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Tesco Custard Slices

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cake

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    7 Reviews
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      21.12.2009 10:48
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      Fab custard slice

      I believe I have already told of my love of all things custardy.... my love of the yellow stuff is long standing and I really do adore it in all it's different forms. I love it piping hot served with a fruit crumble, eaten cold straight out the fridge but I also love it when it is used in cakes and pastries.

      Custard slices are one of my absolute favourite pastries, I am not really a huge fan of fresh cream cakes... I really just don't get the appeal but a custard slice will do it for me every time. I do ty and limit my consumption of these goey delights but every now and then I just really fancy one and if I am feeling especially weak I will pop a box into the shopiing trolley.

      I popped into Tesco's yesterday to do a kind of pre Christmas shop, I was just trying to pick up the bits that I could thinking I would beat the rush.... how wrong was I? The supermrket was a heaving mass of people pushing trolleys stacked high with crackers and wine. I negiotiated my way through the masses but it did take me probably three times as long as it normally would.

      As I was reaching the last few aisles, I got to the fresh cakes chilled section. After battling through the store I felt like I deserved a little treat. I knew my husband would appreciate something too as he was busy at home painting. I scanned what was on offer and the custard slices literally jumped out at my. They came in a box of two and cost a quite reasonable £1. Perfect for a cheeky afternoon treat.

      I got home and made some coffees and served up the slices on plates. My husbands little eyes lit up when he saw that I had got him something and he sat down for a much needed 5 minute break.

      The slices tasted amazing, the layers of thick gluey icing on the topped was amazingly sweet and contrasted fantastically with the flakey pastry. When I had got through this top layer I then got to the best bit. The custard had an amazing texture and the taste was cream and sweet. This slice just tasted fabulously indulgent and while quite rich it didn't leave me feeling sickly.

      Be warned though, I would advise eating these slices with a fork, they are rather messy and I think if you attempted to eat it without, you end up in a real sticky mess, To sum up I loved every mouthful and I would definately buy these again.


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        30.09.2009 15:35
        Very helpful



        Not the custard slice for me.

        When it comes to treating myself and the family to either a bun or a cake I will always go to Greggs and on occassions Morrisons, as they have a great selection of goodies at a reasonable price. Tesco does not seem to have a large selection of choice and all the buns and cakes I have tried have never been as a tasty. Therefore I do not really buy my treats from Tesco, however for some reason my Dad seems to think I like Tesco Custard Slices and every couple of weeks will buy me some. They are ok and I do eat them but they are no where near as nice as Vanilla Alices from Greggs or Morrisons.

        Tesco Custard Slices come in a two pack and can be found in the chilled desserts section in Tesco. They cost £1, so 50p per slice and they are described on the packet as "Sweet & Flaky, An Irresistable Treat". They are a basically a puff pastry slice filled with 59% custard and topped with icing.

        Custard slices are my favourites but for me a nice custard slice is lots of custard filling and lots of icing, not much pastry. Tesco's Custard slices just don't seem to get the balance right. There is an adequate amount of icing but too much pastry and not enough custard. The pastry is very flaky and really messy to eat, and the custard just doesn't taste very nice, very light and fluffy. Another thing I dislike is the icing as a lemon taste, which also spoils the slices.

        When it comes to nutritional value each slice weighs 108g and contains 310 calories and 14.2g of fat. They are really bad for you and I don't believe the taste makes up for how unhealthy they are.

        Overall Tesco's Custard Slices are ok, at 50p each they are good value for money but when it comes to taste they just don't compete with other custard slices you can buy. I'll eat them while they are being given to me but would never go out and buy them.


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        24.09.2009 16:56
        Very helpful



        A Fab Sweet Treat

        I have just discovered the wonderful world that is shopping in Tesco. Perhaps at the moment everything is just novel however I have found so many new delightful products that were not available in my previous supermarket. As it is now my local so to speak I will be reviewing bits and bobs that take my fancy over the next few weeks. Shopping the other day I felt like a cake with my afternoon cup of tea and I discovered a pack of rather delicious looking custard slices. Well with the diet well and truly out of the window I decided to add them to my basket.

        These custard slices were an absolute bargain. You get two relatively large squares for a £1 mine were actually reduced in addition as they were going out of date the following day so they were cheaper still at 69p. They come packaged in a pale yellow coloured cardboard box with a see through plastic panel which shows the rather delicious looking custard slices inside. Each cake is separately packaged in a plastic insert too which is great as it stops them from sticking to each other. Each slice is made of butter enriched puff pastry and is filled with fresh cream vanilla custard and is topped with a fondant icing.

