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Tesco Dairy Cream Doughnuts

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2009 09:58
      Very helpful



      Tesco could rethink this one and make it a winner

      Dairy cream doughnuts, just those three little words can be music to the ears. I think that most of us love the odd treat and often when we have been out to do a weekly shop the there is a big temptation to pick up one of those forbidden fruits !
      Cream cakes have to be tops when it comes to buying yourself a treat and more often than not I will buy a pack of four éclairs, light, fluffy and delectable.
      But variety is the spice of life and last week I picked up a pack of two Tesco Dairy cream doughnuts for a change.

      I am sure I was lured by the baby blue coloured box, one of my favourite subtle colours, plus of course the two doughnuts inside looked very tempting too !
      One thing that I noticed straight away was the fact that they hadn't been rolled in the usual caster sugar but they were dusted with icing sugar instead but I felt that was a change that I could live with.
      The two doughnuts are placed in a plastic case inside of the box which protects them from being damaged. Doughnuts like any fancy cake have to be lingered over to be appreciated and I fully intended to make the most of my doughnut and enjoy it along with a hot cup of tea.

      Each finger shaped doughnut has been split down the middle and then filled with jam and topped with a generous helping of whipped cream. I prefer to tackle my doughnut head on so that I can enjoy all of the three flavours at the same time.
      The whipped cream has been beautifully piped along the entire length of the cake and the manufacturer hasn't been stingy with the helping either.
      The white whipped cream is semi-sweet and very soft, in fact there is very little actual substance to the cream, it is much like the squirty cream that comes from a can.
      I find that the icing sugar that has been used to dust the doughnuts has gone slightly sticky and has more or less disappeared into the crust of the cake. But the cake itself is good, a firm doughnut with a close texture that is not too sweet.
      But although the doughnuts are meant to be `jammy` ones I am having a game of hide and seek trying to find that elusive strawberry jam. Once I have located it deep at the bottom of the split of the cake I no longer feel that I am missing a vital ingredient but then things take a twist - the red syrup that disguises itself as strawberry jam must be in short supply, either that or I have been robbed!
      The strawberry syrup - I can't bring myself to call it jam - has the strangest taste. It doesn't taste like jam at all and there are no strawberry pieces lurking in the syrup what so ever.

      I enjoy to carry out these in depth explorations, especially on a cream cake and some come top of the tree where others are definitely lacking something.
      Tesco have made two fine doughnuts here, they have presented them in an attractive manner and retailed them for the very reasonable price of two for £1.
      Personally I would have much preferred the doughnuts if they had been rolled in caster sugar, the traditional way of doing things. It seems to give the dough a better crust altogether and I think that Tesco ought to have a rethink about the strawberry jam they use, that includes both quantity and quality.

      Each doughnut contains 250 calories, 11.2g sugar, 12.1g fat, 6.1g saturates and 0.6g of salt.
      Tesco advise that they cannot guarantee that the product is nut free.
      Egg, soya, milk, wheat and gluten are all included in the doughnut mixture and they can be frozen.

      Doughnuts tend to be dependable treats and most of us enjoy the sugary treat but maybe I will go along with a box of chocolate éclairs next time.


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        13.05.2009 23:49
        Very helpful



        Not the best cream doughnut in the world - not even the best cream doughnut in my fridge!

        My sister popped in today for a cup of tea and she brought with her some fresh cream doughnuts from Tesco, they looked fairly tasty (if a little synthetic) and those few brief words sum these doughnuts up perfectly!

        The doughnuts come in a pack of two and are long open ones rather than the round doughnuts that have the cream in the middle. From the very first glance I can see there is too much cream and I knew I'd have to scrape some of it out, which I did before I ate it which spoiled the appearance somewhat.

        The doughnut itself is really stodgy, stodgier even than other doughnuts! It has a very claggy consistency which makes it really chewy, I found the cake to be very sweet and less well seasoned than other supermarket doughnuts. In fact, once you overcome the sweetness there is very little flavour to the doughnut at all and even the addition of the jam and cream doesn't help matters.

        For fresh cream this is extremely synthetic in appearance, texture and flavour. It doesn't taste fresh at all and has the same sort of sterilised milk flavour as squirty cream, it seemed to melt horribly against the jam and this made the consistency almost sticky where it touched the doughnut.

        My doughnut was, well, sort of OK. Once I'd scraped off the majority of the cream it was, as I said earlier, fairly tasty. But only just. I didn't finish mine and was rather relieved when my sister said she wasn't keen on hers either as it meant I could leave some of mine with a clear conscience without worrying about appearing ungrateful.

        It's not a doughnut that you'll go 'eugh' at but I just found it terribly boring and rather tasteless, certainly not worth the 98p price tag!


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