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Tesco 16 Snack Pack Selection

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2009 13:04
      Very helpful
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      A great purchase

      This is one of my favourite variety packs of crisps there is. The price is good (£1.64), and the crisps are tasty and just as good as the leading brands.

      There are 4 varieties and 4 packs of each, Cheese Curls (Quavers), Cheese Puffs (Wotsits), Bacon Rashers (Frazzles) and Prawn Shells (Skips). As far as I am concerned, they are all just as good as the brands I've named. I actually prefer the cheese puffs here to Wotsits - when i finished the ones in my variety pack, I really fancied some more so I went to the corner shop and bought some Wotsits, but they weren't as good!!

      The price for this pack is really excellent in comparison with the leading brands, and it's a good selection of varieties - with branded products you only get that manufacturers crisps in the variety pack, so I find there is such a good selection as this.

      The packs are slightly smaller than the main brands, but that's a small gripe and can't really be complained over for long given the price.

      I'd strongly recommend these - excellent value for money and tasty crisps.


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        10.12.2008 20:38
        Very helpful



        nice selection of crisps

        I bought these crisps as a cheaper alternative to the crisps i normally buy, just like most other people i am feeling the strain of the credit crunch. I paid £1.57 for a 16 pack selection. There are four different flavours in each pack-
        bacon rashers, cheese puffs, cheese curls and prawn cocktail shells. There are four of each flavour in the pack. They are in a big blue pack, with a picture of each of the individual flavour packs on the front.

        Cheese puffs
        This flavour is a 20 g bag. This pack is a two tone orange pack, it is covered in coloured squares each in an alternate orange colour. There is a picture in each of the squares of a cheese puff. These crisps are a maize snack. There is a generous amount of crisps in the bag. They are quite crispy to bite into but almost melt in the mouth when chewing them. They are a nice and cheesy flavour, but are not covered in flavour like Wotsits are and so are a lot less messy to eat. They do stick in your teeth when you are eating them.
        Tesco cheese puffs contain 110 calories and 6.5g fat per 20g bag, where as Wotsits contain 95 calories and 5.8g fat per 18 g bag. I would definately choose the Tesco variety over Wotsits even though they are slightly higher in calories and fat as they are just as nice but are less messy and cheaper.
        Tesco cheese puffs contains milk!

        Cheese curls
        This flavour is a 14g bag. Again it is a two tone orange pack, covered in squares with a picture of the cheese curls in each of the squares. These are quite crunchy but melt in the mouth when eating them. They have a lovely cheese flavour which is very similar to a real cheese flavour. They have a lot of flavour but they are not overpowering. There are a lot of crisps in the bag which i found to be the right amount to satisfy me. These are just as nice as Quavers.
        Tesco cheese curls contain 80 calories and 4.6 g fat per 14g bag. Quavers contain 103 calories and 5.8g fat per 20g bag. I would choose Tesco cheese curls over Quavers to save on money as i find there to be no difference between the two.
        Tesco cheese curls contain milk, wheat and gluten!

        Prawn cocktail shells
        This flavour comes in a 14g bag. Again the packet has squares all over it but this packet is pink with pictures of the shells in each of the squares. These are a maize, wheat and potato snack. They are quite crunchy but there is not a huge amount of flavour to these. I found that in a couple of the crisps there were a few hard bits that i was unable to chew as they were so hard, i was afraid of breaking my teeth, it seemed like they had been overcooked. These were very tiny pieces and only in a couple of the crisps so it didn't bother me too much. Having said that these were my least favourite of the pack. They did contain a generous amount of crisps in the bag.
        Tesco prawn cocktail shells contain 75 calories and 3.9g fat per 14g bag and Skips contain 89 calories and 5.1g fat per 17g bag. I would prefer Skips to Tesco shells even though there is more calories and fat as i prefer the texture and taste of them.
        Tesco prawn cocktail shells contains milk, wheat and gluten.

        Bacon rashers
        This flavour comes in a 25g bag. It has a two tone purple packet and is covered in squares and once again there is a picture of these crisps in each square. These crisps are made from maize, rice flour and soya flour amongst other things.
        There are lots in the bag and i am always satisfied once i have eaten them. They are very crunchy and very full of flavour, they taste vey much like bacon. They are also made so that they resemble a rasher of bacon. These stick in your teeth when eating them. They are just as good as Frazzles(these are exactly the same as Tesco bacon rashers) in quality and taste.
        Tesco bacon rashers contain 125 calories and 6.6g fat per 25g bag and Frazzles contain 116 calories and 5.3g fat per 23g bag.
        Although they contain more calories i would prefer Tescos variety, for me there is no difference between the two except for the price.
        Tesco bacon rashers contains wheat, gluten and soya!

        It states on the packet that all of these crisps contain no msg, artificial colours and flavours.

        My overall opinion of these crisps are that they are of high quality and very tasty. Apart from the prawn cocktail shells i would say that these crisps are just as good as the leading brands and would recommend them.


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