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Tesco Jam Tarts

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cake

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    4 Reviews
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      15.06.2010 16:43
      Very helpful



      Good Cheap and Tasty Jam Tarts

      I must first confess to not being perfect and actually buying packet jam tarts on the days when I have not had time to make them for school lunch boxes! The ones I chose mainly due to the price were Tesco own brand.


      The jam tarts come in a plastic wrapper which is clear with a blue trim around the edge and blue sides with pictures of the tarts on. The bottom of the packet has white sections which contain all the relevant information to the tarts. Inside this a stronger plastic container which is sectioned off into three parts and the tarts sit comfortable in these separated into two layers by a piece of cardboard.


      When opening the packet and removing one of the tarts I was initially surprised by how heavy it felt and I thought this was going to lead to it having heavy pastry and making them hard to eat but I have to say this was not the case. There are three flavour in the packet, strawberry, apricot and raspberry and you get two of each.

      When I took a bit of one I did find the pastry around the edge was a little hard but it was still pleasant tasting and the bottom of the tart was not hard but nice and soft from the jam covering it. The pastry was not too sweet and it was a joy to eat when mixed with the soft jam. The jam was good and again this was not overly sweet. The flavour actually tasted how they should and I was easily able to manage a whole one and feel quite satisfied after doing so meaning I was not tempted for another.

      The tarts are a good size measuring about 6cm in diameter. They come sitting in a foil case which makes them easier to pick up and pack into lunch boxes. I have found they are a manageable size for children and my boys all love them. They do not like them as mush as my homemade ones though but will happily eat these when they know I have not had time to bake.


      The tarts come in a pack size of 6 and I have not seen any other sizes on the shelf. There are 2 of each flavour. The pastry is that of the short crust variety.

      The ingredients for those wishing to know are:-

      Wheat Flour, Strawberry Jam (16%), Apricot Jam (16%), Blackcurrant Flavoured Apple Jam (16%), Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Whey Powder,

      Strawberry Jam Contains:- Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Strawberry Puree, Concentrated Strawberry Juice, Citric Acid, Colour (Anthocyarins, Annatto), Acidity Regulator (trisodium Citrate), Gelling Agent (Pectin), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Natural Flavouring

      Apricot Jam ingredients:- Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Apricot Puree, Water, Citric Acid, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Trisodium Citrate), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) Colour (Curcumin), Natural Flavouring

      Blackcurrant Flavoured Apple Jam ingredients:- Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Apple Puree, Water, Colour (Anthocyanins), Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator (Trisodium Citrate), Gelling Agent (Pectin), Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate), Natural Flavouring.

      The Nutritional Values per 100g are:-

      Energy - 405KCal
      Protein - 3.4g
      Carbohydrate - 67.3g
      Of which sugars - 37.2g
      Fat - 13.6g
      Of which saturates - 6.4g
      Fibre - 1.5g
      Sodium - 0.1g
      Salt Equivalent - 0.2g

      The weight of each tart is approximately 30g

      The tarts must be stored in a cool dry place and once opened in an airtight container. They are suitable for vegetarians and although they have a no nut recipe Tesco cannot guarantee they are nut free.


      As these are a Tesco own brand tart then they are only available in Tesco stores., They are priced at just over 50p per packet which I feel in a great price.


      I do recommend these tarts quite highly and give them a good 4 stars, they taste great and are priced low. They make a great addition to a school lunch box or picnic bag and are quick and convenient to eat.


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        16.03.2010 19:00
        Very helpful



        A very tasty inexpensive tart

        I can't really fault these!

        Perhaps it is because I haven't had a jam tart for yonks.

        I picked these up on a whim! Normally I would choose something along the lines of a Mr Kipling, but these were in front of me, caught my eye, so into the trolley they went.

        I actually forgot about them - they got put in the cupboard and the back of my mind.

        A couple of days later and I am having a cuppa and thought "I fancy a biscuit or something with this", and immediately the jam tarts sprang back into mind.

        I grabbed these and opened the cheap looking plastic packaging - no posh box here. Each tart is in a foil tray and in turn all are in a plastic tray. The scant picture on the side doesn't make these look particularly appetising, so just as well you the packaging is transparent.

        I wasn't really expecting a great experience. Before I took the first bite I could smell these. There is a lovely fruity smell from these. OK you think you would expect that, but not strong and pleasant - these were only 50p for six remember, I would expect a more bland smell - I was really surprised at the strength of smell and as you know it is your sense of smell that makes something tasty.

        When I bit into this straight away I got a lovely fruity blast in my mouth. I was gobsmacked at how tasty and fruity these were. I wouldn't say there was a great amount of jam here, but what is here is fruity and full of flavour.

        The pastry cases were nothing special, but at the same time wasn't poor either.

        I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of tea with these, and I am not ashamed to say I finished the whole pack in one go.

        You would expect these to be mediocre, being a supermarket own brand, and being in such a cheap looking packet, but they were truly tasty.


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        23.09.2009 10:30
        Very helpful



        Great for kids and adults too.

        My 5 year old boy recently had his fifth birthday party and since then I have been reviewing all the food I bought for the party. As I said before I wanted to buy as much food as cheaply as possible, I wanted to have food left over and not have people going home having not had enough to eat but I didn't want to spend a fortune. As it happens I had prepared far too much and had loads left over.

        Jam Tarts are something I had in my mind that I wanted to buy, they are one food that I remember being at all the children's parties I went to when I was young.

        So when shopping in Tesco I saw the Tesco Jam Tarts, there were six in a packet and cost 49p, so I bought two packets, In hindsight I should have bought more because they were very popular and they went straight away.

        The Tarts come in a clear packaging and look very attractive, there are three different types; strawberry, apricot and blackcurrent. I liked the fact they came in different flavour jams as when I put them on the plate to display with the party food they looked very attractive, much better than all one colour.

        The Tesco Jam Tarts are simply shortcrust pastry with a layer of jam on the top. They are really tasty and were just as nice as any other jam tarts I have eaten before. When I spoke to other people that had tried one they also said they were very tasty.

        There is nothing fancy about jam tarts but they are the perfect food for children's parties. Everybody loved them and next time I will be making sure I buy more than two packets. At 49p they really are value for money and worth every penny.


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        05.09.2009 12:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Lovely tarts!

        When you reach my age (not 21 anymore) you will probably find yourself carefully picking cakes and biscuits to go with your many cups of tea in a day as they soon become your only treat and pleasure.

        One of my recent finds to add pleasure to my life is Tesco jam tarts, for some reason the brand name jam tarts seem to be very expensive for what they are but the Tesco ones are much cheaper and every bit as good if not better then some.

        Packaged in a blue coloured Tesco packaging they perhaps do not look too appealing but there is a little clear window so you can see the delicious tarts.

        They come in three flavours, strawberry (my favourite), blackcurrant and apricot, the apricot is my least favourite when it comes to any jam tarts but the fact that it is not as tangy or sour in the tesco ones makes it more enjoyable.

        The blackcurrant and strawberry ones pack a real fruity punch and are simply delicious but the strawberry one still gets my top score.

        The pastry of the tarts is a perfect one; it is more like a shortcake biscuit round the crust but nice and soft underneath (perfection)!

        Six tarts cost just 53p which is a great price for these lovely cakes, the only thing to worry about with these and sadly any other nice tasting cakes or tarts is the calories, these have 133 calories and 2.8g of fat so try not to over indulge!


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