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Tesco Select Prawn Cocktail Crisps

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    7 Reviews
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      20.03.2012 22:31
      Very helpful



      What Will You Select??

      I have an absolute addiction to crisps, I like all brands and nearly all flavours. Everyone is familiar with the famous brands such as Walkers, Monster Munch etc so I thought I would do a review on a brand that aren't so well known - the Tesco Select range and the flavour I am reviewing is prawn cocktail.

      The prawn cocktail flavour packet is a dark metallic pink colour. Tesco Select crisps is written across the front of the packet in fairly large writing, and prawn cocktail is written in smaller white writing in the bottom right hand corner of the packet.
      On the back of the packet is all the usual information such as ingredients, nutritional information and a questions and comments helpline. The best before date is also written on the back of the packet on the right hand side.
      The bag itself is lined with foil on the inside, like most crisp packets which helps in keeping the crisps fresh and crunchy.

      The prawn cocktail flavour of these crisps can be bought either in a multi pack (which also contains other flavours) or in a pack of 6 which are just prawn cocktail. For a 6 pack of prawn cocktail crisps, from Tesco, it costs 79p which I think it a very reasonable price considering you pay nearly 30p for a single pack of Walkers.
      The multi packs also contain prawn cocktail flavour and these can be bought for the following prices:

      30 pack - ££2.24
      18 pack - ££1.88
      12 pack - £1.29
      So as you can see, these crisps are relatively cheap compared to some other leading brand crisps.

      The Smell
      These crisps have quite a strong smell of prawn cocktail which personally I quite like. You can definitely tell they are prawn cocktail from the smell although I would say that the smell is not too overpowering.

      The Taste
      I quite like the Tesco select range of crisps because they are full of flavour, you can actually see the flavour on the crisps as it makes the crisps a darker colour in places. The crisps themselves are always crunchy and taste fresh. The crisps do vary in size (as with most crisp packets) and I find that the flavour is spread evenly among all the various sized crisps (with other packets, I find that the smaller crisps tend to have loads of flavour which is sometimes too overpowering and the larger crisps have no flavouring at all!)

      Information About The Crisps
      Each bag of crisps weights 25 grams and to be honest, when you open the packet it only looks half full, as with most crisp packets (why do they do that??) A 25 gram bag contains 134 calories and 8.7 gram of fat so not the healthiest thing to snack on really!

      I would definitely recommend this brand of crisps. I'm sure many people overlook these because they are not Walkers or another well known brand but I have to say that this brand certainly provides you with everything other crisp manufacturers do. The crisps are full of flavour, come in eye catching packets and most of all, are a lot cheaper than other named brand crisps.


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      04.01.2009 00:19



      great value for money crisps

      tesco select prawn cocktail crisps is tesco own version crisps which in my opinion are a reasonably high standard of crisps,
      they have a really strong flavour and are a lot cheaper than leading brands of crisps such as walkers.
      they are definately worth having in the house as a snack which you can just grab.
      they are liked by both adults and children.
      tesco also do other flavours in the select range such as cheese and onion, salt and vinegar and plain which are all of a reasonable standard. they are definately a lot cheaper than other brands and are just as good in my opinion.
      if you are looking for a cheap snack to have in stock i would definately reccommend these. they are a good lunch box filler. they do have quite a strong taste to them so some people may not like this.
      they are only available in tesco stores so if buying them you would have to buy a good few packets if you dont do shopping at the same store all the time.


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      14.01.2008 14:51



      these are my favourite crisps i have been a fan of these crisps since i was 13 years old. i remeber the first day that i tried these crisps, it was the most magical moment of my life. i often dream about prawn cocktail crisps. they make me happy. :)


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      27.02.2007 14:35
      Very helpful
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      a great cheap crisp

      Tesco Select Prawn Cocktail crisps

      Crisps are a favourite of mine and i am sure most people will eat a bag or two a week. Admitedly they are nto the healthiest snack around but they are quick and easy to get ahold of and can be fairly cheap and simple to eat.

      I do most of my shopping in tesco just so that i can build up my tesco clubcard points (i get tons) and i tend to buy things in bulk so that i dont have to go shopping every week.

      These selcet crisps from Tescos are great as they do them in such large quantities. You can get the normal 6 pack of them for around 80p but they also sell in quantities such as 12 packs, or even 30 packs of course these go up in price but they are still a good reasonablly cheap price.

