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Tesco Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2010 17:36
      Very helpful



      A godo value tortilla chip for those liking nacho's and cheese

      Given a choice, I would always go for savoury foods over sweet foods, and so crisps are a big downfall of mine. At times I just don't buy them, because I would simply gorge, however, I do like to have some in the cupboard when I am feeling a little peckish. Recently, on a shopping trip to Tesco, I was looking for any offers on the large bags of crisps and I noticed that Tesco were selling these Nacho cheese flavoured Tortilla chips for 90p for a 200g bag, which I thought was pretty good value, considering most of the large bags of crisps are well over the £1 mark unless on offer.

      I love nachos and cheese, although my husband hates them, so this bag is a pure indulgence for me.

      On the front of the bag (which has slightly more modern packaging than the picture at the top of the screen) there is a picture of a mexican style dressed man sitting at a table with tortilla chips and cheese. At the bottom of the packaging there is some nutritional information (not that you would expect this to be particularly healthy). Per 1/8 of a bag, there are 125 calories, 0.79 og sugar, 6.2g of fat and 0.3g of salt. Not great, but not the worst.

      On the back of the pack, is states these are 'nacho cheese flavour maize tortilla chips' which are suitable for vegetarians. They are say that these crisps are high in monosaturates and high oleic sunflwer oiil (not quite sure what the latter is, but hope it is useful to someone).

      I wasn't quite sure what to expect with these crips. I so love nachos and cheese, but part of the attraction is the melted cheese. The triangular shaped tortilla chips are orangey/yellowy in colour, and do taste very very cheesy. They do resemble that nacho cheese taste well, however the cheese does taste qutie artificial. I do find that I can only eat a handful at a time, as they are quite salty and filling, which I suppose is a good thing in that it restricts me from gorging on them. My husband can't even abide the smell of these crisps, and chants that they aren't real crisps, and no they aren't.

      To like these crisps you would need to be a real fan of nacho's and cheese, otherwise they will probably not be to your taste. I think I would like them even better if they were mixed in with plained crisps, just to take that very tangy cheese taste away.

      All in all, I do like these crisps. I couldn't eat a whole lot in one go, because they are slightly sickening and filling, however they are nice for a change for someone who liked the taste of nacho's and cheese and for 90p they are good value.


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