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Tesco 12 Mini Cheese & Ham Savoury Eggs

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snacks

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    3 Reviews
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      13.11.2009 12:34
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      Not worth buying, poor quality i my opinion

      I bought a packet of these mini cheese and ham savoury eggs because they were only £1.09 at Tesco. I am afraid that this was certainly a case of getting exactly what you pay for, although some Tesco products are excellent value.

      First of all I have to say that it must have taken no more that one egg to make all twelve of these savoury bites. The egg was just visible but I was not able to taste it.

      These 'eggs' (for want of a better word) come in a plastic tray with an outer orangey coloured wrapper. There is the usual nutritional information on the outer wrapper and instructions on how to heat these up.

      Each of these mini eggs has 60 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. So they are not a very healthy snack.

      The appearance of these bites is quite off putting as far as I am concerned. They are the colour of Tango orange which I imagine is spiced breadcrumbs. Then there is some dry, thin sausage meat shaped into a ball, with a tiny bit of egg mixed with mayonnaise in the middle.

      I have no idea what happened to the cheese. Maybe that contributed to the orange colour on the outside but I certainly did not taste any.

      The taste was very bland apart from a light peppery taste and these are very dry. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to heat them up. The texture was very rubbery and I really think I could have played table tennis using these as balls. The other thing that I noticed was that they were not consistent in flavour. I only ate three but in one I could taste the egg and in the other too, just a little bit of spice.

      I would not buy these again. They are tasteless, high in fat and calories and turned out to be poor value for money.


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        12.11.2009 23:58
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        Not bad, but could be improved a lot

        ***My review is for Tesco's savoury eggs but I've been directed here***

        I'm a big fan of Scotch eggs but we only tend to eat them on occasions like Christmas. We've been buying a packet of these each week though as they've only been £1. I'm not sure if this is a special offer but I would imagine so.

        ***What they look like***
        If you're not familiar with Scotch/savoury eggs, they are a dark orange colour due to the breadcrumbs that coat the outside of the eggs. Inside this is a combination of a light grey pork meat and yellow egg. This might sound unappetising but I usually always love the taste of these snacks and find them very moreish.

        ***What they taste like***
        The breadcrumbs taste quite salty but fortunately they aren't too messy to eat. I've eaten savoury eggs in the past and found that the breadcrumbs literally crumble on the first bite and make a complete mess everywhere but this thankfully wasn't the case here.

        The pork inside is also quite dry and I end up wanting a drink straight after eating these. I was disappointed with the egg aspect as it wasn't particularly abundant. Within the porkmeat and breadcrumbs coating is a small smattering of egg that I'm going to best describe as a lump of egg. It doesn't touch the pork itself and just sits there. I much prefer to eat the egg with the rest of the snack, so I will usually end up smudging the egg into the pork with my finger after first biting into the egg. Obviously this only takes a second or two and isn't a big downside but it's something I find ever so slightly off-putting about the eggs themselves.

        ***Overall verdict***
        For £1, I can't really fault these that much as you can't expect a wonderful offering for that price. They are tasty enough, if a little dry, but I wish that there was egg within as there is certainly enough room. I'd like to bite into egg as well as pork meat and breadcrumbs, and this doesn't happen here. Because of that, my enjoyment is somewhat hampered so I'm going to knock my star rating down as a result.


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        13.10.2009 20:52
        Very helpful



        Not for me these

        First off before getting stuck into this review I must point out that this review is for 12 mini savoury eggs and not as Dooyoo has listed! Tut at Dooyoo! lol

        Anyway the other day I was in Tesco and shopping at the wrong time as I was starving. I wanted something fast to eat and spotted these and really fancied them! So I bought them at the cost of £1.09 for the 12 bites

        The Packaging:

        The savoury eggs come in a clear tray and over that there is a brown and clear oblong shaped wrapper (the same as on the review photograph on the top of this page). I am told on the front that they are Tesco 12 Mini Savoury Eggs and there is an at a glance nutritional chart and I'm told that they contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours and that they are suitable for home freezing and the display date and use by date are clearly displayed. On the back of the packet other information includes ingredients and allergy advice being listed, I'm told how to warm them (optional), weight is stated which is 40g, a full nutritional run-down is given and contact details for Tescos are listed. It's an easy to open packet and it's informative enough.

        The Bites:

        Small bites that are round in shape. Dark orange on the outside which is breadcrumbs which cover pork sausage-meat then inside there is a dry light yellow egg mayonnaise in the hollow of the case.

        Now I thought I would love these and was really looking forward to them however I found them a bit dry and very much on the bland side.

        The breadcrumbs taste of nothing though they are evenly coated and rather thick and unmessy to eat. They don't taste seasoned though but were easy enough to digest. The pork under that, again was pinkish in colour and thick and did taste like processed pork and was a wee bit slimy in texture which was a bit off putting. The egg mayo was really disappointing. Rubbery, dry and not very much of it at all. Without looking for it within a couple of the bites I couldn't taste it and had to look for it there was so little in there! Like what I said though I could detect it in some of them and it really was bland and unseasoned.


        Not awful but really boring and tasteless. I wouldn't buy these again sadly!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Mustard.
        Recipe: No nuts.
        Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free.
        Factory: No nuts.

        Nutritional Information Per Mini Egg:

        Calories: 60
        Sugar: 0.1g
        Fat: 3.5g
        Saturates: 0.9g
        Salt: 0.2g

        Only available in Tesco stores.


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