      The prawn cocktail flavour is i would have3 to say without a doubt my favourite flavour of any crisp. These Tesco select range also do flavours such as barbeque beef which i have tried and decided that they are no where near as flavoursome as these prawn cocktail ones.

      they smell very fishy when you open the bag but not at all in a horrible fishy way. They have a nice spicy smell which i think is standard with the praqwn cocktail fragrnace.

      Theya re pretty bad for you and have in one small 25gram bag just over 8 grams of fat and around 150 calories! So i think 1 bag a day is pretty much my limit!

      They are fairly small bags of crisps as i think 25grams just isnt enough. You start really enjoying the flavour and the crunchy texture just about when the bag runs out which i find very unfair! The flavour is pretty strong and tastes fairly simular to that flavour of the Walkers Prawn cocktail. The crisps of course range in size but they are a good mixture of large and small crisps as you would expect.

      For the price i think what you are getting for your money is really very good. I would stick to buying these crisps for as long asd they are avalible. They taste good, are a cheap price, are always nice and crunchy. This is i think all you could ask of in a crisp and these are a fine example.


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        11.09.2006 09:43
        Very helpful



        7/10 for Tesco Select Crisps

        Tesco Select Crisps Multipack 30 Pack Assorted

        About the Product.
        Select is the Tesco's own range of crisps. Tesco began life as a Market Stall in 1919 by Jack Cohen, from opening that first stall he continued to expand from the success to have many market stalls all over London and expanded into wholesale trade as well. In 1924, the first of the Tesco home brand products emerged in the form of Tesco Tea and began the emergence of Tesco as a trade name. In 1932 Tesco Stores became a commandite company and two years later after purchasing a piece of land in North London the first ever Tesco store was developed and opened to the public. Tesco offered the food-rationing scheme before the government did at the beginning of World War 2 to ensure everybody had equal opportunities to buy his products. This was the start of a huge and profitable company that we now see to this day as it continues to go from strength to strength, continually adding new products to the Tesco's own brand range and Finest range. The Select Crisps are sold in many different ways such as 30 pack multipacks, 18 multipacks, 12 multipacks, 12 pack meaty varieties, 12 pack ready salted, 6 pack ready salted, 6 pack salt and vinegar and also 6 pack cheese and onion.

        What You Get.
        As I have said these crisps are sold in a variety of different sizes and flavours, which I will list below. Each packet of crisp though is 25g in weight and on average the price per packet is 9-10p per packet, which to me is excellent value for money when compared to the leading rivals Walkers who's 25g packets retail at approximately 12p per packet through the same supermarket chain, when calculated from the price per multipack.
        30 pack multipacks retail for £2.69
        18 pack multipacks retail for £1.88
        12 pack multipacks retail for £1.29 (both Standard variety, ready salted 12 packs and Meaty variety).
        All 6 pack flavours retail for £0.79

        The packing.
        Each individual packet of crisps comes in a foil packet for added freshness and the individual packet colour varies depending of the crisps flavour. Salt and Vinegar come in a blue packet, Cheese and Onion come in green packets, Ready Salted come in a red packet, Prawn Cocktail come in a pink packet, Smokey Bacon come in a reddish brown packet, Roast Chicken come in a orangey yellow packet and Barbecue Beef which are available in the Meaty variety packets come in a brown packet. The multipackets are then bagged together in a plastic wrapping which clearly states on the front the variety of crisps and the number of packets in each bag as well as the number of each individual flavours in each bag. All the Multipack Variety packets are in a dark blue plastic bag and the individual flavour multipacks bags are colour co-ordinated according to there flavour.

        Taste, Smell and Appearance.
        Individual for Cheese and Onion and Prawn Cocktail
        Cheese and Onion Flavour: - On opening the packet of Cheese and Onion crisps, you are greeted with a clear fragrance of cheese and onion flavourings. The taste is very pleasant and clear to, but I did find it a little overpowering and strong in flavour at first and gradually I found I could only really taste the onion flavouring as it was definitely more to taste than the cheese. The crisps also had a hint of an over-cooked type taste to them, which became clearer as I ate more of the packet. They do not appear to be burnt in anyway to look at but one or two crisps in the packet did look a little overcooked. There were no bad crisps in the packet I ate but I have had just one or two in previous packets I have eaten.
        Prawn Cocktail Flavour: - On opening the packet of Prawn Cocktail crisps, I was greeted with a very strong fishy smell I have to confess which did not appeal to me at all. The crisps did not look that appealing either, as all of them seemed a little dark brown in colour as if overcooked and covered in the clearly visible pink flavouring of the crisps. To taste was not any better either as the first crisp I ate burnt my mouth, which had a small sore inside at the time. This did improve as I ate further into the packet however the flavour did not as all I seemed to be able to taste was salty fish and burnt crisps.

