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Special K Peach and Apricot Bar

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7 Reviews

Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal Bar

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    7 Reviews
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      16.01.2013 19:45
      Very helpful



      A nice low cal snack

      Being diabetic means that I sometimes need a snack between meals, however I don't always want fruit but I want something that is low in calorie and reasonably healthy. To solve this problem I tend to buy cereal bars, I generally go for ones which are low in calories and find that the Special K range are ideal. One of my favourite flavours in this range are the Peach and Apricot, they are sweet enough to allow you to have a bit of a treat whilst at the same time being low in calories and reasonably healthy.

      The Special K Peach and Apricot Cereal Bars come in a rectangle cardboard box, the front of the box has the Kellogg's logo at the top and the word Special written just below, the large red K takes up most of the box. There is also a picture of one of the unwrapped cereal bars towards to bottom, with the right hand side being taken up with a picture of peaches and apricots cut in half, the nutritional information also appears on the front of the box as well.

      The back of the box contains all of the product information clearly set out and easy to read, this includes the nutritional information, allergy information and the ingredients. Inside the box each cereal bar is individually wrapped with a foil wrapper, the information which appears on the wrapper is exactly the same as the information that is on the outer box.

      The Cereal Bars
      The Special K Peach and Apricot Cereal Bars are rectangle in shape, the are basically made up of cereals such as rice and wheat and held together what seems to be a small amount of a honey type product, mixed in with the cereal are pieces of dried apricot and peach, the whole bar then has swirls of yoghurt on top of it.

      The Peach and Apricot Cereal Bar is part of Special K's range of bars which are between 83 and 90 calories designed to allow you to both watch your weight and enjoy a delicious snack at the same time. The bars are not what I would call solid and do fall apart quite easily when eating them. They have quite a sticky texture and sweet taste despite them being low in calories, the pieces of dried fruit however do take the edge off of this sweetness, the pieces of fruit are throughout the whole bar and not just on top.

      Nutritional Information
      The nutritional information is clearly written on the back and front of the box as well as the individual wrappers, this includes
      * Calories - 88 Cals
      * Sugar - 9g
      * Fat - 2g
      * Saturates - 1g
      * Salt - 0.1g

      Allergy Information
      The allergy information also clearly appears on both the outer packaging as well as the individually wrapped bars, this states that the cereal bars include
      * Barley
      * Milk
      * Wheat
      * Soya/ Soya Beans
      * Sulpher Dioxide/ Sulphates

      Price and Availability
      The Special K Peach and Apricot Cereal Bars are available from most supermarkets as well as individual bars being sold in corner shops and such like. I purchased my cereal bars from Tesco, the box of 5 bars cost me £1.99, they are not the cheapest cereal bars on the market but they are not the most expensive and I do find that they are also often on offer. Personally I would prefer to spend a bit more money on healthier snacks rather than buying cheaper more unhealthy ones.

      My Opinion
      I have been purchasing Special K Peach and Apricot Cereal Bars for a while now and have always enjoyed these, I personally find them a tasty snack and are ideal if your fancy something sweet to eat but at the same time want something low in calories and fat, these cereal bars are ideal if you are watching your weight as low calorie healthy snacks are often hard to find if you are on a diet but these are ideal.
      I like the combination of the peach and apricot with the sweetness of the cereal that makes up the bar, each bar has yoghurt on top of it which I personally find you cannot taste that well, however this does not take away from the flavour of the cereal bar at all. This item is reasonably priced and in my opinion good value for money, I will certainly continue to purchase these cereal bars and would recommend them to anyone as a healthy sweet treat.


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      14.01.2012 17:42
      Very helpful



      Wonderful and I will buy these from now on weekly without hesitation!

      I have really terrible eating habits and all I can say about myself really is that I'm Queen of junk food! I rarely cook, eat out and get far too many takeaways and when I do buy food in, again I buy what is deemed to be fast food and not nutritious at all. However from time to time eating so much junk really plays havoc with my digestive sytem and quite frankly I get fed up of it and then do go on a bit of a health kick vowing no more junk ever....which of course I never stick to!

      The other night was one of those nights when I decided to get some healthy bits and bobs in. Out are my favoured energy drinks and carbonated offerings, in are healthy juices. Out is my favourite white bread, in is my wholemeal bread and so on.