        Well I have not had one of these types of cakes for ages and I have to say this product was absolutely delicious. It felt quite substantial when I took it out of the packet. The double pastry was flaky and a lovely golden colour. There was a large helping of vanilla custard contained within and this was topped off with fondant icing with white chocolate lacing. Once settled with my cuppa I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

        I have to confess these cakes are best eaten out of the sight of other people as they are definitely not the daintiest. My first bite although delicious resulted in custard and flaky pastry landing down the front of the jumper that I was wearing and I had a plate!! However the mess was definitely worth it as the slice tasted absolutely delicious. The combination of the vanilla custard in copius amounts, flaky pastry and sweet icing was just gorgeous and very moreish however I disciplined myself and only had the one. I would recommend this for those who wish to satisfy a sweet craving from time to time. Delicious!!!!!

        It is worth noting that this product contains milk, wheat, gluten and soya. It is not suitable for nut or egg allergy sufferers either due to the methods used in the manufacture of the product. However it is suitable for consumption by vegetarians. The packaging is suitable for recycling which is a welcome bonus.

        There is very little nutritional information contained within this product however eating the occasional one from time to time will not do any harm.

        Each slice contains:

        Calories 308
        Fat 14.2g
        Salt 0.33g
        Sugar 17.2g

        Overall recommended if you have a sweet tooth like myself and like the occasional treat. Good value for money and absolutely delicious. Make sure you have a friend as they are certainly very moreish however I don't think eating two would be a problem!!!


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        04.09.2009 01:22
        Very helpful



        Pure delight.

        Whenever I go to Tesco, I always seem to find myself passing the cream cake fridge and stopping for a further ponder. More often than not, I appear to dish out the one pound sterling for what I forsee to be quite a respectable deal. For this allocation of currency, you get two slices, each oozing with an incredible taste.

        Built in layers, each slice starts with a pastry base which, on it's own, I expect would present a pretty dismal offering, though mixed with a section of cream, it becomes a lot more appetising. The cream itself is good, though not brilliant. Classed as a custard slice, I suppose it is only natural that you would expect to find custard inside, but I assure you, I taste only cream. Good cream, but not custard. Anyway, this isn't the main part for me, this formality lies with the peak of the slice. The top layer is genuinely the bees knees, and pretty much the main reason I enjoy the taste so much. The mega thick, almost treacle textured topping is surely one of the greatest tastes known to man, and for this reason, I suggest you go out and buy one to taste, if you have not already. It's seriously life changing.


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        08.01.2009 14:48
        Very helpful



        An enjoyable treat very occasionally

        We have a strange custom where I work, that if it is your birthday you have to buy cakes for the rest of the office. I think it's strange because surely if it's your birthday, you should get gifts not have to buy things, but it is the custom and who am I to complain, it gets us lots of cakes!

        One of my colleagues had his birthday so very kindly brought in some cakes, one of which I am now reviewing, Tesco's custard slices. These are found in the chilled cabinets along with the fresh cream cakes.

        The pack is pale blue with a cut out section so you can see and be tempted by the delicious looking cakes inside. There are two in a pack. On the top if the pack it has tesco written in white, then 'sweet and flaky', then 'an irresistible treat' above 'custard slices' written in bold writing. The information that they have no artificial preservatives flavours or colours, is also given, along with colour coded nutritional information.

        On the side of the packet is a picture of one of the slices on a plate, and on the reverse it tells us there are 2 puff pastry slices filled with custard and topped with icing.

        When you open the packet there is a plastic protector around the slices, and this folds back to allow you to get one of the slices out more easily. They are flaky pastry, and so are quite fragile, and are easily broken so it is best to have a plate ready to slide the slice onto it, when you take it out of the packet. Years of experience have taught me the best way to pick them up is with your fingers either side of the pastry base, holding gently, as anywhere else will get you very messy. Be prepared to get messy, as I have never found a way of eating these that is anything other than messy. There are several ways to eat the slice, and it might be worth experimenting until you find the way most suitable for you.

        1. Bite and squidge: just pick up the slice and bite into it. The top will depress, and the custard will squeeze out of the sides. You can either lick the custard before trying a second bite, or expect it to drop out if you don't. Tip: When trying this method hold a plate under the slice to catch the drips. You may need a spoon to chase the custard around the plate afterward.
        2. Right way up layer by layer: take off the top layer of pastry and icing and eat that first, then lick the custard off the bottom layer, leaving the thicker base crust to eat last. You may find the last layer a bit dry and disappointing.
        3. Upside down layer by layer: (my preferred way) Turn the slice over, and gently pull off the base layer, eat that, as an appetiser for the rest of the slice. You now have two alternatives. You can either lick off the custand leaving the pastry and icing layer as the final flourish, or you can eat the two together, mingling the sweetness of the icing with the smooth creamy custard. Either of these ways is delicious, and you will find plenty of melted icing on your fingers to lick off afterward.

