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Tesco Cheese and Chive Mash Snack

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snack

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2009 20:51
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      Cut the salt down Tesco!

      I bought a few of these 'snack pots' on my Tesco online shop, thinking they would be handy to take to work with me instead of just having sandwiches. After my first experience with the cheese and ham pasta snack, which quite frankly I thought was vile, I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about trying any of the others I'd purchased at the same time.

      To be honest, I thought this was a bit of a strange product in the first place - a mashed potato snack. Usually if I wanted a quick snack, mashed potato would not be the first thing that came to mind, but the more I think about it, the more I think 'why not?'

      The snack comes in a green plastic pot, with a green peel off lid. It's a reasonably small size, so should be easy to carry around if indeed you did want to take it to work.

      Making the snack up is very easy. This is basically dried potato flakes, so you just add boiling water up to the line on the pot, stir, cover for four minutes and it's ready to eat.

      When I peeled the lid back, I was surprised to see what looked like croutons nestling amongst the potato flakes. I knew this was supposed to be cheese and chive flavour (and indeed you can see the green flecks of chive in here as well), but I hadn't realised until I opened it that it also contained croutons. I don't know if it's just me, but I find croutons to be a very strange addition to mashed potato, but instead of picking them out (which perhaps I should have done), I went ahead anyway.

      The finished mash looks quite pleasant, although it does seem to have a slight green tinge to it, and I couldn't quite tell if the green came from the reflection of the pot or from the addition of the chives.

      The mash itself was smooth and creamy, but had only a very slight cheesy flavour to it. Personally I think I would have preferred a stronger cheese taste, and the addition of the chives went well with the overall taste. What did not, I feel, go well with the taste was the croutons. Being an instant mash, obviously you need to pour boiling water into the mix. So the croutons, were reduced to being just soggy lumps of tasteless bread, that you would find now and then as you were eating the mash. My instincts were right on this one, croutons do not go with mashed potato!

      As with the cheese and ham pasta snack I also bought, I did not check the nutritional information when buying this, and was somewhat shocked by its salt content. This contains 1.5g which is 25% of an adults daily recommended salt intake, which to be honest is pretty appalling, and is enough to put me off buying these again/

      Nutritional Info - per pot:
      225 calories
      1.9g sugar
      9.1g fat
      1.5g salt

      Each snack pot costs 76p from Tesco.

      Overall, the taste of this was quite nice if we forget about the croutons, but like I said, I wasn't impressed by the salt content. These little snack pots are very convenient and I would prefer them to say a pot noodle type snack, but I think should I buy these again, it would be as a very occasional thing, and they will not be making a regular appearance in my shopping basket.


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