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Tesco Blueberry Muffins

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread

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    4 Reviews
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      18.10.2009 17:19
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      I really like Muffins, and my 2 favourite kinds are Chocolate Chip and these ones, which are Blueberry. My hubby doesn't like Blueberry, so that means I get them all to myself.

      Last week Tesco was selling this 4 pack for £1. I think they normally cost £1.29, so a little saving to be had. I find these up the back of my Tesco. This is where all the fresh Bakery goods are.

      Packaging is good enough for these. The Muffins sit in a plastic tray, which is quite deep and they sit well in the grooves. The pack is covered with clear plastic cellophane so you can see the Muffins through the pack. There is the Nutritional information on the front, and a little description of the Muffins.

      The Muffins are quite large and taste nice and fresh. You peel off the Paper case to eat them, and the top was slightly crisp and a nice light brown colour. The part that was in the paper case was softer and tasted quite crumbly. There weren't messy to eat, and just tasted sweet, and very fresh.

      The Blueberry pieces are well mixed through the Muffin. The chunks are large enough, but not too overpowering. I also think the Muffin had a slight Vanilla taste to it as well.

      Each Muffin has 265 calories and 12.9g fat. Perhaps not that good for you, but 1 at a time is enough for me.

      A lovely Cake type treat that I will never get bored of. A nice sweet, fresh Muffin.


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        17.06.2009 22:15
        Very helpful




        There are sweet treats and sweet treats that you just cannot resist! Blueberry muffins are my addiction, I could never resist.
        Buying them fresh at Gregg's or other Bakeries is just too expensive, they are normally around 80 pence each.
        Tesco is ruining my diet again by offering 4 delicious, soft and sweet blueberry muffins - wait, I just go and get some - for the price of 1.29 Pound - that's under 40 pence each!

        They taste just as good as 'fresh' ones from bakeries - a Tesco product you can always find in my shopping basket!

        The muffins are wrapped in cellophane so you can see them through the packing - they almost look too good to wait till you get home!

        The taste is great, with a lovely sweet pastry and the delicious blueberries. The muffins are quite moist (which I love), very soft and contain plenty of berries.
        I hate it when I buy a blueberry muffin and have to look for the blueberries with a microscope. Not so here! Of course they didn't 'survive' the baking but then again you'll have these extra nice moist and fruity patches inside the muffins - just lovely!

        The muffins are quite big, not the small ones you normally find in big packs, there are the right size for a snack or even as a pudding. To make them a bit healthier blend fresh blueberries, heat it up and serve as a sauce over the muffins. (You can of course have them with hot custard but that unfortunately doesn't count as 1 of your 5-a-day)

        I spare you the long list of ingredients but here are the allergy advises:
        -Wheat Flour
        -Eggs, Milk
        -Dried milk
        -Whey Powder
        -May contain Nuts

        You don't have to read the part with the nutrition information if you prefer not to know how much sugar they contain. I'd understand you, I just wouldn't want to know :-)

        One muffin - roughly 72g - contains:

        265 - kcal
        Protein - 4.0g
        Carbohydrate - 32.8g
        of which sugars - 14.2g
        Fat - 12.9 g
        of which saturates - 1.1g
        Fibre - 0.4g
        Sodium - 0.3g
        Salt Equivalent - 0.8g

        Would I buy them again?
        Yes, I buy them all the time and nothing could stop me!


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        17.06.2009 20:26
        Very helpful



        Tesco Blueberry Muffins

        When I use to live at home before I went to uni, 'back in the day' as I like to describe it, my mum used to buy all sorts of tasty treats for us to eat. One of these things were Blueberry Muffins from Somerfield's and there were very tasty indeed! Fast forward about 6 years, I'm standing in Tesco's bakery aisle and something catches the corner of my eye.... I find it very bizarre that you can enjoy something so much and then you somehow completely forget about it!

        The muffins come in a pack of 4 and are packaged in a clear plastic covering with a picture of some tasty looking blueberries and labelling regarding nutritional information from the FSA. The muffins themselves come wrapped separately in paper cases.

        Each muffin is, in my opinion, quite big. They are an ideal snack or accompaniment to lunch, maybe even dessert with some cream poured over.

        Now these are one of these things that I don't think I would have ever tried if they hadn't been bought for me as I never thought I liked blueberries and even after trying them since I am not a huge fan. I find them too tart for my taste buds but there is something about them being cooked in a muffin that seems to reduce it.

        The best way to enjoy these are fresh on the day they are baked. They are beautifully moist, one of the moistest cakes I have ever tried, almost sticky on top, making them a delight to eat. They are very soft, though they can get a bit crumbly towards the end. The blueberries are scattered throughout the muffin and I think they definitely haven't been stingy with them. A lot of them have exploded whilst cooking which gives a nice marbling effect throughout the dough.

        Muffins of course aren't the most healthiest of foods and they do contain 265 calories and 12.9g of fat per muffin but what I think we must remember here is that blueberries are a 'super food' that contain antioxidants, plus they're a fruit and therefore that must cancel out the badness!

        They are also freezable which is very handy. What I like to do is cut them in half when they are fresh to make sure that I don't eat a whole muffin at a time! Just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds on defrost and they come out lovely and warm!

        A pack of 4 costs £1.29 from Tesco's.


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          15.06.2009 13:13
          Very helpful



          Great Muffins

          One of my consistent weekly purchases from the supermarket used to be
          Tesco Blueberry Muffins - that is, until I got a bit fed up with them, and the egg custards and apple pies of this world made for more exciting eating. However, as I re-bought them last week and enjoyed them, I feel a review coming on - so here it is.

          You can buy a four pack of Tesco Blueberry Muffins for £1.29, which at around 32p each, represents good value for money.

          In terms of their ingredients, the muffins contain;
          Wheat Flour, Sugar, Pasteurised Whole Egg, Vegetable Oil, Blueberries (8%), Water, Modified Maize Starch, Raising Agents (Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Salt, Whey Powder (From Milk), Emulsifiers (Mono- and Di- Glycerides of Fatty Acids, Lactic Acid Esters of Mono- and Di-glycerides of Fatty Acids, Propane-1, 2-diol Esters of Fatty Acids), Glucose Syrup, Dried Skimmed Milk, Maltodextrin, Stabilisers (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), and Flavourings.

          A quick, non-scientific analysis of the above list would suggest that these blueberry bad-boys don't contain the healthiest of ingredients - but who knows, maybe "Di-glycerides of Fatty Acids" are actually good for you... unlikely though!

          When fresh, these muffins are really, really moist and taste great. Of course, like any other product of this nature, if you leave the pack open even for a short while, they go dry fairly quickly and don't make for such a pleasant eating experience.

          The blueberry's ( which are liberally scattered throughout the muffins), are very flavoursome, and very fruity. In combination with the soft, moist nature of the muffin itself, the result is an enjoyable accompaniment to a cup of tea.

          I highly recommend Tesco Blueberry Muffins, as they are quite simply delicious. Having said that, at 265 calories for each one, they don't make for the healthiest of snacks. I probably should be careful with what I eat, considering the fact that I was on the golf course the other day, and saw someone I hadn't seen for a while whose first words to me were "are you putting on weight?" - talk about brutal honesty! Anyway, calorific issues aside, these are ultimately delicious.

          Nutritional Info Per Muffin
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
          Calories: 265
          Fat: 12.9g
          Sat Fat: 1.1g
          Sugar: 14.2g
          Salt: 0.8g


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