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Tesco Digestive Biscuits

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Biscuits

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    3 Reviews
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      12.06.2013 23:26



      On a trip to Tesco yesterday and like everyone else I was looking to save a few penny's wherever I could, thats when I spotted these digestives. I like the price per 100g system they have labelled on the shelve ticket. The 500g pack was quite a bit cheaper that the McVities packet of a larger size.Then I looked at the nutritional figures per biscuit and I bought the McVities packet.Go to your store, pick up the two packets and READ.Your Granny was right, you get what you pay for.


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      10.07.2012 22:20
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      Ideal tea dunking biscuit

      Digestive biscuits are the ideal biscuit for dunking in your tea and I have always got to have a pack of these in the house! But it can be an expensive addiction to have as some packets can be £2-£3 however these Tesco's own digestives are under £1 for a 500g packet and so save me a lot of money

      The packaging looks nice its bright red and so stands out n the shelves also it doesn't look cheap even though its an own brand biscuit and because of this it holds its head up high when on the shelf among the other branded biscuits! The packaging also contains a picture of the biscuits which is exactly how they look inside and all the nutritional information, I like to ignore this as otherwise I feel guilty!

      The taste is wholemealey and sweet although I have to admit not as sweet as the branded versions but by no means does this make this biscuit taste horrible. I would always buy Tesco's version over the brands.

      When you bite into them they have the typical crunch and crumble which I love from a digestive. Not only that but the biscuit is quite thick and so it really stands up well on my tea dunking!

      A biscuit I would highly recommend.


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        27.05.2010 13:09
        Very helpful



        for 52p they are well worth it and just as good as the branded version

        Digestive biscuits have to be one of the most versatile biscuits around you can eat them , smash them up to make cheese cakes , stick jam on them ice them and make empire biscuits , and use them as a base for caramel cake

        So when Im in Tesco I tend to buy a couple of packets of these as they are only 52p and contains about 25 biscuits , or 500g

        The wrapper is a plasticy type material that no doubt can be recycled

        I have tried the branded versions of digestive biscuits and comparing these ones , I feel that whilst they may be that little bit sweeter , there really is no comparison if I was to sample them in a blind taste test

        The biscuit was the same golden brown colour as McVities and quite thick which I felt was quite impressive as for a basic biscuit , it could have been quite thin and pale

        Im not one for dunking biscuits but I feel this would stand up to the standard 'dunk test'

        Ive used these digestives as a base for home made millionaire shortbread ( caramel cake) and as a base it holds well

        Taste wise these biscuits have the same wheat taste as others I have tried. They were really tasty and not at all bland, as their cheap price would suggest. They had a really nice texture to them too, a nice crunch which in a digestive biscuit I feel is important

        The wrapper is not a keep fresh biscuit and as such I would recommend putting them in your biscuit tin when they are opened as I found the top one which was exposed to the air would become slightly soft if left for a couple of days

        The GDA details are as follows

        Calories 80 (4%)
        Sugar 3g (3%)
        Fat 4g ( 5%) might not be for the salad munchers
        Saturates 2g (8%)
        Salt 0.3g

        The biscuits are suitable for vegetarians

        Allergy Information
        Contains: Milk, Wheat Gluten

        Thanks for reading my review :)


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