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Tesco Mini Crispy Nests

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Breads / Cakes

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2010 00:39
      Very helpful



      Why Bother Making Your Own??? LOL

      We get these quite a lot because they're only £1.29 for 9 cakes and they've got a madly strong chocolate flavour so they taste yummy. The cakes are quite small but that shouldn't put you off because they're proper rich and it's easy to stop at one.... or not!!! lol

      They are rice crispy cakes but LOADS richer than any I make. They've got a dark chocolate flavour and are just yummy. I love how crispy they are to eat, I always eat the Smartie off the top first and it makes me laugh watching my 2 year old sister eat the cake dead careful round the Smartie so the last bite she gets the cake and sweet. lol These cakes are good for little kids because they are nice and crunchy but they melt easy as well.

      The chocolate doesn't get all over your fingers, we keep ours in the fridge so the chocolate is nice and cold. It takes longer to eat then and you can munch on it like a piece of cake, if you have it at room temperature you can feel the seperate bits of crispy rice and the cakes are nice like that too but I like them best cold.

      I think these are wicked for a quick choccie fix and there are only 80 calories in each cake so as long as you don't go mad you can fit a couple in without blowing everything. 2 is enough for me and I can doooooo chocolate, they've got a mega rich flavour and get a bit sickly..... my 2 year old sister can just about eat a full one but it takes her for ages. It's mainly us who eat them and in the fridge they keep good, you've got to eat them in a couple of days but that's no problem because we both dip in and out of them! lol

      Recommended..... delish chocolate rice crispy cakes!!!


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