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Tesco Fresh Cream Horns

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2013 15:59
      Very helpful



      great tasting product

      I am reviewing Tesco fresh cream bramley apple turnovers ,not the cream horns that are pictured above.

      +++THE PRODUCT++++

      Tesco fresh cream bramley apple turnovers are sold in pairs,which is really good as only I like fresh cream, so that is no great hardship to get two .

      They are packaged in their own clear plastic container, just big enough for them both to nestle together looking gorgeous, this container is in a square cardboard box with a clear acetate window so you can view the delicious looking turnovers before you buy.

      Each pack contains ,2 puff pastry triangles filled with stabilised whipped cream and a bramlry apple filling , doesn,t that sound soooo delicious ?

      I bought them yesterday for the grand price of £1

      Ingredients,taken from the back of the box are .......

      Apple (27%),Wheat Flour ,Margarine ,Whipping Cream (14%) ,Water ,Sugar ,Demerara Sugar ,Dextrose ,Modified Maize Starch ,Salt ,Pasteurised Egg ,Stabiliser (Sodium Alginate) ,Margarine contains: Vegetable Fat ,Water ,Vegetable Oil ,Salt

      Also says they are suitable for vegetarians

      Each turnover weighs 88 grams and contains 265 kcals

      They are suitable to be frozen,no chance of that with mine , they soon disapeared.

      I bought these because I wanted a little treat, I got my husband iced slices ,because they are his favourite,so we both had a little treat time.

      I ate one yesterday with my cup of coffee in the afternoon, I had this on the patio in the garden,I,m a bit glad really , for as soon as I bit into one the pastry bits went everywhere, little slices of flaky pastry fell to the patio slabs ,never mind the birdies will picke the crumbs up.

      The cream was so generous it was oozing from between the pastry,and there was plenty of tart apple dice to satisfy me It was a great pleasure to eat this turnover , especially in the beautiful sunshine
      with a nice cup of coffee .

      I really rate these Tesco fresh cream bramley apple turnovers ,and will be buying,and enjoying plenty more .

      I am giving them 5 stars


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        29.06.2010 21:34
        Very helpful



        An ok cake but nothing special!

        Over the past couple of weeks I have eaten really, really badly. I've eaten junk food aplenty because my boyfriend came to stay with me for a while and he has an aversion to eating anything relatively healthy. He is a plain and fussy eater, won't eat spice, won't eat vegetables...feeding him is a mind-field and bloody hard work!

        However one thing he does love is cakes and biscuits and I can't seem to go wrong in what I buy in this department so one day when I nipped out to get a few bits and pieces in Tesco I popped us a box of these in my trolley for later on that day with a brew!

        The Packaging:

        Light blue box with a see-through 'window' to the front of it. On the front of the box I am told that they are Tesco 2 Fresh Cream Horns and that they contain no artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat, that they are suitable for home freezing and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and the best before date is clearly displayed. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the horns, a full nutritional chart is shown, ingredients and allergy advice is stated as are storage details and the weight of the 2 horns (which is 110g) are all stated too and contact details for Tesco are given. Inside the box the cream horns are presented in a see through plastic tray to secure them. The box is easy to open, informative etc.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Box:

        Two puff pastry horns filled with stabilised whipped cream and mixed fruit seedless jam.

        The Horns:

        Well the horns are rather long and thick and made up from golden puff pastry and sprinkled with raw white sugar that gives a nice appearance to the horns as well as added flavour. The inside of the horns are generously filled with white whipped looking cream and tucked just beneath that jam is small amount of red, seedless jam. They look like horns due to the ripples by the way that they have!

        Taste-wise these are simply ok in my opinion and failed to set my taste-buds alight, however my boyfriend simply loved them!

        The pastry on these is thick though to me tasted a bit bland and not creamy or anything though the sugar on the outside of the horns were a welcome additive and sweetened the whole thing up thankfully. The cream tasted really like unsweetened cream and had as you would expect it to a moist and creamy flavour. The jam was not too runny and didn't drip as it was being consumed or anything like that but for me again it lacked flavour and or/texture. I'm not sure what flavour the jam is meant to be but I guess it has a slight hint of berry flavour to it though on the ingredient list plum and elderberry, apricot puree and apples do get mentioned. It's slightly sticky and does add sweetness to the cream.

        All in all when I consumed mine just after purchasing it, it did taste fresh. I found the pastry though a bit heavy and plain and I'd liked a more fresh tasting and thick cream! However for a pound a box I got what I expected and to be fair they did taste of quality!

        Nutritional Information Per Horn:

        Calories: 240
        Sugar: 10.8g
        Fat: 16.1g
        Saturates: 8.7g
        Salt: 0.2g

        Only available in Tesco stores at a pound a box...for two of them!


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