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Tesco Chicken Tikka Samosas

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2008 00:53
      Very helpful



      Incredibly spicy but shamefully greasy

      I adore spicy food! Particularly Indian food. I recently have written a few reviews on Tesco's products due to a late night spending spree half cut with my mates (darn Tesco's being open late nights!) As I explained in other reviews I must have been starving when I bought all this lot and I never remembered any of it till I woke up the following morning surrounded by wrappers of half eaten food and a few carrier bags full of stuff and inside one of the bags to my delight were these.... Tesco, Indian 4 chicken Samosas.

      The Packaging.....

      Plastic clear square tray with a peel off plastic wrapper. All see through so you can see the samosas. Over the top of that is a cardboard sleeve over the middle of it, that slides off when you want your samosas. This wrapper is brown and in lilac writing I'm told it is Tesco Indian.... then in orange writing I'm told they are 4 Chicken Tikka Samosas and that they are 4 pastry parcels filled with spicy chicken, vegetables and fresh coriander and that they contain no added artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat. Then there is a small red filled in circle with a picture of two red chillies on it letting me know it is spicy, then there is an at a glance nutritional chart at the bottom so I can make an informed choice to buy or not (providing your not drunk of course lol), I'm told to keep them refrigerated and the use by date is stamped on there too. I am impressed from the day I purchased them I have 7 days to eat them so great to keep in the fridge! On the back of the sleeve it's white and again I'm told what they are, how to cook them, freezing instructions, nutritional information, allergy advice, cautions, ingredients, how to store them and the weight of the product (220g). I actually like the packaging of these as although they are not expensive they don't look cheap and cheerful!

      How To Cook....

      In the oven for 14-16 minutes, Gas Mark 5/190C/375F. Just stick them on a baking tray in the centre of pre heated oven and voila done. Personally I prefer mine cold and not cooked which I assume you can do but because it never said I could I heated them up and let them cool.

      The Appearance....

      Nice fat golden triangles. Appearance is bumpy and looks a bit rough but they aren't really when it comes to eating them. Mine didn't puff up or go crusty or crispy in any way in the oven. I made sure I didn't burn them and I left them in the oven for 16 minutes and they were perfectly cooked and hot.


      First thing I noticed is that they didn't fall apart on me and go everywhere which is really important when you think about it cos if you heat these and eat them hot out the oven you don't want to scold ya self eh? lol. It is advisable to let them go cool however!

      First moan is about the pasty I'm afraid. It's rather stodgy and heavy. Well in a way it needs to be due to the amount of filling that is packed into it. Tesco has been very generous in this. I did find the pastry a bit too greasy though and the filing added to this.

      The filling is mainly peas, potato and onion all mixed up with some spices. The only big argument I have with Tesco's was where was my chicken? Had it seen them coming and vanished or something? I disected my samosa and looked hard for it and unless it got blended into the product somewhere I couldn't find it, not one tiny flake! If someone had of told me it was vegetarian I would have believed them.

      I got a taste coriander and salt but not really any other spices though don't get me at all wrong this was flavoursome. However the flavour is of chilli and it does say on the sleeve it does and to me it got boiling but lets me fair I ate all four in one sitting (for the purpose of the review of course lol). There were many ingredients (which I will list as I feel it is relevant to the review to show you exactly what I couldn't taste) that seemed to be missing.


      Eaten in moderation these are fine. Just if your not keen on greasy products these may not be for you. I did find them very greasy indeed and what backs me up on this is looking at the ingredients listed if there is chicken in here it is chicken thigh and not the breast. They are easy to cook, very very spicy to my palette but easy on the pocket. They actually taste ok but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase them as they never rocked my world! Saying is it chicken tikka, in my mind is misleading as it never tasted anything like it!


      Wheat flour, chicken thigh (18%), potato (15%), onion, vegetable oil, peas (10%), yogurt, double cream, tomato puree, coriander, salt, ginger puree, garlic puree, garam masala, lemon juice from concentrate, coriander powder, paprika, cornflour, cumin powder, chilli powder, maize starch. Garam masala contains: coriander powder, tumeric, mustard seed, black pepper, cumin, fenugreek, curry leaves, chilli.

      Allergy Advice....

      Contains milk, wheat, gluten, mustard.
      Recipe - No nuts
      Ingredients - Cannot guarantee nut free
      factory - Before using prepared for manufacture of this product, the equipment was previously used to make products containing nuts.

      Nutritional Information.... Per Samosa

      Energy 135kcal
      Protein 4.5g
      Carbohydrate 12.2g
      of which is sugars 2.3g
      Fat 7.3g
      of which is saturates 1.5g
      mono-unsaturates 1.5g
      polyunsaturates 1.7g
      Fibre 1.6g
      Sodium 0.3g
      salt equivalent 0.7g

      £2.52 per pack only in Tesco's.


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