trying Soreen Lincolnshire Plum Loaf I thought I'd give it a try.

      We had a look in our local Tesco and found it on the cakes and bread aisle. I picked up the plum loaf and immediately saw on pack that it was less than 5% fat. It states that it contains sultanas, cherries, currents & citrus peel which may not seem appertising to some but I thought it should be quite nice.

      The nutritional information states that there are 65.3 calories per 1/8 of the loaf and 0.9g of fat.
      One thing I did notice was that there seemed to be a few e numbers in the list of ingredients these are E127, E202, E282, E471. I wasn't bouncing off the walls after eating a piece but I can understand it may put people off.

      It is very moist and quite fruity tasting and I can eat it just as it is although it can taste extra nice if you spread a thin layer of butter or margarine on it.
      The sell by date tends to be quite good usually being at least two weeks so quite handy to leave in the cupboard for a snack. The only thing about eating the loaf is it can be a bit sticky but other than that is a fairly healthy choice.

      It is suitable for vegetarians and can also be frozen it does suggest eating within 3 months if you do decide to freeze it. I have never tried freezing the plum loaf so I can't comment on what the quality is once defrosted.

      It is a nice snack to always have in the cupboard but I wouldn't say it's one of my favourites.


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        08.04.2009 16:01
        Very helpful



        A fruity plum loaf...with no plums!

        Being pregnant, I'm increasingly finding myself attracted to all manner of sweet treats in which I wouldn't normally indulge. I know I shouldn't as I don't want to excessively pile on the pounds, but as I'm the one carrying the baby lump around, I feel that I deserve the odd treat!

        I've always been a fan of Soreen Malt Loaf as it reminds me of my childhood. We always had some in the cake tin, ready to serve with a slither of butter. So, when I saw that Soreen now offer other varieties of loaves/cakes for around 89p each, I couldn't resist! On offer (BOGOF) at Tesco, I decided to try a Soreen Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf and also their Lincolnshire Plum Fruit Loaf - the latter being the subject of this particular review.

        Described as a richly spiced fruit loaf with sultanas, cherries, currants and citrus peel (but curiously no plums!) I thought this cake sounded rather delicious and I wasn't disappointed...

        The size of the loaf is just the same as the original Malt Loaf but once you peel back the wrapper, you'll find that it's much paler in colour. Appetising pieces of fruit can instantly be seen across the surface - deep brown sultanas and red cherries glistening through the nicely browned crust. And I must say that the initial smell is very enticing too; a rich fruitiness accompanied by the quite prominent aroma of the spices and hint of citrus.

        The product has a similar feel to Malt Loaf - quite firm to the touch. In fact, it actually appears to be quite hard and weighs heavily in the hand. This got me a little worried as I thought that the overall texture would possibly be a bit too tough for my liking. But, slicing through the cake (I find that a sharp, serrated knife used with a 'sawing' motion is most effective as it doesn't squash the slices whilst cutting) I could immediately tell that once past the exterior crust, the cake is lovely and moist. It's by no means a light and crumbly cake such as a Victoria sponge - it's a great deal thicker, heavier and almost 'stodgy' in comparison, making it much more substantial. As with a Malt Loaf there is a certain degree of scrumptious chewiness to the texture...particularly if you find yourself with an end piece. The cake tends to stick to your teeth somewhat but in my opinion that simply adds to the enjoyment!

        The Soreen Lincolnshire Plum Loaf contains generous helpings of juicy fruit, quite evenly spread throughout. Cake mixture can sometimes be a bit temperamental when it comes to ingredients such as fruit as it's not always possible to ensure that it's mixed thoroughly enough. Plain patches can sometimes be found in a cake once it has been baked. This product seems to be successful in that respect though...and I've now sampled quite a few to date, each with the same results!

        The blend of flavours tastes very pleasant and I find that the different fruits compliment each other perfectly. Combined with the hint of mixed spice (which isn't quite as rich as what the product description might suggest) a lovely balance is created. Following the serving suggestions it's a loaf which is equally nice however you choose to serve it - either plain and simple slices, smeared with some butter or lightly toasted. A touch of jam or marmalade can really emphasize those fruity flavours too!

        Although the packaging clearly states that the cake doesn't actually contain any plums, I thought that the name may simply be suggesting that a flavour of plums is present - but surprisingly, it's not! So why is it called 'Lincolnshire Plum Fruit Loaf' then? Let's google it to find out...

        According to Soreen, this product is baked to a traditional recipe called 'plum duff'. I can't find any particular regional reference that specifically relates to Lincolnshire but it's thought that generally in the 17th century, plums or prunes were used in many fruit puddings. These were gradually substituted with sultanas and raisins but the original name of the pudding remained - reminding people of their former ingredients. The recipe apparently led to the creation of Christmas Pudding in the 1800's too. The husband of Queen Victoria had a huge appetite for 'plum duff' and requested a much richer version as a Christmas treat. And so Christmas Pudding was born!

        So there we are. Perhaps not a complete explanation as to the origins of the name of this product but it at least offers a slight insight. And to be honest, I'm not really bothered - all I know is that this loaf is delicious! I find it perfect as a quick afternoon snack at work. As well as being tasty it helps to keep my energy levels up when I can feel myself flagging. And as a bonus, the nutritional content is not bad - 95% fat free too! I therefore don't feel guilty about scoffing 2 or 3 slices to keep me going. Based on an 8th of a loaf nutrition details are: Calories - 65 (3% of your guideline daily amount), Sugar - 5.4g (6% of GDA), Fat - 0.9g (1%), Saturates - 0.1g (1%), Salt - 0.1g (1%).

        Some allergy advice and warnings are featured on pack...contains Gluten and Whey (from Cows Milk) and may also contain cherry stones, although I've never come across any. The loaf is suitable for vegetarians and it's also completely nut free as it's not even produced in a factory which handles nuts. Soreen advise that the product should be consumed within 2 days of opening...not a problem for me (greedy guts) but in my opinion, another couple of days doesn't affect the loaf. Perhaps it's just better served toasted in the latter days. And lastly, the loaves tend to have a use by date of approximately one month but they are suitable for home freezing (on day of purchase - eat within 3 months). I've never actually tried this though.

        More information about this and other products in the range can be found on the soreen.com website. If you'd like to experiment with something a bit different a recipes section can even be found. For example, if you fancy venturing down the savoury route, why not try grilling Lincolnshire Plum Fruit Loaf with ham and cheese, then serving it with chutney. I haven't tried this yet but when baby and my tastebuds give me a savoury shout, I think I'll give it a whirl!

        Soreen Lincolnshire Plum Fruit Loaf ingredients:
        Wheat Flour, Water, Sultanas (12%), Glace Cherries (6%) (contains: Glucose Syrup (16%), Colour E127 and Preservative E202), Currants (3.5%), Golden Syrup, Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Mixed Citrus Peel (1.5%), Malt Flour, Wheat Gluten, Dried Whey (from Cows Milk), Salt, Mixed Spice, Yeast, Preservative E282, Emulsifier E471, Flavouring


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