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Tesco Mint Chocolate Fingers

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      30.05.2010 21:46
      Very helpful



      Delish Biscuits That Are Perfect For Lunchboxes Or A Snack

      These Mint Chocolate Fingers from Tesco are a wicked bargain, for 78p you get 8 x 2 finger biscuits that are just like Kit Kats. That's deffo cheaper than Kit Kats and they are sooooooo yummy that there is no need to buy the more expensive ones. We've been buying these for ages and I can't believe I haven't written a review about them before now!

      These biscuits are perfect for a snack or for putting into lunch boxes, the chocolate melts on them a bit quick so I don't put them in for my 2 year old sister when she goes to playgroup because she gets into too much of a mess with them.

      It's the chocolate that's mint flavoured and it's quite strong but tastes a bit like mint creams, it's deffo not a harsh mint flavour and is nice and sweet. I think the dark chocolate goes wicked with the mint flavour and to me it tastes a lot like the over all taste of an After Eight.

      The wafer inside the finger is lovely and crunchy, it makes a nice snap when you break the finger in half and you can tell it's good wafer because you don't get COVERED in bits when you bite into it. The mint in the chocolate makes the plain taste of the wafer come out when you bite into it and I think they both go wicked together. The wafer is a bit sweet too so that helps stop the dark chocolate tasting bitter.

      I think these are a proper bargain and if it didn't say Tesco in big letters on each pack you'd never think it was a cheapo supermarket own brand. Sometimes mint is a bit hard to get right and the amount of biscuits I've had where the mint is either too strong or too sweet is mad so I've always been happy that Tesco have got it just right with these.

      Recommended...... why buy Kit Kats???


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        26.05.2010 18:13
        Very helpful



        Mouth-watering peppermint biscuits that are worth every penny

        As both my husband and I are great lovers of mint flavoured biscuits, we were thrilled when a few years ago, we discovered Tesco Plain Mint Chocolate Fingers.

        The fingers come in a 172g pack of eight and are easily identifiable on the shelf amongst the other biscuits as the packet is bright green with a large image of the gorgeous chocolate biscuits on the left hand side.

        The famous Tesco logo is situated in the upper centre of the packaging with the wording "8 Plain mint chocolate underneath". The centre of the packaging is dominated by the large bold wording of "fingers".

        Tesco advertise each biscuit as "2 finger plain chocolate mint bars with a wafer biscuit centre". Each biscuit is individually wrapped and measures 9cms in length and 3cms in width. The individual biscuit has a bright green wrapper to match the outer packaging and has the Tesco logo situated in the left hand corner and the wording "Plain mint chocolate" across the centre.

        There is a "frill" either side of the wrapping, which is easily torn to reveal the luscious looking twin biscuit. The biscuit look considerably delicious and has a good covering of dark chocolate.

        You can instantly taste the gorgeous peppermint flavour when you take your first bite. The biscuits resemble a two-finger Kit Kat and are intended to be separated, but I always eat the bar just as it comes!

        The chocolate is extremely delicious and simply melts in your mouth. You can taste the cocoa, particularly as this is a plain chocolate. Inside the biscuit, you can see the two layers of wafer, which is considerably mouth-watering.

        I find some peppermint flavoured products are not flavoured enough for me and are a little bland. However, these are just perfect, particularly as they contain natural flavouring of peppermint.

        The fingers should be stored in a cool, dry place and once the packet has been opened, they should be placed in an airtight container. I always store mine in one of the salad compartments of my fridge, as they are even more delicious when cold.

        Each two finger bar contains milk, wheat, gluten and soya. However, whilst these biscuits do not contain nuts, as with most products these days, Tesco cannot guarantee they are nut free. The biscuits are suitable for vegetarians.

        The nutritional information per two finger bar is, as follows:-

        Energy 485kJ, 120kcal
        Protein 1.3g
        Carbohydrates 13.1g
        Of which sugars 9.5g
        Fat 6.4g
        Of which saturates 4.0g
        Mono-saturates 1.8g
        Poly-saturates 0.3g
        Fibre 0.9g
        Sodium Trace
        Salt Trace

        Tesco Plain Mint Chocolate Fingers normally cost 78p per pack of eight, but Tesco currently have an offer until 1 June 2010 where you can buy three packs for £1.80.

        As these are such yummy biscuits, they receive 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.

        I hope you found my review useful and I would thank you for reading.


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