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Tesco Coconut Macaroons

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    6 Reviews
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      09.03.2010 16:00
      Very helpful



      Love Macaroons

      My friends love making macaroons which taste really good but I haven't seen them for a while so as I miss them, I also miss those little macaroons they used to make for me.

      Last week, while checking out for bargain in tesco. I found this yummy treat, very tempting as well as the price which only cost 2 for £1. It's also affordable for a regular price of 79p. I grabbed 2 to try and I'm so glad I did because I truly adore the taste.

      Enclosed in a plastic wrapper and comes in a clear plastic tray which has two sections with three macaroons in each section. Each pack consists of 6 macaroons which are on a round piece of edible rice paper. The top has a drizzling chocolate flavor. On the first bite, you will taste the crispiness then followed by the taste of the coconut. The coconut is rich and moist and the inside has a soft chewy texture. The combination creates a very tasty and yummy treat.

      Each coconut macaroon contains:
      139 Calories
      18g of Sugar
      6.2g of Fat

      The calories were too high, each macaroons almost contain 7% of our guideline daily amount and if you can't resist and you finish the whole pack, you will consume almost 1/2 of your GDA for just a snack.

      The macaroons are produced in Netherlands for Tesco. It should be stored in a cool dry place and once opened stored in an airtight container. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

      contains milk, wheat, gluten, egg, soya.

      I highly recommend it, specially if you want to try something different for your treat. I have to say that it's truly addictive, I can't help myself because of its adorable taste. The effect are now extended to my waist which is quite noticeable. Those calories are such a hindrance to enjoy the goodness of life. But aside from that, It's truly worth a try.


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      04.07.2009 20:57
      Very helpful



      Buy, buy buy!

      I went through a phase of loving macaroons a few years ago, then for some reason stopped eating them. I have no idea why. I had a Bounty recently (well two) and that reminded me how much I liked coconut flavoured things and I was suddenly reminded of the macaroons that Tesco sold for just under £1.

      The pack that is in the supermarket now has obviously changed slightly since the above picture was taken. That's what they looked like in the old days. Now the wrapper is mostly see-through but for a part on the left which has a light green flash stating what they are with some kind of funky pattern. Each macaroon has 139 calories. The macaroon is white coconut which is browned off on top to give a beautiful golden colour. There is rice paper at the botton and the whole thing has a zig-zag of chocolate running over the top. They look nice undoubtedly.

      And they taste it too! The coconut is rich and moist and it's in plentiful supply. I particularly like it as the top where the coocnut is very slightly crunchy and golden. The rice paper I think is more decorative than to affect the taste as I never really notice it. The chocolate is good but not very strong which is fine by me as I am happy to have coconut as the dominant flavour.

      Will I buy these again? Oh certainly. If you are a coconut fan, this is a great way to get your fix and cheap too. You can have three of these for the same price as a Bounty. They are very moreish however and I can never just leave it at one, but I guess that's a sign of a successful product...


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      23.03.2009 17:41
      Very helpful



      A great product, tasty and not too expensive.

      Review of Tesco Coconut Macaroons

      **What are they?**

      Tesco Coconut Macaroons are a deliciously moist coconut confection, a cross between a cake and a cookie is the easiest way to describe the texture.


      According to 'Wikipedia' macaroons were invented in an Italian monastery in 1792, where they were known as 'amaretti'. Later, two Carmelite nuns, hiding in the town of Nancy during the French Revolution, baked and sold macaroons to cover their expenses. They became known as the "Macaroon Sisters." The English word macaroon comes from the French macaron.
      The Compact Oxford English Dictionary entry for 'macaroon' reads as follows:-
      '* noun a light biscuit made with egg white and ground almonds or coconut.

      **The appearance and taste**

      Each macaroon is baked on an edible rice paper base. The top is golden brown, decorated with chocolate flavoured stripes, whilst the inside is a moist, almost gooey, sweet coconut delight. At the first bite the macaroon is slightly crisp, this soon gives way to the chewy yet soft coconut centre. The macaroons taste rich and very sweet, they are densely packed with coconut and smell devine! There is a slight sugary after taste, not unpleasant, but noticeable all the same.


