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Tesco Large Sesame Seeded Burger Buns

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Breads / Cakes

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2010 12:43
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      Delish With A Nice Meaty Burger

      The other day my mate came round with her little brother, he's 10 and so is my sister so we all get on well and had a right nice day. I did us all a pub style burger meal with chips, burgers with all the trimmings, salad and onion rings.

      I used these burger buns from Tesco because they was in the freezer, and it's worth telling you here that they freeze and defrost proper good but after you've unthawed them you're best off to toast them for a minute. Not enough to actually TOAST them but just to crisp the edges a bit to freshen them up.

      They are big, too big if you're buying Birds Eye normal sized burgers because they taste delish but always shrink down to nothing and you'd end up with a massive bun and hardly any burger! lol

      I've had these dead fresh out of Tesco and also like I said after they've been frozen. They're proper nice buns for burgers both ways, I don't think they'd be very good as a sandwich bun because they're a bit stodgy for that but the taste of them goes nice with hot burgers or them square sausages you can buy.

      I think they toast nice and because they're so stodgy they cut good without ripping or getting massive chunks of bread all over the place. When you eat one with a bun on it the bread is nice and soft and it soaks the grease of the burger up lovely, I know that sounds rank but you've got to moisten the bread a bit somehow! lol Anyway I grill my burgers so most of the fat has come out of them before they go onto the buns.

      You're better off to get big burgers to go on these, I used quarter pounders the other day because I think thick and meaty beef burgers go loads better on such big buns than if you're using thin burgers.

      There are just the right amount of sesame seeds on the tops of the buns and they're all pushed in good so that they haven't all fallen off by the time you pick you're burger up to eat it! lol

      This pack of 4 burger buns costs 95p and I think they're worth that because they keep good even if you're not freezing them and taste wicked.



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