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Splendips Thai Sweet Chilli

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Snack

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    3 Reviews
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      26.08.2011 13:11
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      Spendid snack

      I am a shift worker and am always on the look out for snack type food items for taking into work to keep me ticking over. One of my favourite snacks is the Splendips Philadelphia Thai Sweet Chilli pots.

      Being a fan of hot food anyway, it would make sense out of the various flavours on offer that I would opt for the Thai Sweet Chilli variety. Having said that, it's not anything like hot once you tuck into it. There is an underlying twang but mostly the sweet chilli dip is exactly that - sweet.

      If for whatever reason, you have never come across Splendips then I will let you know that they are a snack container which includes a cracker of some variety, a section that contains Philadelphia cream cheese and another section which contains the dip. There are several varieties on offer. The variety I am reviewing contains rice crackers, light cream cheese and a sweet chilli dip.

      I thought that there was a decent amount of crackers within the snack pot. I often find with items like this that there aren't enough of the item to be dipped as there is dip so you often run out but this certainly isn't the case with Splendips. The crackers are of the rice variety and are small circles. Once you grab a cracker, you scrape some cheese onto the cracker and then dip it into the sweet chilli sauce and you're ready to eat.

      I think these three ingredients really compliment each other. The hard crunchy cracker, along with the softness and creaminess of the cheese which is then set of nicely but the sweet and sharp taste of the sweet chilli dip. A perfect combination.

      I think that Splendips offer pretty good value for money as they are a tasty little snack and cost about 90p a packet. If you shop at Tesco's, then they can quite often be found on special offer here where you can purchase two for £1.50.

      Overall, I would certainly recommend this as a snack. It doesn't exactly fill you up but it does tide you over which is exactly what a snack is meant to do. Although this is not a snack you would chose if you are trying to watch your weight, it does make me feel slightly less guilty eating an item such as this rather than a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar.


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        23.02.2011 20:41



        A reasonable snack at a good price.

        I am sitting dipping into my splendip as I type....1.7g of fat/148 calories only in this snack for just over a £1 so a great little inbetween meal low fat filler when on a diet. The nutritional values are per pot rather than 100g which means you know what you are getting.

        What you get is a pot with three sections in it for rice crackers, Philly soft cheese and the dipping sauce.
        In my opinion the dip is just perfect - not too hot, not too sweet and the Philly is soft and creamy and sublime. The crackers offer a textural crunch which in combination with the cheese and the dip is a nice combination and certainly one which I enjoy. From my point of view its the perfect savoury snack to get you through to the next meal and there are also other flavours to choose from to ring the changes in both taste and textures.

        The lid can be a little difficult to get off sometimes but if nothing else it does keep it fresh. The rice cakes on their own are bland but I do think that the combination of dip and soft cheese works very well with these.



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        13.01.2010 08:09
        Very helpful



        A great product for snacking on - tasty and guilt free.... Ish!

        I'm a serious snacker and would much rather snack than eat larger portions. I do try however to snack on healthier foods where possible but do like food that's tasty. So when browsing my local newsagent I cam across Philadelphia Splendips Thai Sweet Chilli which looked perfect for snacking purposes.


        The packaging of Splendips is very much like a multi compartment yoghurt pot. This is made from white plastic with a foil lid. There is a compartment with the rice crackers inside, a compartment with the soft Philadelphia cheese inside and a compartment with the sweet chilli sauce inside.

        The packaging is reasonably durable and can be easily transported (in a packed lunch box for example) as the foil lid is quite thick and strong.


        A 76g packet of Thai Chilli Splendips cost £1.40 in my local newsagent. As a snack this is reasonably expensive. However I have purchased these in the supermarkets and Tesco and Asda sell these for 98p per pack. The supermarkets often run buy one get one free offers or two products for £1.50 so it is worth stocking up on when these offers are running.

        ***Thai Sweet Chilli Splendips***

        When you open the foil lid you will see rice crackers, Philadelphia soft cheese and thai sweet chilli dip all in three separate compartments.

        The scent of the Splendips is very pleasant albeit quite lights and subtle. The rice crackers have no real scent so you mainly can smell the sweet chilli dip which has a quite a sweet spicy type scent to it.

        The rice crackers are round and about 2cm in diameter. If you eat alone they are very crunchy yet very bland and have no real taste to them except a savoury wheaty taste. The Philadelphia soft cheese is a very soft subtle creamy tasting cheese. The sweet chilli dip is quite runny in consistency. It is not at all spicy and more sweet and tangy.

        Eaten together all of the flavours compliment each other very well. The rice crackers are quite bland in taste and have quite a wheaty plain taste to them but have a lovely crunch. This works well with the creamy soft cheese dip which you get a taste of then are hit with the sweet tangy chilli dip which leaves a tangy after taste in your mouth. The chilli dip is quite sweet but when eaten with the soft cheese and savoury crackers this is not an overly sweet taste. Quantity wise you get a generous amount of soft cheese and chilli sauce to dip the crackers in.

        The sweet chilli dip is quite sticky therefore after eating you will need to wash your hands as it does get quite messy!

        **Nutritional Information**

        Per 76g serving
        Energy 148kcal
        Protein 4.7g
        Carbohydrate 28g
        (of which sugars 14g)
        Fat 1.7g
        (of which saturates 1g)
        Fibre 0.6g
        Sodium 0.4g

        For those on a diet this is not the lowest of calorie snacks but does have a low fat content and is more substantial than many "diet" snacks such as cereal bars. For those with larger appetites you may find that the size of the portion is small and therefore require something that is more substantial.


        This is a great savoury snack for those that want something more interesting than crisps or for those who want a healthier snack but not compromise on taste.

        The soft cheese, cracker and chilli dip combo tastes great. The rice crackers on their own are slightly bland however this allows you to taste the creamy soft cheese and the sweet tangy chilli dip.

        Not one for those with larger appetites or want a more filling snack but overall a very tasty snack which is relatively sin free!


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