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Tesco Finest Tartes au Citron

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cake

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    6 Reviews
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      22.04.2013 13:52



      This is a review of the two small Tesco's Finest tarts.I was very disappointed. The pastry just wasn't right. It should be thin and light and buttery-crisp - a contrast to a rich, lush, creamy sharp-sweet lemon filling. The pastry was thick and damp tasting and the filling was like budget lemon curd. At £2.75 for two small tarts it wasn't cheap. I normally find Tesco's products good quality but the Sainsbury's version si far better, I think.


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      07.08.2011 22:07
      Very helpful
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      Disappointed in you, Tesco....

      I was excited to find that Tesco have included their Finest food range in their current Double Clubcard Exchange Scheme. This means that Finest products can be bought using clubcard points at twice their usual value - so effectively half-price, plus paid for in vouchers rather than cash. Yay! This gave me the perfect excuse to buy lots of goodies which I normally consider too expensive. And one I'd had my eye on for a long time was their frozen Tarte Au Citron. As some of the Finest puddings are currently included in a two for £5 offer, I bought this one along with the Eton Mess (which was, incidentally, lovely), making it £2.50 instead of its usual £3.00 price tag.

      Anyone watching their weight/fat intake should bear in mind that a serving of this contains 240 calories and 10.4 grams of fat, of which 6.7 grams are saturated. And that's before you add the cream!


      The packaging is standard Tesco Finest, as shown in the picture above. But everyone knows that the idea with puds is to rip the packaging off as quickly as possible and get to the good stuff, so that's enough about that.

      Once removed from the cardboard and foil and placed on one's own plate, well, it looks very nice. You could actually pass it off as home made as it has a homely, slightly imperfect look - the pastry edges are somewhat over-brown (or burnt as we say in Yorkshire) and the filling is quite a natural yellow colour with an attractive scattering of grated lemon rind on top. I would go so far as to say it looks delicious.


      Taste-wise, it's actually OK. Not brilliant, and certainly not 'finest', but OK. The lemon filling is quite sharp and tangy, though it doesn't make you pull a 'sour lemon' face. It is sweet enough, but not sickly. But it is definitely not the taste of an authentic French tart au citron. It has a slightly artificial taste. Think lemon curd rather than French citron.

      The pastry bizarrely doesn't taste of anything at all, so there's nothing to actively dislike there as such. Except that you know it SHOULD have a taste - it should be sweet and buttery and just delicious. It isn't.


      The texture is where it REALLY goes wrong for this pud.

      Firstly, the pastry. The visible edges are fine - reasonably crisp and light. But the rest of the pastry is just awful. Firstly, it is far too thick. Viewing a slice side-on, the pastry is nearly the same depth as the filling; the proportions are all wrong. Now I do like pastry, so I wouldn't mind the thickness if this was good pastry, but it isn't. Aside from being tasteless, it has the most bizarre texture. It is 'bendy' - it doesn't snap if you fold it, it happily moulds into any shape you want. Not soggy exactly, but not short either; more like raw pastry, though it clearly is cooked. Maybe the moisture from the filling causes this, but I ate it as soon as it was defrosted so it hadn't been left standing around for days.

      Now the filling. A good tart au citron should be smooth and glossy and thick. And I suppose it IS glossy and thick, but unfortunately the filling has a strange powdery texture, and that was all I could think of as I ate it. It's not gritty, but definitely not smooth. Powdery. From the ingredient list I see that this product contains icing sugar and maize starch, so maybe that's the reason, but unfortunately the rather pleasant taste is completely over-shadowed by the strange, powdery texture. The lemon zest sprinkled on top of the tart is quite rubbery and, although it looks nice, it adds nothing to the taste or texture and would have been better left out.

      ***My verdict***

      I SOOOO wanted this to be lovely. I wanted the pastry to be short, buttery and sweet, and I wanted the filling to taste like the tarts I've had countless times on French holidays. And it just wasn't.

      Having said all that, I ate it! I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, and if I'd paid £1 for this in a discount shop I would have been quite satisfied. But this is supposed to be a quality Finest product, and it just wasn't fine enough.


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        16.06.2011 15:32
        Very helpful



        Save your money & the calories

        Tesco Finest. Tarte Au Citron
        Made in France, but presumably by an Englishman?
        This dessert certainly tasted nothing like the mouthwatering description on the box.
        It was sold to us as "An all butter pastry base with a sweet, smooth Sicilian lemon juice filling and a scattering of tangy lemon zest". ..... Sounds fattening but worth it.
        The box says it was made in France, so I was hopeful that this was going to taste authentic. It was as authentic as a £3.99 diamond encrusted Rolex!