      One of the things I do enjoy is breakfast. I do genuinly find that if I eat a decent breakfast I don't snack so much and feel much more contented so when I spotted these on offer for a pound a box of 5 of them instead of the uual price of closer to a couple a quid a box I fancied them so grabbed em!

      The Packaging:

      The box is white with a large red 'k' on the front of it and a picture of one of the bars, plus on my box there is information about winning a Max Factor lipstick and we are told that they are Kellogs Special K Peach & Apricot and there is an at a glance nutritonal chart shown, then other information on the box again tells us yet more information about winning a lippy and then ingredient and allergy advice is given along with a full nutritonal chart, the weight is stated which is 5 x 23g and contact details for the manufacturer are given. The bars are wrapped in white plastic but with silver foil inside, look pretty much the same as the outer box and contains pretty much the ame information too.

      The Bars:

      All I can say really is wow! I absoloutely adore these! Not only are thee a perfect, low calorie and low fat cereal bar containing only 89 calories and 0.9g of saturates these are perfect for me any time I fancy a sweetish treat and not just breakfast.

      Oblong in shape these are not huge but simply a couple of mouthfuls really. Made from rice and wheat and with some plump little pieces of naturally sweet apricots and swirl of a white sugary topping that looks like dried drizzled yogurt, seriouly these are good!

      Like I have said these are slightly chewy with a malty kind of flavour in part, the cereal isn't sweet but the gentle sweetness of these comes from the fruit and the yogurt drizzle. They are not that filling is the only drawback but for a breakfast on the go a couple of these really satisfy me! They are quite simply fab and I really did think I wouldn't be keen on these and that they'd be like rabbit food....I couldn't of been more wrong lol!

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        13.06.2010 19:55
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not Nice.

        Special K cereal bars are marketed at those dieting or simply looking for a healthy alternative. The peach and apricot variety boasts 88 calories in a 23g bar. The bar consists of mixed cereals and fruit, with a drizzle of yoghurt on top.

        I found the texture of the bar to be refreshingly moist and chewable. There was a decent amount of fruit in the bar (12% of the ingredients), but the drizzle of yoghurt seemed really minimal, more of a decoration.

        The bar is 'infused' with the scent and taste of Peach and Apricot. This means that you don't just get a fruity taste from the fruit, but also throughout the bar itself - this is consistent with the other flavours in the Special K range. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this aspect; I felt that the scent of the flavour was overpowering, and the taste unpleasantly artificial. I could barely taste the yoghurt, which wasn't surprising due to the minimal coverage. However, it does add a hint of sweetness to the tangy taste of the bar.

        There is something about the ingredients that Kellogg's uses in their cereal bars that I dislike. It's hard to explain, but it's a sharp taste which sticks in the back of my throat, which is most prominent within their Nutri-Grain bars. I was disappointed that this 'feature' has been carried over to their Special K range, and it makes it quite difficult for me to finish the bar.

        I found the size of the bar to be inadequate - not quite enough to satisfy and therefore not a replacement for a bowl of cereal. I could easily finish two of these in a sitting, if it wasn't for the aforementioned taste.

        In comparison to the other Special K flavours I have tried, Peach and Apricot ranks as the worst, and the box I purchased promptly found its way to the bin. I would probably steer others away from the Special K range. For those interested in purchasing, I would recommend others try the original cranberry flavour Special K over other flavours.


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          27.05.2010 13:11
          Very helpful




          Special K is a cereal produced by Walkers. They also have a range of cereal breakfast bars designed for a low calorie diet.


          Here we have the Special K Peach and Apricot Bar. It is described as being "rice and wheat cereal with dried peach and apricot pieces and a delicious yoghurt flavour topping".

          This is a breakfast bar or snack bar.


          Each bar is individually wrapped in a white foil plastic wrapper. The wrapper has the Special K logo and product name on the front alongside a peach image.

          The wrapper also contains information on nutrition and ingredients in different languages. The wrapper can be recycled after use.

          The bars are then put in a cardboard box with a perfortrated flap at the front for easy access. The front of the box has the the same details as the wrapper and also a small nutrition chart and an image of the actual bar.

          The ingredients, nutrition and contact details for Kelloggs on the side panel and the other bars in the range on the back.

