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Tesco Cheese & Onion Pasty

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snack

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    4 Reviews
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      23.12.2013 13:08
      Very helpful



      great little snack buy from Tesco!

      As most people will know, I am always looking for food and drink on the cheap (although within reason) and so I have been trying out a lot of the basics/everyday value ranges from the supermarket to see what I can get away with! A new Tesco Superstore has opened up a 10 minute drive from our house so I have been visiting it frequently and these Cheese & Onion pasties have been my favourite!

      These Tesco Everyday Value Cheese & Onion pasties cost only 30p and so really are an absolute bargain! They are 150g and are reasonable, with 397 calories, and not too high in salt and fat, considering some food I eat! They are sold in the refrigerator aisle, but can also be frozen and so last ages in my book!

      In order to cook the pasty, the packet recommends that they are cooked in the oven only. From chilled they take 18-20 minutes to cook, but from frozen the pack recommends 20-25 minutes in the oven. I actually find they cook quite quickly from frozen, and I tend to keep mine in the oven maximum 15 minutes and they cook perfectly fine! I completely forgot the cooking instructions once, and took a pasty to work to have for lunch, forgetting they were not really microwaveable. However, I wasn't about to let a good pasty go to waste so I warmed it in the microwave for 90 seconds and it was perfectly edible. I would say the only advantage it has cooking in the oven is that the pastry goes nice and crispy so giving the pasty a lovely bite to it, whereas in the microwave it just went warm and soggy!

      The filling inside is really good, nice and tasty, with a strong cheese and onion flavour which is almost as good as any pasty I'd buy for triple the price at Greggs! The ingredients are predominantly potato, cheddar and soft cheese and onion and combined it has a nice smooth texture, although there are the odd lumps of potato but not too much to put me off! It has a nice bite to it, but being quite a prude I tend to eat my pasty with a fork so I grab all the layers and it is all nicely in ratio!

      On the whole I would definitely recommend this pasty as for 30p I can have this with a piece of fruit for lunch and be full! That's lunch for less than 50p which is a bargain in my book! It tastes good, and is a nice little snack for at home or on the go, and they can be frozen and stored for later so they are BRILLIANT value for money!


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      15.05.2011 16:33
      Very helpful



      Nice warmed up!

      When it comes to pastry I simply love the stuff even though my hips sadly don't! I can't resist pasties and pies and the likes and so when I spotted this in Tesco the other night costing only 35p each I decided it had to be worth a try for a quick tea!

      The Packaging:

      The pasty comes in a dark green and see through easy to tear open packet and on the front of it we are told that it is Tesco Cheese & Onion Pastry and that it is freezable and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown as well as the best before date being stated. On the back of the packet other information listed includes being told what it is, ingredients and allergy advice is given as well as a full nutritional chart, we are told how to heat it up (optional and you can eat this cold if you prefer), the weight is stated which is 150g per pasty and contact details for Tesco are given. Informative and easy to remove packaging this is.

      The Pasty:

      Half moon in shape this comes sealed of course at the edges with the whole of the outer of the pasty being a light beigy colour with slash marks to the top of it and made of puff pastry. It looks well filled and of course as I have already stated you can eat this hot or cold....I wanted mine warm so I followed the instructions given on the packet and popped it in the oven from frozen for 25 minutes and in that time the pastry went slightly flaky, golden in colour and had a nice aroma of cheese to it.

      Within the pastry you get a nice mix of plenty of golden and mature tasting cheese with slithers of well cooked onion in it along with some chunks of potato, again that are well cooked and not one bit mushy. It tastes well seasoned and balanced in flavours and in fact it really is very tasty indeed! I love the taste of the melted cheese in this, the puff pastry when cooked actually tastes rather puffed, light and buttery and there isn't too much onion and potato in it to overpower any other flavour. It didn't go greasy through cooking and I enjoyed mine greatly and think it is very worth the price indeed!

      Nutritional Information Per Pasty:

      Calories; 445
      Sugar: 2.3g
      Frat: 30.2g
      Saturates: 15g
      Salt: 1.7g

      Only available in Tesco stores.


