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Tesco Healthy Living Mini Grissini

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Brand: Tesco /Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      01.01.2010 14:31
      Very helpful



      Great For Smaller Dipping!

      We love bread sticks in our house and had loads of different ones over Xmas, these ones weren't the tastiest but I liked the small size of them and thought they looked wicked put out on Xmas day in shot glasses for people to pick at.

      They are part of the Healthy Living range in Tesco and each small Grissini has only got 10 calories in it and a trace of fat, they are only about 3 inches tall but that's just enough if you're on a diet to give you a taster.

      They've got a lovely crunchy texture and I love that they seem a bit crisper than the full sized ones we've been munching on. The flavour of them is a bit bland and I think they need a bit more salt because they haven't got much taste to them.

      We dipped ours in mayo, blue cheese sauce and salsa (not all at once!!! lol) and that adds a nice taste to them. I reckon the thing to remember is that you're better of to use these bread sticks as dippers because they don't taste of anything much until you add something.

      They are also very dry and that's another reason why you need a dip with these. All breadsticks are dry I know but these have got a chokingly dry texture if you eat too many without a dip. My sister is 2 1/2 and she usually loves bread sticks but these ones make her cough, she won't use a dip either so we kept her away from these and gave her the bigger ones instead.

      The box we've got is 120g and cost about 80p, for that you get LOADS of bread sticks though and because they're so small they haven't all broke up in the box.


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      12.06.2009 00:03
      Very helpful



      Much tastier than chewing on your fingers.

      Scouring the lonely late night Tesco aisles the other day, looking for something savoury to munch on, I came across the 'Healthy Living Mini Grissini'.
      "What the blinkers?!", I think to myself (having no idea what a 'Grissini' was).

      Deciding to launch my own little Mini Grissini investigation; they find their way into my trolley, and subsequently into my kitchen cupboards.

      On closer inspection, they appear to be dinky versions of breadsticks, but with a rougher texture.
      Sure enough, when doing a little research, I find that Grissini are an Italian version of breadsticks, originating from Turin.
      In fact, the box states that these have been produced in Italy for Tesco.

      The Product:

      The pack is as shown in the dooyoo picture, and I found them near the normal breadsticks. I'm not overly keen on regular breadsticks, as I find them a bit bland and don't like their 'heavy' texture.

      On opening the pack, you will find four individually wrapped packs of 10 sticks, which I think is great, seeing as it means you don't have to munch all 40 in one go for fear of them going soft... Unless you're feeling particularly peckish, then by crikey, go nuts!

      Continuing my mini Mini Grissini investigation, I find that each grissini (about the length of a pencil), has a rougher texture than a typical breadstick; almost like they have been dusted with something to finish them off.

      Biting into one, I find they have a light texture; much lighter than a normal breadstick; more air seems to be in them. This pleases me, as it is something a bit different, and won't lay heavy on you if you end up gobbling them all into your tum.

      I wouldn't say the flavour is anything revolutionary, but I think the balance of the sweetness is just right with that of the salt.
      This brings me on nicely to the ingredients:

      Wheat Flour, Malted Wheat Flour, Yeast, Sea Salt... aaaand that's it. No nasty unpronounceable additives or weird and wonderful preservatives.

      One of the main attractions of these was their nutritional content; each mini grissini contains 10 calories, and trace of sugar, fat, sat fats and salt.

      Not only does this mean that they're a great snack for calorie counters, but I also think they'd be great to take round a friends house for a BBQ etc, that way if you are on a diet, you can have a nibble and not feel too guilty! [Plus you don't look tight and uncultured, because these aren't breadsticks dahhling; they're mini grissini!]


      These taste great, with or without accompaniment, they are a bit of a change for the norm. Plus, at 94p per box, they are a great snack to have nestled in the cupboard!

      *Investigation Complete*


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