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Tesco Chocolate Croissant

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread / Cakes

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2010 10:55
      Very helpful




      These Chocolate Croissants from Tesco are the business, you get them from near the bakery and they come in packs of 2 in a plastic box. Before you even buy them you can see that they're bigger than most of the packs of croissants you can buy and as soon as you open the box you'll get a strong whiff of chocolate.

      They are mega flakey, I think the ONLY way to eat these is cold and I haven't tried warming them up but my aunt reckons they're delish after nuking for a few seconds just to warm the croissant up and melt the chocolate a bit.

      There is more chocolate than I was expecting inside the croissant and the chocolate has got a very rich and thick flavour. It goes proper nice with the buttery croissant and the bits of chocolate on the top of each one makes them taste even more chocolatey.

      The croissants are very high quality I think, Tesco are a bit naughty I think and make it look like they have been made on the premises but these croissants are shipped in frozen and all the Tesco staff have to do is put loads of them in their big ovens to cook the pastry through. They still taste majorly fresh though and I've brought loads of them and have never had one that tastes stale or anything like that.

      The croissant is delish, there is no chocolate in the ends of them so when you first start eating you'll get a mouth full of yummy sweet croissant and it will be on your second or third bite that you'll get the rich chocolate. I love croissants for breakfast but these ones are a bit too sweet and gooey for so early in the morning..... but then I don't go shopping in the morning and these would NEVER last over night in our house to be there for breakfast! lol

      The 2 croissants cost £1.00 and really they need to be eaten on the day you buy them. It's not that they go stale but if you keep them for too long the flavours start disappearing a bit and then they're deffo not as special as if you eat them fresh.

      Recommended..... treat yourself!!!


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