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Tesco All Butter Scones

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      23.04.2011 16:44
      Very helpful



      A really tasty scone that goes great with a cuppa!

      Please note that my review pertains to Tesco 6 All Butter Scones which have a new improved recipe and the packaging looks slightly different to the that shown above.

      I asked my husband to buy me fresh cream and jam scones from the chiller cabinet in Tesco yesterday but they didn't have any so instead he bought these Tesco All Butter Scones.

      I was a little bit disappointed as we didn't have any clotted cream (which I love with scones) but resigned myself to just having one (or ok I admit it - two) with lashings of butter and strawberry jam.

      I was not feeling disappointed for long as these scones are really tasty. I have not tried them previously so cannot comment on the claim that they have an apparently improved recipe.


      These six scones come in a plastic try where two scones each sit in a circular segment and then these are covered with a clear plastic wrap so once opened the advice is to store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container although we don't own one large enough so I just pegged the opened end and the freshness didn't deteriote although they only lasted two days and my husband only ate one of these whereas I ate altogether...well you do the math! The packaging has some pale blue on it detailing the product together with a serving suggestion and is keen to point out that these scones are made with real butter and that does seem to be the main selling point and why not as we all now that butter does have the habit of making things taste much nicer than many other substitutes.


      The second ingredient on the ingredient list is Unsalted Butter (17%) and these are indeed very rich and buttery in taste. The scones are quite dense in texture but are not overly heavy on the palette and actually seem fairly light whilst consuming. They are of a nice uniform circular size and easy to cut through with a knife. I slather butter and jam on both sides and then consume with a nice cup of tea!

      Each scone contains 210 calories which isn't too bad until you start adding up the calories of what you then put on top but these are a treat so let's not worry too much about that. They also contain a lot of sugar (14.6g), 6.4g of fat (3.8g of which is saturated). They contain 0.8g of salt.

      These scones can be frozen and should be used within one month of purchase. They take a minimum of 2-3 hours to defrost and once thawed, obviously should not be refreezed.

      They cost around £0.84p which is great value in my opinion for six scones and I can highly recommend these if you like scones at a reasonable price.

      Thanks for reading. x


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        04.08.2009 16:30
        Very helpful
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        a below average scone

        I get so bored with having sandwiches every day for lunch that I am always on the lookout for something different to eat. A few weeks ago I decided to try some scones again. Not having eaten scones for years, I always used to associate them with my Nan and eating them in the garden.
        My phobia about scones leads through to not liking sultanas and raisins. Thankfully I have realised you don't have to buy scones with fruit as an extra included, so I was willing to try the plain all butter variety.

        Tesco scones cost 74p for a pack of six. I thought this was a complete bargain as I would probably only eat two at a time and therefore work out quite cost effective.
        Packaged in a clear plastic tray wrapped in clear plastic, you can see the scones through the packaging before you buy. I knew I was getting some half decent sized scones that I would happily eat with some butter and jam.

        The scones comes with a good few days on the date range, and they tend to keep quite fresh as long as you store them securely in an air tight container. They will dry out quickly if you just leave them in the packaging, as I found out the hard way after buying my first packet.
        Each scone is a decent size, perhaps not as large as the ones you will get from a cafe or restaurant, but for eating at home they are perfect. Two is more than adequate for me once I have sliced them in half.
        The thickness of each scone is decent as well. I always find I can slice them in half without getting one side thicker than the other. This is something that not all varieties of scones allow. Some cheaper varieties literally fall apart when you try to cut them, whereas these just crumble slightly, leaving you with a decent area of scone to actually pick up and eat.

        Being all butter scones, they are described on the packaging to have a rich buttery taste. The first time I tried these I deliberately didn't put too much butter on them as I didn't want to overpower the taste and make myself feel sick. I soon learnt that the taste isn't quite as rich as perhaps Tesco would like to believe.
        The scone comes across in my mouth as quite a dry texture when you get down to actually eating them. This is always a shame, and the only way I can combat this is to add something sweet such as jam or cream. Of course what an excuse to have to add cream etc, but I did feel a little let down that I had to add this because sometimes it's nice just to spread some butter on and away you go.

        I do find that eating two scones makes my mouth feel a little like it's done some hard jaw work. My jaw doesn't ache but I do know I have worked some of the muscles surrounding. It didn't bring back many memories of eating scones in the sunshine and enjoying the process.
        I do still buy these as my daughter has them as an alternative to sandwiches but for me sadly, it has to be an occasion for cream otherwise they stay on the shelf.

        For allergy and nutritional purposes, these scones contain milk, wheat, gluten and egg. One scone will provide you with 230 calories and 8.7 grams of fat.


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