          *The Bar*

          Tearing open the wrapper, we are met by a quite short but thick bar which is jampacked full of cereal pieces. The apricot and peach pieces are evenly distributed and there is a small drizzle of off white yoghurt across the top of the bar.


          Kellogg's Special K Cereal (43%) (Rice, Wheat {Wholewheat, Wheat Flour}, Sugar, Wheat Gluten, Dried Skimmed Milk, Salt , Defatted Wheatgerm, Barley Malt Flavouring, Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid , Vitamin B12) , Glucose Syrup , Dried Fruit (8%) (Peach, Apricot {Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide, Sodium Hydrogen Sulphite}) , Vegetable Oil , Sugar , Fructose , Dextrose , Dried Skimmed Milk , Humectant (Sorbitol, Glycerol) , Milk Whey Powder , Calcium Carbonate , Milk Sugar , Flavourings , Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin) , Citric Acid , Antioxidant (E320) .

          Contains milk, soy, wheat, barley and sulphites. The bars are suitable for vegetarians.


          Each 23g bar contains :

          90 calories
          8g sugar
          0.9g saturated fat
          0,2g salt

          *Availability and Price*

          The bars come in packs of 6 in supermarkets. This will cost around £2.10 but can sometimes be found on offer.

          *My Opinion*

          Breakfast in my house is rare for me unless we are having a lazy day at home. My son gets up and has his breakfast whilst I go for my bath and get ready and by that time, Daddy is ready to go to work so we need to go. I wish I didn't have to go out at 8.30am but if we don't go out when he is leaving, my son starts acting up and we don't end up getting out at all as Mummy gets stressed!

          I am a big girl and I seem to be hungry alot so not having something in the morning to get me going is a no no. In my cupboard you will often find breakfast bars and Special K is one of them. In this instance it is the Peach and Apricot variety.

          I only buy these when they are on offer as I cannot afford to pay £2.20 for them. A few weeks ago Tesco had them down to £1 so I was in my element stocking my electronic shopping trolley up with a few boxes to keep me going!

          I first tried these when they were released as I am a fan of the cereal especially this variety as it is fruity and a change from the Original.

          Opening the bar, I feel a little deceived as the actual bar is quite a bit smaller than the packet but nonetheless it looks nice enough and thick. It has quite a sticky coating so I advise using the wrapper around it to avoid stickiness.

          The bar looks a lovely golden brown shade with dotted colours throughout being the peach and apricot and the creamy drizzle of yoghurt on top. I say drizzle lightly as it is only a tiny amount.

          Biting into the bar, I am suprised by its soft but firm texture as I expected it to cause issues with my teeth like the Original bars normally do but my teeth went through the bar perfectly. It had a delicious crunchiness but was easy to eat.

          The fruit pieces were a good size and juicy but perhaps not the fresh taste you get with fresh fruit. The bar was sweet but had a savoury sort of taste to it. You could just taste the yoghurt and it acted as a little finishing treat as it was creamy.

          The overall cereal, fruit and yoghurt combination works extremely well and you really feel satisfied and don't feel that you are eating something at just 90 calories. The sugar may be high but this to be expected as it is a sweet bar. The after taste is fruity and quite pleasant and it kept me going for a few hours til my lunch.

          I like these as I can grab one from the cupboard and eat it on the way out but it doesn't beat a proper breakfast.

          Thanks for looking


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            03.02.2010 19:48
            Very helpful



            For anyone ona diet, trying to eat healthy or just wanting a tasty snack, grab one of these!

            Low fat food has got interesting!!!!! I am a huge fan of special k peach and apricot cereal, not only because I am always on a diet but also because I genuinely love the taste. Unlike some low fat cereals that just taste like cardboard, special k peach and apricots is sweet , fruity and very very tasty. So when I heard they had made a snack bar I bought some straight away.

            These are some seriously yummy cereal bars. They are full of actual pieces of special k cereal as well as some peach , apricots and a drizzling of yoghurt on the top. They come in small bars about 3/4 inches long and a box contains 6. They are incredibly sweet and if you have a craving for something yummy and sweet but want to eat healthily then they are a perfect snack.
            Not only do they taste nice though, but they are actually only 86 calories in a bar!!

            These are regular snacks in my house and I don't feel like I have compromised on taste to eat healthily. The only criticism I have is that the bars are rather small, which can be eaten in two bites if im very hungry lol. But all in all they are a great buy!