      The macaroons are presented in a clear plastic tray, overwrapped with a plastic cover. These are recycleable, where local facilities exist.
      The outer wrapped bears a photograph of the product under a green flash carrying the Tesco name, product name and a brief description of the macaroons. To be blunt, the packaging is nothing special, but as I am more interested in the contents, I don't mind! Each pack contains six circular macaroons, each measures approximately 3.25 inches across.

      **Ingredients, nutritional info and allergy advice**

      The ingredients, nutritional information and allergy warnings are listed on the rear of the packet.
      The main ingredients of the macaroons are:-
      Dessicated coconut
      Egg white
      The chocolate flavour decoration includes:-
      milk, sugar, cocoa powder, soya lecithins.
      Rice paper:-
      Potato starch, Vegetable oil, Water.
      Each macaroon contains 140 calories (oh dear!), 16.8g sugars, 6.1 g fat, 4.5g saturates.
      The product is suitable for vegetarians. Contains milk, wheat flour, gluten, egg and soya so unsuitable for any consumer with intolerance to these ingredients.
      The macaroons do not contain nuts, however Tesco advise that the manufacturers machinery may have been previously used to prepare nuts, therefore they do not guarantee the product to be nut free.

      **Storage, cost and other info**

      The macaroons are produced in Holland for Tesco. They should be stored in a cool dry place and once opened stored in an airtight container.
      Tesco are currently stocking the macaroons at 80p for 6, however they are occasionally on a buy one, get one free offer.
      Tesco contact details:

      Tesco Stores Ltd
      EN8 9SL

      **Thoughts and conclusion**

      These macaroons are really good, true, they are high calorie and sugar but totally delicious. They are a firm favourite in my family and although I am supposed to be watching my weight, they are worth the calories!!!
      Obviously, if you don't care for coconut, these are not for you!
      c brittle1906, March 2009

      Review also on ciao.co.uk


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        01.02.2009 19:35
        Very helpful



        A very sweet treat.

        How come all of the naughty things in life are the best??!!
        I can categorically state that everything I enjoy is bad for me (HmmHmm)
        If only I enjoyed eating a fat free yoghurt or a slice of fresh melon rather than a fresh cream doughnut or an extra sticky lardy cake.
        Try as I might I cant walk past the aisle that is laden with temptation, it is too much to expect.

        Tesco Coconut Macaroons have to be packed with a certain amount of care, so they have designed the clear plastic tray to accommodate three macaroons in each side. The outer clear plastic wrapper is trimmed with pale blue.The wrapper states that the packet contains six Tesco Macaroons and has all of the nutritional information clearly on display.
        The full packet is exceptionally lightweight, the macaroons are as light as a feather.

        Each Macaroon costs 13p (80p for 6). As you lift one out of the packet I am sure that you will agree with me that they are very lightweight. They are about the same size around as a Rich Tea biscuit but are considerably thicker. On the surface the coconut treat is dark and rugged and has been visibly enhanced with the aid of some chocolate zig zags that have been piped on the top. Give the macaroon a good squeeze and you will notice that it gives way to fingertip pressure, the coconut and egg white mixture is fairly delicate. The cakes have been baked directly onto rice paper, so at the base of each the rice paper is still in place but it is edible anyway.
        Bite into the macaroon and make note of the supersweet chewiness, the soft inside mingles with the sterner exterior and creates an amazing full flavour and texture. The chocolate that has been used as a decoration is soft and malleable and compliments the moist coconut macaroon so well.

        The macaroons do contain milk, soya, gluten, wheat and egg and are not recommended for anyone with a nut allergy.
        I have been looking at the calorific values and have found that one coconut macaroon contains 140 calories...maybe not the best news to impart to any ardent fan. 17.8g of the product is sugar, 6.1g is fat and 5.1g is saturated fat. All in all the macaroon doesn't lend itself to any Weight-watchers Programme!
        It seems that the word Macaroon may have come form the Italian word `Maccarone` which in Italian means paste. Almond macaroons originated from France during the Eighteenth century but the coconut version may have been introduced by Italian Jews.
        Interestingly enough the coconut macaroon meets `Passover` dietary requirements and is a favourite passover food.

        Tesco Coconut Macaroons are a delicious treat and an experience that no one should miss out on.


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          24.08.2008 17:18
          Very helpful



          They are on a 'Buy one, get one Free' just now.....

          A firm favourite in my home, with both family and friends alike, are Tesco Coconut Macaroons. No sooner is the packet opened but they have all been eaten.