        There is no other word to describe a custard slice other than delicious. The bland taste of the flaky pastry just takes the edge off the custard filling and the icing topping, preventing them from tasting too sweet. The flavours burst onto the tongue, with sweet vanilla, and the smooth creamy texture contrasted with the flaky pastry is a perfect combination of textures in the mouth. They are not too large so as to become sickly, just the right amount for a perfect sweet treat.

        Nutritional information per slice

        Energy 310 kcal
        Protein 3.1g
        Carbohydrate 42.4g
        Fat 14.2g
        Salt equivalent 0.5g

        Allergy advice Contains milk wheat gluten soya
        Recipe no nuts
        Ingredients cannot guarantee nut free
        Factory no nuts

        Don't even think about them if you're worried about healthy eating!


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          11.08.2008 20:02
          Very helpful



          A great sweet and flaky custard treat!

          'TESCO Custard Slices" are a delicious sweet and flaky treat that can be found in packs of two in the fresh dessert section of the chilled cabinets.

          ~ Packaging ~

          The custard slices are presented in a neat pale blue cardboard box with a cellophane window that affords a clear (and enticing) view of the items within. To the left-hand side of the window is a helpful graphic that responsibly informs you that each individual slice contains 310 calories, 22.4g of sugar, 14.2g of fat, 7.5g of saturates and 0.5g of salt, and how that computes as percentages of your daily allowance. So you cannot plead ignorance!

          The box front also states that the product is free of artificial preservatives, flavours, and colours. On the reverse there is the usual information on storage (refrigerate until use by date), ingredients, nutrition and allergy/dietary information. This product cannot be frozen.

          You open the box by lifting a flap on the side, and then the clear plastic tray holding the custard slices can be accessed. The tray is cleverly designed with individual compartments that separate and protect, but it is also 'hinged' so that half the tray swings away allowing the slices to be easily removed without any damage.

          The cardboard box can be recycled, but the cellophane window and plastic tray go in the main household waste.

          ~ Look, Smell and Taste ~

          The appearance of the individual custard slice is very attractive. The upper and lower slices of flaky pastry are a light golden colour, and in between is a thick layer of firm yet fluffy pale yellow custard. Topping the whole cake is a shiny layer of white icing that is decorated with a delicate feathered design in lemon yellow.

          The custard slice has a barely detectable sweet cake-like smell from the flaky pastry; I was unable to notice any aroma from the custard or icing topping.

          The pastry has a nice firm consistency that is flaky without being too crumbly, and has a sweet cake-like flavour. The icing top is sticky and very sweet, complimented by the thick layer of custard that adds a clean cool taste. The overall combination is very satisfying, however, it can be a little tricky to eat because as you bite the custard tends to escape and the icing can make your fingers very messy!

          Although this is a very nice slice, my personal preference is for the type that has a layer of fresh cream and fruit conserve in place of the custard.

          ~ Price ~

          At time of writing, a box of two Tesco custard slices cost £0.94.

          ~ Verdict ~

          Very high in cholesterol and calories so not for everyday consumption, however, they are great as a reasonably priced occasional treat.

          © lml888v 2008


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            17.06.2008 19:57
            Very helpful



            A piece of sticky heaven

            Vanilla, custard slice, or if in France - (Mille-feuilles). My favourite pastry of all time. I am hopeless at making cakes or biscuits by hand and for someone of my generation this shouldn't be so. Put me in front of the stove with a whole bunch of veg, fish or meat and I can come up with some terrific culinary delights but when it comes to cakes - oh boy disaster after disaster. My mum says that I don't have the delicate touch - I would say I don't have the patience. That is the reason I always buy cakes from supermarkets and one of my favourites is Tesco's custard slice.

            Ooops! Dooyoo have given me the Tesco logo again instead of the picture of custard slices. What is going on there today?

            Let's continue


            Simple, blue and peachy coloured box with a transparent viewing square so you can see the two vanilla slices inside the box. On the front of the box it states Tesco Vanilla Slices. The display date is shown and also it states to keep the slices refrigerated. A panel with the nutritional values showing is on the front of the box for you to view also.

