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Sunnyvale Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Plain

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Brand: Sunnyvale Natural Foods / Type: Bread / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2009 22:34
      Very helpful



      A moist, rich sustaining natural organic bread.

      A few years ago when I was seriously ill with ME, I became allergic to virtually everything or should I say, it felt like everything. I was convinced I was going to be living on cardboard and water as I had no allergy to them.

      I had to search high and low for food I could eat with No ~
      Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Lactose, Sugar or Yeast. Have you ever noticed how many foods have sugar in? Virtually everything, I can tell you. I couldn't drink my beloved Tea or Coffee either.

      At the point of despair a Naturopath I know suggested Sprouted Wheat Bread, ok but surely that contains wheat? Yes but, the wheat is used when it has naturally sprouted, this process uses most of the offending Starch( that causes the allergy) in the sprouting process. I got very excited, the thought of eating bread and not cardboard.

      This review is totally about my reaction to this particular bread, I have an allergy to wheat I've not got Coeliacs Disease so please take care if you intend to try it, I don't want to make anyone ill.

      I will try to explain the special process by which it's made ~

      Soak the finest specially selected Organic Wheat Kernels in pure filtered water under tightly controlled conditions.
      Then allow to "Sprout" naturally.
      Once fully germinated the sprouts are ground (blended with dried fruits for certain varieties) then formed into small loaves and baked slowly and gently at low temperatures.
      The sprouting process not only decreases the starch but increases the protein, vitamin and enzyme content of the breads.

      I hope I have explained that adequately, it was explained to me by my Naturopath.

      Organic Plain Sprouted Wheat Bread ~ Sunnyvale Natural Foods.

      It comes in a 400g clear plastic pack with a purple and lilac striped label and tells me ~ The way bread was made thousands of years ago.Sprouting of grains is a natural process which makes the product more digestible and increases the nutrition value. A high protein food providing sustained energy.

      No added Yeast, Fats, Eggs, or Dairy Products.

      Serve sliced with butter, jam, cheeses etc.. Can also be toasted.

      Nutritional Information per 100g ~

      Energy ~ 187 kcals
      Protein ~ 10.3g
      Carbohydrates ~ 47.0g
      Fat ~ 0.8g

      Ingredients ~

      Sprouted Whole Organic Wheat 100%

      Best Before Date ~ 23rd April 2010

      Use within 3 days of opening.
      Once opened store in an airtight container.

      Member of the Organic Food Federation.

      If you want any more information ~ www.sunnyvaleorganic.com

      It is available for £1.55 in certain Holland & Barrett stores and independant health food stores or from www.goodhealthnaturally.com ~ I have bought mine from them regularly for years and always recieved excellent service.

      This review is for the plain variety, they also offer Sprouted Wheat with ~

      Fruit & Almonds ~ 4% almonds, 3% dates 7% raisins ~ £1.85
      Raisin ~ 13.5% raisins ~ £1.65
      Date ~ 13.5% dates ~£1.75 (my favourite)
      They also offer a selection of Rye and Spelt breads and cakes.

      This bread is sweet now by sweet, I don't mean you will find it very sweet, it's just amazingly moist with a lovely rich flavour thats not lacking in any way which remembering it's only ingredient is Sprouted Wheat is suprising. It's a very dark brown outside and fairly squidgy when you give it a squish, inside it's light brown, dense, compact and very textured not unlike wholemeal bread.

      Once sliced it has a fresh almost nutty aroma, unlike anything else I have smelt, definitely unique. I don't like it raw, I prefer to toast it which seems to retain the" nuttiness "and now I Love it with lashings of butter, cheese and Branston Pickle, jam, marmalade, chocolate spread, almond nut butter or sometimes cream cheese and lemon curd, Yummmmm. Of course when I first ate it, I had to have vegan spread, I enjoy it sooo much more now.....

      You can toast lightly just to warm it through or fully toast which gives a delicious chewy yet still moist texture but it can become quite hard if sliced thinly, so you must keep an eye on it. I find if sealed in a tub or plastic bag and stored in the fridge once opened it does usually last a couple of weeks.

      I find it filling (I usually devour 4 thin slices, there's approx 14 fairly thin slices per loaf) but it doesn't sit heavily in my tum, I hate that feeling when food seems to sit there for hours and it definitely helps my very low energy levels with it's slow release carbohydrate action. My body never struggles to digest it and thats some feat as I do struggle with my digestion, quite often I feel very cold and sleepy while my digestive system grapples with certain food.

      Not everyone will enjoy this bread but it's worth knowing about for anyone with allergies or food intolerance or just as a healthy alternative to stodgy ordinary bread, it's versatile, thick, thin, cold, warm, toasted....

      For anyone doing a form of detox, it's fabulous as it sustains you for hours and doesn't tax your digestive system. Or similarly it can be used as a healthy alternative to bread but boosted up to "naughtiness " to quell any cravings with chocolate spread.

      I am very grateful for finding it as it helped me through a "difficult" time in my life and now years later, it's a staple in my fridge and while it won't compare to fresh toasted white bread, I have come to the conclusion for me it's not worth the digestive" toil n trouble" that a couple of slices of white toast create.....

      I award 5 "sprouted" stars from me.


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