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        17.06.2009 11:59
        Very helpful




        I'm working in a Pasty shop so expect some harsh words for Tesco's Cheese & Onion Pasty. I've never heard of Pasties before starting to work in a bakery chain that sells traditional Cornish pasties - but now I'm so spoiled and know all the different flavours they offer. Cheese & Onion is one of my favourites, a strong cheese flavour well balanced with the onions is the secret of the perfect pasty.

        Our pasties are quite expensive, over 2.50 for a Cheese & Onion so I almost couldn't believe it when I saw the Tesco version for 49 pence! 150g fills you up pretty well as the buttery pastry and the creamy sauce are quite heavy.

        I think I just wanted to see if our pasties are really worth their price or not. In the end I cannot really decide; the Tesco Pasty was ok and certainly great for the price but I prefer the ones we sell - mainly because the pastry seems to be of a better quality or at least batter baked.

        So, that's what I think about Tesco's Cheese & Onion pasty:

        The pastry was ok, it didn't really convince me but it didn't put me off either. I had the impression that it wasn't really baked, far to moist and soft on the inside and too flaky, I ended up with lots of grumps all over the table. It's definitely not a snack you can eat while walking.

        The filling however was nice. It was different to what I'm used to, mainly because of the sometimes rather big potato pieces. I actually don't know why they use potato at all, potato starch would be enough to make the sauce creamy.

        Apart from that the rest of the filling was tasty, the onion flavour was not too strong and worked well with the cheese.

        The sauce is creamy apart from the potato pieces. Not too runny which is good when you try to eat it in a hurry or while walking.

        Nutrition & Ingredients:

        Tesco's Cheese & Onion Pasty contains:

        Wheat Flour
        Potato (22%)
        Vegetable Oil
        Cheese (12%)
        Onion (9%)
        Cheddar Cheese (2.5%)
        Potato Starch
        Egg White
        Dijon Mustard
        White Pepper

        For me that's too much potato, but I think it's used as a cheap filling to keep the price of the pasty down.

        For 150g of pasty you'll have 415 kcal - I cannot read more if not I'll start crying, so unhealthy that it should be banned :-)


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          17.06.2009 11:33
          Very helpful



          An Okay Snack Product

          Tesco Cheese & Onion Pasty costs 49p for a 150g slice. That's a lot cheaper than many of the pre-filled sandwiches, including the cheese & onion one! But the trick is that they keep these, and the other cheap pasties, in the chiller cabinet near the ready meals in store. So beware of this next time you go straight for the sandwich cabinet, where cheap snacks and meals like this are rarely kept!

          I'd love to tell you that for 49p you get a super tasty little treat, but that just isn't quite true. The actual pastry is relatively tasty, if slightly unevenly cooked usually. I tend to find it's rather crumbly on the outside, while a bit sloppy and over moist on the inside. Not perfect, but not bad enough to put me off eating these.

          Inside, there's a rather generous amount of filling which includes a mixture of diced potato cubes, cheese bits and onions too. They're all blended together in a creamy but slightly spicy sauce. The potato cubes are what spoil these sometimes, as they're not always cooked quite right. Often I get nice soft, tasty potato cubes. But occasionally I find their on the raw side and a bit crunchy and unappealing.

          The sauce is different to what I've had in other cheese and onion pasties, as it's got a strange edge to it. I've had a look at the ingredients list, and I think it might be the mustard they include that gives it the strange after taste.

          Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Potato (22%), Vegetable Oil, Cheese (12%), Onion (9%), Water, Cheddar Cheese (2.5%) (with colour: Annatto), Egg, Cornflour, Potato Starch, Salt, Egg White, Dijon Mustard, White Pepper

          I think I might prefer the filling if it was more of a mayonnaise based mixture. I don't object to them using a little bit of mustard and pepper, I just think they've perhaps gone slightly over board with the spice and underboard with the creamy flavours.

          You can eat this cold straight from the packet if you want to, though it does taste much nicer if you heat it up first. You're not supposed to I know, but I just put it in the microwave for thirty seconds rather than bother getting the over all fired up for this little thing.

          I think this is worth a try at the price to see if you like it yourself. It's quite a fatty little snack at 415 calories per slice, and 26.4g of fat. But it's certainly very cheap, and an ideal budget buy in place of pre-filled sandwiches. I think whether or not you find this acceptable is down to personal taste. I'm not a huge fan of this, yet I do keep buying it!


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