          I have been buying these coconut macaroons from Tesco for a lot of years. The colour of the packaging in the picture above has been updated, and instead of blue it is now green.

          Each packet contains six macaroons, which are on a clear plastic tray. The tray has two sections and there are three macaroons in each section. This is all enclosed in a clear plastic wrapper.

          The packet opens easily, but I find that the wrapper tears very easily. This is never a problem to me as there are never any left in the packet. I think that, if you had any leftover, that they would have to be kept in an airtight container, to keep them fresh.

          The actual macaroons themselves are a cross between a biscuit and a cake. (this is the best I can describe them). They are about 6 centimetres in diameter. Round the edges they are about 1 centimetre in thickness rising to 2 centimetres in the centre.

          Each macaroon is on a round piece of edible rice paper. The top of the macaroon has a drizzling, all over, of flavoured chocolate.

          There is a distinct aroma of coconut as soon as you pick the macaroon up. When I first bite into one, it tastes quite crispy on the outside. Then comes the taste of the coconut. After the initial crispiness I get a lovely soft chewy texture on the inside. The macaroon does taste very sweet, but not in a sickly way.

          As I said there is a chocolate flavouring on the top, but I think this tends not to be noticed, because of the very distinct taste of the coconut.

          These macaroons are very moreish and when I have eaten one I always want to eat another, and, if there are any left, I do.

          The ingredients are all listed on the back of the wrapper. Also on the back of the wrapper it tells me that these are suitable for vegetarians.

          Each coconut macaroon contains:-

          140 Calories
          16.8g of Sugar
          6.1g of Fat

          I know this is a lot, but I think if I am going to have a treat with my afternoon coffee, then I might as well eat something that I really enjoy.

          I would recommend these macaroons to anyone who likes coconut.

          Obviously I buy these in Tesco and they usually cost 89p for the packet containing six. Quite often I can buy them on special offer, which is an added bonus to me, as I would be buying them anyway.


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            06.05.2005 14:38
            Very helpful



            Well firstly, sorry about the title guys, I didn't know what else to put!

            Tesco Coconut Macaroons are a regular visitor to my house. The whole family love them and as there is only 6 in a packet, there is often a scramble for the last 2.

            A pack of 6 coconut macaroons (200gms) will set you back 85p.

            Each coconut macaroon is approx 8cm in diameter. They are made using rice paper on the underside with chocolate flavoured decoration zig-zagging across the top.

            They usually have a best before date that lasts for about 7 - 10 days in advance.

            The taste.

            At the first bite, the rice paper sort of melts and disappears. The main flavour is obviously the coconut. I can't really taste the chocolate decoration at all. Perhaps if it had been real chocolate instead of chocolate flavouring, it would of been better.
            The centre of the macaroon is definetely the most most, although non of it could be described as dry. The coconut has a very soft feel to it and is easily digested.
            They don't really smell of anything much, just a faint aroma of coconut but they are fairly sweet. It's not too overpoweringly sweet, as the coconut balances it out perfectly.

            I really enjoy tesco's coconut macaroons and would recommend them if you are a coconut fan. They are light to eat and a bit addictive.

            It does state that once opened to store in an airtight container but I have to be honest and say that we don't. They are usually left open in my cupboard and I haven't noticed any detioration of the product. They certainly don't dry out. Perhaps they aren't lasting more than about 3 days and that's why.

            One thing you can do with them is freeze them which they don't last long enough but you never know, so it's nice to know you can do that. As I haven't tried this I can't comment on how well they would freeze or defrost.

            Nutritional Information:

            Each Macaroon 33.3 gms provides

            Energy.................147 kcal
            of which sugars....16.4g
            of which saturates..5.5g

            One thing I was a little surprised about was the ingredients list, only 25% of it is actually desicated coconut. I won't bore you with all the other ingredients as there was a rather long list and apart from the expected sugar, wheat, eggs etc, most of them I had never heard of.

            There is also an 'Allergen Information' which states

            'Contains milk, wheat, gluten, eggs and Soya.
            Warning - This product may coontain traces of nuts, as it has been made in a factory that used nut ingredients.'

            All in all, 85p for six coconut macaroons from tesco is not that I don't think. They may not be the healthiest option around but we certainly like them. I would give them a try if you're not sure, it's not like they cost a fortune.


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