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Tesco Reduced Fat Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuit

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2009 10:42
      Very helpful



      Don't waste you money on these, taste awful & are not much healthier then normal ones

      Recently my other half has decided he wants to start eating a bit more healthy so long gone are the chocolate bars, crisps and sweets, the only problem is he likes to pick at food, the first thing he does when he comes home from work is look in the cupboards to see what he can eat.

      I suggested buying lots of fruit as this would be a healthy alternative to pick at when he gets home but that went down like a lead balloon (I think I was taking the healthy option a little too far lol).

      He decided to have a look at low fat alternatives to the snacks he eats and spotted these Tesco Reduced Fat Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, he was very pleased with himself when he brought them home because he still had biscuits to eat but they where healthier than normal ones.

      The packet is quite basic, it's a blue colour with a large picture of a Chocolate digestive on it and it also has all the ingredients and the contents per biscuit (salt, fat, sugar etc)

      Ok this is the important bit, have Tesco actually made a healthy nice tasting chocolate biscuit, no is the answer, all I can say about the taste of these things are its like eating cardboard with nasty cheap chocolate on top, they are awful, there is absolutely no taste to these whatsoever.

      So are they much better for you?
      I have listed below the sugar, fate, salt etc content of the low fat biscuits and the same for normal digestive biscuits

      These biscuits are 25% less fat than normal so the various contents are as follows:

      Reduced fat (per biscuit)
      Calories - 80 (4% daily allowance)
      Sugar - 5.1g (6% daily allowance)
      Fat - 2.9g (4% daily allowance)
      Saturates - 1.5g (8% daily allowance)
      Salt - 0.2 (3% daily allowance)

      Normal Digestives (per Biscuit)
      Calories - 85 (4% daily allowance)
      Sugar - 5.2g (6% daily allowance)
      Fat - 4g (10% daily allowance)
      Saturates - 2g (10% daily allowance)
      Salt - 0.2g (4% daily allowance)

      As you can see there is not a whole lot off difference between the two, the biggest difference is the fat content but to be honest these could have absolutely no fat in them whatsoever and you still wouldn't catch me eating them.

      The price of these is quite different tot he normal biscuits to, a pack of the low fat ones cost £1.22 where as the normal digestives only cost 77p a whole 45p more expensive, which I think is a lot considering they are not that much better for you.

      Overall I think these are a waste of time, if you want to eat healthy its best just to cut the biscuits out all together rather than eating these reduced fat ones.


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