            The Vanilla Slice

            Once taken the cake out of the box the next task is to eat it. I bet there are many different ways to eat this. Some people may eat it whole, others eat the top layer with icing on and then the custard and then the bottom layer. Others may choose to cut the cake in slices which is what I do but I usually lick the icing off the lid as it always sticks. To be honest one of these slices is too much for me so I usually eat half and then put the rest in the fridge. The french mille-feuilles are enormous and one of these used to last me 3 or 4 days.


            As soon as you open up the box the sticky icing followed by that lovely vanilla custard smell permeates. It is delicious.


            The custard for me is the best part as it is so soft and fluffy but still custardy if you know what I mean. I love the sweet, sticky texture of the icing and the top layer is always lighter in texture than the bottom layer of the pastry. Sometimes depending on what mood the baker is in at Tesco the bottom layer of pastry can taste a bit doughy and the texture always isn't as light, but most times it is spot on.

            Is It Healthy?

            I doubt it very much. Let's look at the ingredients:

            Vanilla Custard (60%) contains whipping cream, cream dextrose, stabiliser (sodium alginate), water, sugar, potato starch, milk protein, butter powder, gelling agent (sodium alginate), preservative (calcium sorbate), colour (beta carotene) flavouring.

            Puff Pastry contains wheat flour, vegeatble margarine vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifier (mono- and di-glycerides of fatty Acids), acidity regulator (citric Acid), butter, soya flour, salt, colour (beta-carotene).

            Icing contains sugar, water, dried glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, vegetable oil, emulsifiers (mono- and Di-glycerides Of Fatty Acids, Lactic Acids).

            Lacing ( this is the fancy design on the top) contains white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, emulsifier,soya lecithin), flavouring, colour (lutein).

            Oh dear, oh dear - not very healthy at all. You wouldn't think two small slices of cake needed all those ingredients to make it tasty!!!

            Now let's take a look at the nutritional chart:

            Per 108gm (equivalent of one slice)

            Energy Kcal 275kcal
            Sugar 15.6gm
            Fat 11.1gm
            of which saturates 5.6gm
            Salt 0.7gm

            Sorry folks not very healthy being high in saturated fat and sugar, medium, in salt content.

            I only eat these once in a blue moon as I don't generally have a sweet tooth so I think you are allowed one of these sweet, sticky pastries every now and again.


            94p for 2 slices (Tesco have an offer at the moment any 2 for £1.50 which is valid until 08/07/08).

            These slices are to be found on the Fresh Desserts Shelf.


            For people who suffer from certain allergies these vanilla slices may contain traces of nuts and do contain gluten, wheat, wheat flour, milk, dried milk, milk proteins, soya , soya flour & soya lecithins.

            Some extra snippets of info regarding the vanilla slice:

            What is a vanilla slice?

            It is a cake with a top and a bottom layer of flaky or puff pastry filled in the centre with usually custard but can be whipped cream and jam. Some countries like France have alternative layers of pastry alternating with cream hence the name mille-feuille which in French means a thousand layers. The top layer is iced with white sticky fondant icing but again can vary as in some countries chocolate or strawberry icing can be used.

            Although I can't find a definite country for it's origin it seems that Hungary is the most likely as a great writer in the eighteenth century called Careme said that the pastry originated from a Hungarian town known as Szeged. It was formerly known as a "gateau de mille-feuilles" a 'cake of a thousand leaves'.

            It's amazing what you learn on the net.

            I always thought this cake or pastry was particularly English but reading up about it I have found that it is eaten in various other countries.

            In Italy it is called mille foglie and fillings can be savoury as well as sweet.

            As I have mentioned in France it is called mille-feuille. The icing differs as it is usually white with chocolate combed stripes.

            Australian slang word for it is snot block (charming). and icing flavours can be of chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry and passion fruit.

            Scandanavin countries name the cake a Napoleonbakelse (Napoleon pastry) and the filling is cream custard and jam topped with currant jelly and icing.

            In the Netherlands it is named tompouce. The icing is smooth and pink, or occasionally white. However there are a couple of variations on the colour of the icing - it changes to orange when Holland are taking part in International tournaments like now for instance and also when it is the Queen's birthday the icing is changed from pink to orange.

            Finally my summary

            These slices used to be a household favourite when I was a child. It was always a special treat for Mum to bring home 4 slices always packed in a box with a bit of ribbon wrapped around the box from a bakers in Lancashire called Tootall's. Not sure if it still exists.I have always loved these and although I don't eat cakes regularly I do always buy vanilla slices as a special treat or if I feel a bit fed up. I love the smell of the custard and fresh icing and I just love the gooiness of them. I think they are well worth 50p. What do you think?


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