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              09.01.2010 02:36
              Very helpful



              See Review

              Special K Peach and Apricot...

              This is a review on the peach and apricot cereal, it is all the same!

              As I have mentioned in my other Special K review I bought some boxes of this the other day as part of my plan to get fit! Special K always seems to be deemed very healthy and taste lovely at the same time. Peach and apricot are mine and my boyfriends favourite flavours so we really like this!

              Special K is manufactured by Kellogg's and is of a very high quality. I love the way they always include ways to get fit on their boxes it kind of spurs me on! This is basically crunchy rice and wheat flakes with freeze dried peach and apricot. I always like cereal that has yummy fruit bits in it because I think that it really adds to the flavour. The flakes in this are not whole wheat so they are lighter in colour and they actually taste softer and sweeter!

              Per 30g serving of this there is:

              113 Calories
              7g Sugar
              0.5g Fat
              0.2g Saturates
              0.3g Salt

              This sums up just how good for you this actually is and it is brilliant to have breakfast anyway let alone a really healthy but tasty one!

              The reasons why I like this is because:

              It tastes so sweet and yummy but it is healthy!
              It has my favourite fruits in it!
              This fills you up!
              You can have this for supper too!

              The reasons why this is annoying is because:

              This costs around £2-3.00 which is really expensive just for a box of cereal!
              Also, the crunchy rice parts are a little too crunchy and they really hurt my teeth even when they have saturated the milk!

              I recommend this because of its high quality and lovely taste

              Holly x


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              28.09.2009 16:12
              Very helpful



              Nice to replace a higher calorie bar with if doing healthy!!

              Looking out yet again for some nice snacky things that we can eat in the evening or during the day, I discovered these Special K Peach and Apricot bars. Now I don't particulary like Special K products as I think you pay through the nose for the name and if anything has health bar written on it you get caught again with it being overpriced.

              Now with both me and daughter trying to do healthy for a couple of weeks, we decided to give in and give these bars a go as they were on special offer in Tesco's. It worked out that if you got one box it would be £2.11p or 2 boxes for £3.00 making them a bit cheaper!!

              So what is Peach and Apricot like, well I have been getting used to the taste of apricot over the months by eating dried apricots as a snack for a change and it did take some time to get to like the taste I must admit. Well in these bars you can really taste the peach and apricot and they taste really delicious!!!!

              These come in a white box which holds 6 x 23g bars, with the Special K logo and a picture of the bar on the front of the box it also say's 50% more fruit, which with the taste it has I can well believe that it does. The box has a perforated square on the front that goes onto the top which you peel back to reveal the 6 bars sitting there.

              These are wrapped in a white wrapper which is similar to the box, now when you lift out the bar it will look reasonabley big,BUT when you squeeze the wrapper at the end it will transform into a much smaller bar than it looks!! A good inch smaller I would say!!

              On tearing the wrapper off at one end it will reveal an attractive cereal bar that has a wiggly icing squiggled over the top which I believe is yoghurt. These bars feel firm to the touch, but as soon as you put it in your mouth you will notice that it is really quite soft to the bite.It is a bit sticky to the touch and you can clearly see the fruit in amongst the rice and wheat cereal which is then binded together with a sticky something!!

              Now there is no denying it these bars do taste absolutely delicious and that they are worth the amount we paid in the offer. You do feel like you are having a really nice snack and as long as you don't wolf it down in one and just take your time to eat this then alls well!!!

              These bars each have;

              ~~~Calories 88~~~
              ~~~Sugars 9g~~~
              ~~~Fat 1.5g~~~
              ~~~Saturates 0.9g~~~
              ~~~Salt 0.1g~~~

              You can buy these in several different flavours with some of them being;

              ~~~Red Berries~~~
              ~~~Fruits of the Forest~~~
              ~~~Chocolate Chip~~~

              They also do a bliss range which have;

              ~~~Orange and Chocolate~~~
              ~~~Raspberry and Chocolate~~~

              Now I have tried the Mint and they were equally as lovely with the added bonus of having their bottoms covered in smooth chocolate. This is what makes the Bliss range different as they have chocolate on them!!

              So I will not moan to much about the price as being at the moment I can get these for a reasonable price and I will give them 4 stars as if they filled the wrapper I would then give them a 5!!


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