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Tesco Light Choices Naan Bread

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2009 16:14
      Very helpful



      Will definitely be buying the unhealtier, fresher naans next time!

      Following a recipe that I had got out of my monthly subscription to GoodFood, I was looking in Tesco for some naan bread. Now, naan bread is not something I have purchased much before, so I cannot compare this particular naan bread that I bought to others on the shelves.

      Seeing as this particular naab was part of the 'light choices' tesco range, and contained 2 naan breads, which was all I needed, I decided to choose this particular brand, which retails at 68p.

      According to the front of the pack, this naan bread contians 50% less fat than a standard Tesco naan bread, in fact 1/2 of one of these naan breads continas 1.5g of fat, which isn't terrible. Tesco also claims that this product has no artificial colours or flavours. Although it may be low in fat, it is high in calories - 180 calories per half a naan bread, which is pretty hefty. Each 70g serving also equates to 2 1/2 points for those following weight watchers.

      It was very easy to prepare this bread, as you could simply heat it in the hoven for 4-5 minutrs or grill for 2 minutes. These naan breads are also suitable for freezing, and come with a long best before date.

      As I stated earlier, I do not have a lot of experience eating naan breads, except when eating out, or at friends houses so I cannot compare it to other brands, however I was rather disappointed with this bread. Yes, I am pleased that it is reduced fat and a little big healthier for you, if that is possible with such bread, however, it just lacked that freshness and softness, and I suppose that is due to the fact that it is sealed in an airtight bag with a long best before date.

      It worked fine in the meal that we were having, as the food was actually being set on top of it, but I just thought it was a little dry, hard and simply lacking a richness. So even though, I am always tempted to take the reduced fat options for food such as this, in this case the healthier option probably isn't as good or as tasty as the unhealthier version. In the future, I will always choose the fresh naan bread from the bakery section of the supermarket, and I simply wouldn't bother with these again, as they just don't live up to the fresh, softer naan breads. Disappointing product from the Tesco light choices range!


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