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Tesco Chicken and Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2011 00:26
      Very helpful



      Oh not so good - Tesco Chicken and Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler

      I do my grocery shopping every week and I always buy a variety of stuff for sandwiches including the ready to use sandwich fillers as it often means less hassle for me every morning with my sandwich preparations. Both me and my kids love chicken and my kids love sweet corn so naturally I went for the Chicken & Sweetcorn filler when I saw the product in my local super market.

      ==Availability, visibility and affordability==

      The Chicken & Sweetcorn filler is normally available in fridges in the cooked meats section and I have seen it in Tesco and Morrisons. It is packed in clear plastic containers with light orange eye catching labels. The predominant background colour is orange with some text font in white. The main label text font is in orange and yellow on a white background. The label also has a very appetising picture of how the filler can be used. In Tesco, the 250g jars are normally on offer £1.45 for one or any 2 for £2.50 so allowing you to pick any two combinations of sandwich filler products on offer.

      Offer is valid until 19/07/2011!!

      MY VIEWS

      ==The good bits ==

      It has a bit of everything, proteins from the chicken, a bit of fibre from the sweet corn and of course, the carbohydrates and fat.
      The product is affordable and value for money especially when on offer and significantly reduces the cost of having a chicken based sandwich from about £2, when you buy a ready made sandwich, to about 30 - 40p. This is good saving especially when you consider sandwiches for work and for school lunch boxes.
      It makes it quick and easy to prepare sandwiches especially in the usual day to day rush.

      ==The not so good bits==

      One major setback of this product is that the mayonnaise oozes out of the sandwiches. I realised that as soon as you put another slice of bread on top of the filling and start cutting the sandwiches to the required shapes/sizes, the mayonnaise oozes out and everything looks messy. At first I assumed I had pressed the sandwiches too hard or maybe it was that particular jar which had a mayonnaise base which was a bit thin. I bought another jar of the same filling the following week, prepared the sandwiches again and this time was very gently with the pressing and cutting but this made no difference, the mayonnaise still oozes out and worse still it oozes out as you eat the sandwich as well even when the sandwiches have been kept in the fridge.

      This makes it less ideal for school sandwiches as children don't have access to fridges so you can guess the state of the sandwiches by lunch time and how messy it will be to try and eat the sandwiches.

      ==Some advice from a concerned consumer==

      From a customer point of view, it looks to me that there is too much mayonnaise base in the filler and it may be better if the manufacturer uses mayonnaise with a slightly thick consistency. The mayonnaise actually masks the taste of the chicken even though you can feel the chicken chunks in the mixture.

      From my own experience, it is advisable to buy the small 250 g jars rather than the big ones as the filler has to be used within 2 days after opening. Always check the use by date when buying and make sure it fits in well with your requirements. What I am trying to say here is it will be pointless to buy the filler on a Friday evening with use by date the following Monday if you need the filler for sandwiches during the week as you will only use it for one day, Monday, beyond which you can't use it. The filler tends to get rancid after the use by date.

      ==Looking into the future==

      Although I love chicken, I was not very satisfied with this product. I have not given up on the chicken based sandwich fillers. I will be trying another one very soon, watch this space.



      ==Nutritional information per 50 g==

      Calories: 100 (5%)*
      Sugar: 2g (2%)
      Fat: 7g (10%)
      Saturates: 1g (3%)
      Salt: 0.5g (8%)
      *(Guideline of daily amount)


      Diced chicken breast with sweetcorn in mayonnaise

      Cooked Chicken Breast (36%), Mayonnaise (33%), Sweetcorn (24%), Sweetcorn Liquor, Salt, Sugar, Dijon Mustard, Black Pepper,
      Cooked Chicken Breast contains: Chicken Breast, Cornflour. Mayonnaise contains: Water, Vegetable Oil, Pasteurised Egg Yolk, Cornflour, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Dijon Mustard, White Wine Vinegar, Salt.
      Sweetcorn Liquor contains: Water, Sugar, Salt.
      Dijon Mustard contains: Water, Mustard Seed, Spirit Vinegar, Salt

      ==Allergy Information==

      Contains: Egg & amp; Mustard
      Recipe: No nuts ingredients, Cannot guarantee nut free.
      Factory: No nuts.
      Warnings: Although every care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain.


      Thank you for taking time to read and rate my review !

      © hildah11

      Review also found on CIAO under the same name


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