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Tesco High Baked Water Biscuits

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2010 15:28
      Very helpful



      I prefer Carr's!

      After reviewing Carr's water table biscuits, I thought I'd review one of the alternatives to these that I've tried.

      Tesco's high baked water biscuits as an alternative are certainly cheaper at only 63p for a 200g packet. In fact they are not only cheaper than Carr's water table biscuits, but one of the cheapest I've found.

      As with all crackers, they are great for snacking on, adding butter to, or putting your favourite spread or cheese on for example.

      The main point of my review though is to sum up if they are a better alternative to the leading brands out there, and in particular, Carr's water table biscuits.

      The plus points of these crackers would not only be that they are obviously cheaper, but that they are much sturdier. In comparison to my favourite brand of table water biscuits (Carr's) they are much thicker, therefore making them sturdier. They don't break or crumble as easily when you try spreading a topping on them, so you can apply a bit more pressure with your knife and don't end up with as many broken off flakes left in your hand or on the plate. It seems they are also a little healthier with 5 less calories per 100 grams than Carr's version. In my opinion this is hardly a big difference though and so wouldn't be much of a factor for me.

      Where I feel Tesco's brand version lets you down is that they have much less flavour. I just don't find them as tasty at all. In fact I think they are much drier and take a lot longer to chew and to swallow. This really isn't something you want in crackers! They make you more thirsty! I also find they are really 'claggy' which is a definite downside to me - they get stuck in your teeth and the roof of your mouth much more than other varieties. Even when the taste of my topping has gone I'm still left trying to swallow the remains of the cracker.

      To sum up, if you want to save money then go for the Tesco's high baked water biscuits. If taste and quality is more important to you then stick to the Carr's water table biscuits!

      Note: Tesco's high baked water biscuits contain wheat flour and may contain sesame seeds.


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