        Why We Bought It
        We'd been invited to a BBQ and asked to take a dessert. Now normally I would have baked a large gateaux or a lemon meringue pie or something similar, however I didn't even get home from work until two hours before we due there and I still had to unpack & get ready. So we cheated! Hubby & I nipped up to the Tesco store. We scanned the various desserts on display and opted for the Tesco Finest* range.
        They had an offer on which allowed a £1 discount if you bought two desserts from the range. We chose this "Tarte Au Citron" and a "Raspberry & Strawberry Torte" (covered in a separate review) as they're the sorts of desserts I make at home. They were frozen puds so we dived off home to defrost them, whilst I slapped on my polyfiller & paint to get semi-presentable.

        I'm really glad that I fessed up to our friends that I'd only just got home & so we'd bought this pud, and I didn't try to pass this off as homemade .... Oh now come on ladies, don't pretend you've never been tempted to slap a bit of cream & garnish on a bought dish & say you've been chained to the kitchen all day! ;-)

        So what do you get for your money? .... Other than hopefully a refund & an apology! ;-)

        "An all butter pastry base" ........ Not very buttery, totally burnt all round the edges, soggy cardboard taste underneath.

        "With a sweet, smooth Sicilian lemon juice filling" ........ A really cheap, nasty synthetic tasting, overly sweet lemon curd type filling, that was set to a rubbery consistency!

        "and a scattering of tangy lemon zest"........ Yes it had lumps in it! Tasted more like bitter chunks candied fruit.

        It looked burnt, unappetising, & tasted terrible. If this is Tesco's "Finest", then I dread to think what their Basics puds taste like.
        Next time I'll make sure I get home early enough to bake, or we'll stay in with a DVD and skip the BBQ!

        So as with all the Zurich taste tests, here's our verdict ...........

        Product Verdict From The Zurich Household
        Daughter #1 is known as "Can't Cook" - Bless her, no matter how hard she tries she can't boil water (even using a pre-filled automatic electric kettle!).

        She gave this dessert 0/5 - she loves eating fresh lemons, decent lemon curd & my homemade lemon meringue pie and so this was her field. She said it was awful & fake tasting & lousy pastry. The only taste from the pastry was the burnt taste on the edge.

        Daughter #2 is known as "Won't Cook" - It's too much like hard work & far easier to wait for someone else to do it - I think she reckons that Fairies live in the house & magic-up meals from a sprinkle of Pixie-dust!!

        Unrated - didn't eat it as she was stuffed from eating king prawn kebabs & burgers. Didn't like the look of it as it was burnt.

        Hubby is known as "Too Busy to Cook" - (PS. For 'Busy' read 'Idle' !) If it's not out of a jar, a microwave carton or a meal I've freshly-frozen for him then forget it, it's beyond him!

        He gave this 1/5 - Nothing like wee-wifey cooks (thank gawd for that!!) He has a notoriously sweet tooth, & even when covered in cream it was "nasty".

        Me - I'm known as "Never Bl**dy There To Cook" - I adore cooking & baking from scratch with all fresh ingredients when I'm at home. I cook everything in huge batches & freeze fresh home-cooked food, (organised & labelled) in individual portions in two large chest freezers, so they can all eat healthy food when I'm away!

        I gave this 0/5. Tasted nothing like the description. Poor quality. Burnt. Not even attractive to look at. Extremely disappointing.

        Don't bother.

        £3 for one, or £5 for any two in the range

        Merchandising/ Packaging
        Frozen food (defrost for 2hrs at room temp or 6hrs in fridge) We found it took just over 2 hours to defrost at room temperature, which was ok by the time everyone finished BBQ & drifted over to dessert table. By the way, you can't refreeze it once defrosted - not that you'd want to save any of this!

        It's set in a shallow tin foil container & packaged in a cardboard box. It was easy to remove from packaging when frozen & so it could be arranged on a plate.

        The box has now changed from the one shown in the picture supplied by Dooyoo.

        Tesco "Finest" range produced in FRANCE for Tesco.

        Size/weight of Pack
        450g. Pack suggested it serves six (6)


        Wheat flour, sugar, butter (14%), egg, lemon juice & a whole string of other things that sound like a list from a chemistry class.

        Nutritional Information - Typical Values
        Per 100g
        Energy 1345 kj 320 kcal
        Protein 4.5g
        Carbohydrates 44.2g
        Of which sugars 27.3g
        Fat 13.9g
        Of which saturates 9g
        Mono-unsaturates 3.7g
        Polyunsaturates 0.6g
        Fibre 0.5g
        Sodium 0.1g
        Salt equivalent 0.1g

        Per Serving (75g) (One sixth of whole)
        Energy 1010 kj 240 kcal
        Protein 3.4g
        Carbohydrates 33.2g
        Of which sugars 20.5g
        Fat 10.4g
        Of which saturates 6.7g
        Mono-unsaturates 2.8g
        Polyunsaturates 0.5g
        Fibre 0.4g
        Sodium trace
        Salt equivalent trace

        Allergy Advice
        Contains milk, wheat, gluten & egg
        Contains no nuts. Cannot guarantee nut free as factory equipment used nuts.

        Veggie Advice
        Suitable for Vegetarians

        Store in freezer till best before date, or fridge for 3 days.

