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Tesco Finest Multigrain Farmhouse Batch

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2010 15:41
      Very helpful



      Delish Brown Bread That's Bursting With Seeds!

      I love brown bread but like it a bit more interesting than boring Hovis so I try loads of different ones when I see them. This one is Tesco Finest and it's a thick cut loaf with loads of seeds going through the bread and on the top of it. You can see all the seeds in it and it's a proper nice loaf of bread.

      The bread is lovely and soft but because of it being brown it's got a firmer texture than fresh white bread. It's proper different, I love the malty flavour of it because it's better then normal brown bread but the taste of it isn't strong or over powering.

      The seeds are poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed and millet and there are loads. They give the bread a delish rustic taste and gives it a nice bit of life, I love bread that's got BITS in it and I reckon the seeds are all brill in this loaf.

      The slices are quite thick and I think it makes wicked toast, the edges go a bit crispy but that's just another excuse to put the butter on thick! lol 2 slices of this bread make a filling sandwich, it goes delish with cheese and onion and the other morning I had bacon and tomato on it and that was yummy as well. Some brown bread gets stodgy after a bit but this one has got a proper nice fresh feel to it, the taste is just alright as well so that it's not majorly strong because then you can't taste the filling of your sandwich.

      The seeds are the best bit about it I reckon, they're crunchy and make the bread taste different to anything else. The seeds all taste FRESH and they all go wicked with the taste of the bread, I love how soft the bread is as well because it's like a fresh cooked loaf because the crust is nice and chewy.

      The only bad thing is each slice has got 135 calories and that's quite a bit more than other bread, it's worth it though because all them seeds have got to be good for you and it's still not exactly fattening!

      Recommended.... yummy!!!


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      05.11.2009 10:20
      Very helpful



      Not bad but I'll stick to my usual bread in future

      Having been a staunch supporter of white bread for as long as I can remember, I was surprised to find myself picking up a loaf of Tesco Finest multigrain seeded the other day. Okay, I admit it was reduced to just 69p as it was to be used by the next day, but as I always put my bread in the freezer anyway and just defrost slices as I need them, that didn't bother me. Something about the look of the loaf appealed, it reminded me of something in my childhood, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. And what the hell, they say a change is as good as a rest!

      The loaf is from Tesco's finest range, ready sliced in a mostly clear plastic bag, with the information on the bottom. It says it's 'a crunchy loaf made from seven different grains and seeds' and 'batch baked for extra softness' (whatever that means?)
      The bottom contains the usual information: ingredient list, freezing and storage guidelines, allergy advice and nutritional information.

      What's in It?
      Per slice contains:

      120 calories (6% GDA)
      1.5g sugar (2% GDA)
      1.6g fat (2% GDA)
      0.2g saturates (1% GDA)
      0.5g salt (8% GDA)

      Ingredients include:
      Wheat flour, stoneground wholemeal wheat flour, malted wheat flakes, wheat bran, wheat gluten, fermented wheat flour - are you sensing a theme developing here?!

      The Look - The Taste - The Verdict
      Although it doesn't say it anywhere on the packaging the loaf is thick sliced as there are only 16 slices, which includes two very thick ends. The top looks quite a dark brown colour and is covered in lots of seeds, which is where the crunchy-ness come in I guess.

      On trying a slice I found it have a slightly burnt taste and was not as nutty as I was expecting. There were some 'bits' in it, seeds etc, but not enough for my liking and it was pretty much like a bog standard brown loaf. It didn't really have any distinct flavour, which I would have expected from something with seven grains and seeds in it.
      The crust was where the interesting stuff was and the seedy topping was indeed crunchy made up of poppy seeds, linseed and millet - so that's the memory I couldn't put my finger on...the bird food my Budgie used to have when I was a kid! The bread was nice and soft, unfortunately so was the crust, which was another disappointment. I like a crust to be, well, crusty.

      I toasted a slice to see how it held up, and although it browned nicely the slice remained very soft and quite moist. Actually I found that toasting it brought out more flavour and much improved the bread. Perhaps if I'd added a couple of slices of bacon and some tomato ketchup it could have become the perfect bread!

      I never usually buy anything from the Tesco Finest range, I've always assumed it's too expensive, so I was surprised to see that this 800g loaf, when not reduced in price, sells for £1.00 which is same as I pay for my usual split tin white loaf. (I later found out that this is an offer price and normal full price for this loaf is £1.15) However price is not everything, I had high hopes for this bread, I expected it to be full of nutty grains and seeds, and to be honest it wasn't. There was plenty on the crust and plenty more rattling around in the bag, but the main 'body' of the loaf was bland.
      As somebody who wouldn't really know a grain from a seed or a germ from an oat, I have no idea if this sort of multigrain bread is good for you or not. They tell me that brown bread is better than white, but the salt content of this seems pretty high to me, I assume because it's thickly sliced.

      They call this bread a farmhouse loaf, but I wouldn't mind betting that it's never even come close to a farmhouse.


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