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Tesco Puff Pastry Sausage and Bean Lattice

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2010 19:13
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      Tastes OK But Has Got A Proper Weird Flavour

      We had one of these Sausage And Bean Lattice bars for tea last night and it was quite nice but didn't taste like what I was expecting. It cost £1.00 I think because it was on special offer and it's worth that but I wouldn't pay more for it because it's quite a poor quality food even though it tastes ok.

      It's a puff pastry case that is latticed on the top, inside there is a filling of sausage and beans. You cook it in the oven and while it's cooking there's a right greasy smell, that put me off because it didn't leave shedloads of grease on the baking tray so that tells me that there is a load of fat actually in the lattice.

      It tastes greasy but only in a sausage kinda way. The sausage is like a thick hard log inside the lattice, it cuts through like something that is a lot firmer than sausage and I do like the smell that comes out of it when you cut through the sausage.

      The pastry is mega flakey and crispy on the top but I think it's a bit soggy on the bottom, thinking about it that's probably where all the fat has dripped through out of the sausage and that's not nice! lol The sausage tastes more like the herby sausagemeat you can buy and not like actual sausages, it's like a cross between sausagemeat stuffing and the sausage rolls you get in Greggs and places like that.

      The beans aren't worth talking about because there's hardly any in there anyway, they are dotted inside the sausage and are mega dry and spoil the texture of the lattice for me. I wouldn't have liked it any more if they'd left the beans out though because the sausage is too weird for me and has got a funny herb taste that I don't like much.

      I would eat one of these again if I was starving but don't think I'll buy it again because it tastes proper cheap and the sausage leaves a proper funny aftertaste that lingered in my mouth for ages as if I'd eaten a manky cheap sausage roll.

      Not recommended.... unless your starving!


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