        Many thanks. Kate xxx

        Acknowledgements & Other Information Sources
        Some of the information/statistics in this review are courtesy of the product packet.
        This review may appear on either of my Dooyoo or Ciao accounts under my name "Zurich11"


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          28.10.2009 04:24
          Very helpful



          Apparently a product that's not as good as it used to be

          Something funny's going on with Tesco Finest Tartes au Citron (=Tesco Lemon Tartlets, for anyone non-French). We occasionally buy the two-pack of mini-tarts from the 'Finest' range, and in the past have found them - well, all right. They're not what I'd consider cheap, costing around / just over the £2 mark for two individual tarts (each one's a fairly generous portion though - so if we weren't too hungry, sometimes we just shared one cut in two), but by virtue of not being too sweet they're one of the better pre-packaged Tesco pastry / desserts.

          At their best the tarts have a tangy, softish lemon-curd-like filling. The overall colour is good - like real lemon curd, without too much in the way of synthetic yellow overtones, or that slightly grisly 'translucent' effect you used to get with cheap shop-bought lemon curd back in the days before everyone knew that Tartrazine dyes and so on were bad for you. If the fluted pastry base is so thick that clearly the tarts have been designed to withstand being dropped onto concrete from great heights - well, that was really a minor shortcoming, because the pastry in pre-made chilled products like this is never all that good. Also it was a shame how they sprinkled the - otherwise quite premium - product with that cheap elongated-crystal, overly white dextrose-y stuff instead of proper icing sugar, but Tesco producers have been known to cut corners like nobody else and the fake sugar didn't make that much difference after all really.

          Yes, overall I used to think this product was all right. And then....after a break of not eating these for a while, I kept a couple I bought a couple of days past the 'best before' date before we ate them - only a day or two at most, mind you - and was then able to "taste the difference" all right. Something terrible had happened - either to the original recipe of the tarts, or as an effect of overlong storage in my fridge. That lovely softish filling had solidified to the texture of jelly - really hard, cut-it-with-a-knife jelly - it had turned into something like quince cheese. They sell it in tiny little pots for inflated prices in specialist grocery shops over here, but if you go on holiday on the continent, in the supermarkets over there they can't get rid of the blasted stuff fast enough; they dole it out in industrial ice-cream container sized plastic punnets; it's like the 'Nutella' of the soft fruit processing industry (ie. the manufacturer's only real problem is how to get people to take away enough of the - in this case quince cheese - for a low enough price). So if you've ever eaten that rather horribly textured, slightly gritty so-called 'sweetmeat' Quince cheese, what was in the tarts was like a smooth, lemon-flavoured version of that. This was not a good thing.

          Despite having kept my tarts too long before eating them, I'm inclined to think the Tesco suppliers must have changed the recipe, because there seemed to be a lot more bad pastry in the base than usual, too. If this is what they're like now, these tarts are not something I'll be trying again in a hurry.


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          29.08.2009 15:39



          Can always be on standby as a pudding

          Every since holidaying in France some years ago, my favourite way of ending a meal has been with a citrus tart to clean the palate. I have tried making them, which can be a bit hit and miss at times, and too labour intensive when in a hurry. Tesco Finest Tartes au Citron is as good as a homemade citrus tart, if not better. The sharpness of the lemons is just enough to leave a clean feeling in your mouth after a meal and the pastry is light and not too thick. The richness of the filling is deceptive as one tart gives an ample portion each for at least six people. The colour of the tart is lemon without the yellow brightness that can be found in foods that have colourings added. Friends are always complimenting me when I serve this pudding and, more often than not, I do own up that it is not homemade. It is a light, versatile dish to keep in the freezer for special occasions, but is just as good by itself.


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          10.06.2009 12:49
          Very helpful



          This is worth a trip out to Tescos just for this one item.

          I absolutely adore lemon - it is that wonderful zing you get on the whole of the inside of your mouth that is so utterly refreshing. So it came to pass one day that I fancied something really lemony - I really did have an urge. I had a weekly shop to do at some point in the week, so in for a penny in for a pound as they say and it was off to Tesco's to kill two birds with one cliche.

          So, when I got there, I headed for the cakes and biscuits. When I saw Tesco's Tartes Au Citron, the obvious thing was to give a couple of these babies a try. There are two in a box so that is one each, right? :)

          The name suggest something special, or a t least different, and this is what really attracted me, the box in itself is attractive, but the name just tips you over the edge.

          So back home: the kettle is on and the tarts are slipped out the box onto a plate. I took my first bite and I got that lovely lemony zoing I had been panging for. That lovely lemony mixture in tandem with the pastry which was of just the right crumbliness in my mouth. Seriously if you like the tart taste of lemon, you will really love this. It is a little stronger than I expected but you should enjoy this. The sweetness of the pastry halts the lemon flavour from being too overpowering, and all in all there is a lovely balance between the two.

          This is worth a trip out to Tescos just for this one item.


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