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Tesco Organic Croissants

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread / Cakes / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2010 01:05
      Very helpful



      Croissants For Breakfast..... How European!!!

      Sometimes when you order from Tesco they have to substitute items when what you ordered is out of stock, usually the substitution is ok but a bit disappointing because it's not what you ordered but sometimes you get a bonus and find a wicked product just because your usual was out of stock. That's what happened when Tesco sent us these croissants in substitution for the standard Tesco croissants we'd ordered.

      I don't normally bother with organic because of the price difference and because sometimes the organic stuff has got a bit of a boring taste. These croissants are delish though and deffo 100 times better than the Tesco ones we ordered.

      They take 3 - 4 mins to warm up in the oven and it's worth warming them because they taste loads better. Even cold they're nice but when you warm the croissants up they go lovely and flakey and the buttery taste comes through more.

      The outside flakes big time so make sure you cut them over a plate, I had one for breakfast this morning and being half asleep I cut it open without using a plate and made a right mess that meant my first job of the day was cleaning the kitchen...... lovely!!!

      The inside of the croissant is lovely and soft, the pastry is brill quality because it feels flakey as you eat the croissant and you can see there are loads of air bubbles in it and that gives it a lovely light texture.

      I had mine this morning with butter and strawberry jam and it was delish, the croissants are nice and light to eat and not like eating some of the stodgy cheap croissants you can buy. To be fair Tescos own are always proper nice but these taste loads more authentic, not like having a croissant for brekkie in France but a good booby prize! lol

      I deffo recommend these croissants, not because they're organic but because they're delish..... them being organic is a bonus but at 99p for 4 croissants they are more expensive than buying the standard ones. I expect that with organic food though so when I find something I like I don't mind paying the extra for it and there's only really me that eats croissants regular in this house so it doesn't work out that expensive.

      They keep good, I opened this pack the day before yesterday and put the rest of them in an airtight container and so far they are fine. I have eaten 3 out of the pack now, the last one about 10 mins ago and there wasn't any difference in the taste or feel of them as when they was first opened. I'll see how the 4th one goes tomorrow and update! lol



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