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Tesco Christmas Cookie Selection

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      22.12.2009 19:34
      Very helpful




      I have got madly addicted to these cookies from Tesco and am dreading when they take them off the shelves because they are a limited edition Xmas product.

      You get 3 different types of cookie in each pack and they are all delish, I've not counted but I reckon there are about 30 cookies in the pack and they are split between the different flavours.

      The cookies are a lot nicer than Tescos standard cookies but I don't really think this pack is worth the £4.00 they were charging for them, they're on special offer at £2.00 at the minute and I think that is a more reasonable price.

      The different cookies are:


      These are my faves because it's a chocolate cookie with milk AND white chocolate chips. The flavours are mega rich and they all go proper nice together, the chocolate chips are big enough that you can taste which ones are milk and which ones are dark. The biscuits are lovely and crumbly and have got a wicked crunch, they're no good for dunking though because they soak up the coffee too quick and there's no stopping the biscuit falling into your cup! lol


      These ones are just normal chocolate chip cookies, they don't taste any different from the normal Tesco ones that you can buy all year round and the texture isn't any different either. They are crumbly too but are a bit softer than the triple chocolate ones, they're better for dunking too but you must only give them a quick dunk or these ones will end up in your coffee too. lol


      These are delish and taste more special than the other 2 varieties, I reckon that's because they have got such a yummy festive feel to them. The cranberries are nice and juicy but because there are a lot of white chocolate chips in the cookies you can't taste the cranberry as much as I'd like to. These are madly sweet and sooooo moorish that I can't help munching these ones off before I've even started on the other 2 types.

      Over all I reckon these are a nice selection of biscuits, worth every penny of the special offer price but unfortunately the fact that they are JUST cookies means they're not really worth the full £4.00 because it's only 3 packs of biscuits when you think about it, just all bundled up together in a Xmas packet!


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      29.10.2009 11:07
      Very helpful




      I bought this on impulse seeing the range of cookies in this... and I had the munchies!

      Opening the card box is a plastic tray and wrapped again in plastic. It is typical amount of packaging for cookie selections, although the exterior I thought was slightly tacky. This was however for the Tesco own brand Christmas selection, so I didn't really expect much, but still, they should've spent a bit more effort to make this more appealing. Nonetheless what was inside was worth every penny...

      There are three types of cookie in this selection:

      - Cranberry and White chocolate
      - Triple Chocolate
      - Milk Chocolate

      The cranberry and white chocolate and the triple chocolate was the most appealing in terms of looks as they were slightly more exotic and interesting. However, all three cookies are round and have large chunks of chocolate within. They are all hard and crunchy.

      The milk chocolate cookie was very buttery and the milk chocolate was slightly too sweet, however, it was indulgent and enjoyable to eat.

      The triple chocolate one was perhaps the best, as not only was it rich with chocolate, but had a hint of the butter which made it stunning. The crunchiness went very well with this.

      The cranberry and white chocolate was not as I'd expected. There wasn't really enough cranberry and a little TOO much chocolate, making it sweeter than it should be, and not fruity enough. However, it was a refreshing alternative to the otherwise very chocolatey selection!

      I felt they all left a bit too many crumbs, but makes it more exciting when you pick up the pieces hehe!

      This was on offer, 2 for £6, which isn't the cheapest, but I like all three flavours, so makes it worthwhile.

      I enjoyed the cookie selection and ate it all up very quickly. Whilst it isn't the perfect selection taste wise, all the varieties in the selection I liked, so no wastage. I would recommend this to everyone who likes cookies to get this over Christmas!


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