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Tesco Free From Crumpets

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread / Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      19.11.2013 11:59



      Looks like a crumpet, feels like rubber, smells disgusting, tastes even worse.

      I bought these as bread has been irritating my stomach. I was wary of gluten free products but willing to give them a go. These crumpets looked good in the packet but then I cut the thick plastic open and out came a most disgusting smell that turned my stomach. I bravely removed the rubbery 'crumpets' and set them on the grill pan. Under the heat they went. "What's that burning plastic smell?".

      This wasn't looking good so out came the butter and lashings of jam. OK here we go. Bite 1: there's the jam but oh oh oh there's the 'crumpet'. Dry boak!! Come on, try another bite. Bite 2: chew chew.. Oh no I'm going to have to swallow this. Hold your nose, down it goes.

      I'm not sure who's having a worse time, me or the Z list celebrities on I'm an celebrity get me out of here attempting the bush tucker trial.

      On the packet it says 'Eat within 2 days of opening' - now there's a challenge!

      Lunchtime soon and I've not given up, Genius bread sandwich... Wish me luck!


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      05.12.2011 10:31
      Very helpful



      A lovely tasty crumpet that suits my needs

      You may know from reading previous reviews I am diabetic and ever since finding out I was pregnant I have been put on a low carb white flour free diet, now I do try to stick to this as much as possible however a lot of the things which I am recommended to eat which do not contain white flour I cannot stand for example shop brought brown bread, the smell of this makes me feel ill so I have been having small amounts of regular white bread on occasions but without over doing it. One thing I cannot eat is crumpets, I tried these the other night and they made my sugar levels rise, now I love crumpets so was disappointed that I could not eat them at the moment. However I was recently talking to a colleague who has to follow a wheat free diet and he recommended that I tried Tesco Free From Crumpets, after studying the packet when doing my weekly shop I discovered that they contain rice flour rather than white flour so I decided to give them a go. I was pleased to discover that they did not have the same effect as regular crumpets on my sugar levels and so far it seems that these are ok for me to eat and they taste pretty much the same as well.

      The packaging fro Tesco Free From Crumpets it quite basic, the 4 crumpets come in clear plastic packet with a sturdier clear plastic try inside which holds the 4 crumpets. The top of the packet double up as the opening which I'm sure is meant to just peel back however I had to cut a hole in mine in order to get inside, they certainly are well sealed. The top of the packet has a large rectangle sticker on it which contains all of the product information, the label is mainly orange with a picture of 2 of the buttered crumpets on a plate. Right at the top of the label is a large purple circle with the words "Tesco Free From 4 Crumpets" written inside, next to this are 2 smaller purple circles and a yellow circle which tells you what the product is free from, this includes "Wheat Free", "Gluten Free" and "Milk Free", just underneath this is a blue circle with "Improved Recipe" written inside. The bottom of the packet is taken up with all of the information which I would expect to be on the back of the packet including heating directions, nutrition, ingredients and various other pieces of information, there is actually no information on the back of the packet at all it is all on the front.

      * Grill - Remove from the packaging and place under a hot grill for around a minute each side
      * Toaster - Place the crumpets in the toaster for 1 to 2 minutes
      These are as the packet says just guidelines and all appliances are different, I personally heated mine up in the toaster and left them in there for around 4 minutes as I do like my crumpets to be very hot so that the butter melts through them.

      The Crumpets
      The crumpets look just like regular crumpets when I got them out of the packet, if anything they felt a little harder and did not have as soft texture apart from that by looking at them you could not tell the difference, however the real test was going to be the taste. I placed a couple of the crumpets into the toaster for a bout 4 minutes as I have said above, once fully heated I removed them and buttered each of them, as with regular crumpets the butter instantly started to melt into the crumpet and out of the bottom of them, but this is just how I like them to be. After trying the crumpets I was extremely pleased to discover that there was hardly any difference in taste between regular crumpets and the Tesco Free From Crumpets, I think the Free From ones had a slightly drier texture to them and were not quite as airy however this was not a major difference, flavour wise they tasted just the same to me, I could not tell that they did not have any wheat, milk or gluten in them, also they did not have any effect on my sugar levels like the regular ones did.

      Nutritional Information
      Per Crumpet
      * Calories - 110
      * Sugar - 1g
      * Fat - 2.4g
      * Saturates - 0.3g
      * Salt - 0.7g
      I was quite pleased at the amount of calories in the Free From Crumpets as well as regular crumpets can be quite high in calories especially with a thick coat of butter on them!

      I brought these Free From Crumpets from my local Tesco as they are Tesco own brand product. The pack of 4 crumpets cost me £2.00, this is a bit more expensive than regular crumpets, however I have found over the years with buying sugar free things that a lot of places charge you more for taking things out of a product. Personally I did not mind paying this for them especially as it appears that I can eat them without effecting my sugar levels, for me they were worth the money. The Free From Crumpets only come in packs of 4 which is not many compared to regular crumpets especially if several members of a family will be eating them, however for me this is ideal as my husband does not like crumpets meaning I am the only one who eats them, the 4 pack is perfect as it means they do not go out of date and get wasted.

      My Opinion
      I would definitely recommend Tesco Free From Crumpets, whether you have to follow a wheat free diet or like me cannot eat the regular ones due to being diabetic these are an excellent alternative, they taste more or less the same as regular ones with a slightly different texture. Whilst they are a bit more expensive than regular crumpets they are worth the money if you have to follow a specific diet, I will certainly continue to buy these whilst I cannot eat regular crumpets.


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