        My Opinion.
        I must confess I am not a lover of the select crisps but my children love them and because they eat more crisps than I do these are usually the Brand I choose to purchase. I have mentioned above my opinion on the Cheese and Onion and the Prawn Cocktail varieties so I feel it only fair to comment on the other flavours in this section. I found the Salt and Vinegar flavour to be very strong and have an excess of salt and vinegar flavouring, The Smokey Bacon variety were also very strong to taste and they burnt my mouth which I think everyone who has Ulcers in there mouth should be aware of as they really do burn your mouth. The Roast Chicken crisps however, I found to have just the correct amount of flavour to them however, they still seemed to have that lingering burnt flavour to some of them as did the Ready Salted, but they were also very salty as well. Finally I have tasted the Barbecued Beef Flavour and must say that apart from a very slight taste of burnt they were a very nice flavoured crisp. When you consider though that these crisps work out to be approximately 9-10 per packet they are of reasonable quality for the price. However, I have to stand my ground and say that they leave a lot to be desired before they can ever compete in the quality and taste competition with Walkers.

        Ingredients. (Prawn Cocktail Variety)
        Vegetable Oil
        Prawn Cocktail Flavouring:-
        Acidity Regulator: Sodium Diacetate
        Dried Skimmed Milk
        Onion Powder
        Yeast Extract Powder
        Tomato Powder
        Citric Acid
        Colour: Paprika Extract

        Nutritional Info. (Per Packet)
        Energy 558KJ / 134 kcal
        Protein 1.6g
        Carbohydrates 12.3g
        of which Sugars 0.9g
        Fat 8.2g
        of which Saturated 3.9g
        Mono-unsaturated 3.8g
        Polyunsaturated 1.0g
        Fibre 1.1g
        Salt 1.0g
        of which Sodium 0.4g

        Not exactly the healthiest of snacks and not of the best quality so I give these a 7/10 but still recommend them as the Kids seem to love them (See Above)


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        31.08.2006 18:51
        1 Comment



        Don't forget your toothbrush-these taste yummmy but have consequences for your breath

        As a regular shopper at Tesco I often look for the bargains-though it is not often I pick up crisps,this week I was tempted.Rather than buy Walkers,I decided to buy Tesco's snack pack which consisted of a 16 pack multi-pack with four assorted flavours for only £1.49!!!

        With this you get 4 of each flavour-cheese curls,cheese puffs,bacon rashers and my favourites-the prawn cocktail shells.These are the daddys of the crisp selection and nowhere near as inferior as you might expect a supermarket own brand to be-in fact I think they rival Skips for their flavour.

        The only negative points I consider about the product is that they don't melt in the mouth like Skips and that there aren't enough in a 14g packet meaning you might have to have two packets instead of just one-but,as plenty of other reviewers have noted,it does seem like nowadays all products such as this one are coming in smaller packets.Maybe something to do with this obesity epidemic we keep hearing about? I don't know.

        Of course there is also the fact that your hands and breath smell a bit off after consuming these tasty snacks but then all my other favourites suffer from this problem too!!(I'm thinking spicy Monster Munch and those Onion Ring crisps that are just soooo nice!!)

        Overall this is a good quality supermarket own brand well worth trying if you're a fan of prawn cocktail based snacks and certainly tastier than Walkers prawn cocktail crisps!!!


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          05.01.2004 05:26
          Very helpful



          I was given a packet of Tesco” Select” a six-pack prawn cocktail crisps actually they were in a lovely bright pink fluorescent pack. You couldn’t miss them if you tried. I haven’t eaten crisps for ages but when Ross opened a packet I couldn’t resist them. When he opened them I could smell the prawn cocktail and I just had to have some. As I said before they are in a bright pink packet. They are silver foil on the inside They tasted so yummy. lovely and crispy ,They had a real strong prawn cocktail flavour and not too salty. I find a lot of crisps too salty that’s why I don’t usually have them. They were really crispy too. There were no black or green ones either as you often get nowadays. I looked up the price on the Tesco website and they were priced at 79p for the six pack My only complaint was there were only 25g in the bag but I suppose that’s the normal weight. Is it my imagination or does the amount of crisps in a bag keep getting smaller? In the 25g pack. 134 calories 8.7 grams fat 3.9 of which saturates Allergen information (milk and yeast) And of course Tesco will refund the money if their products fall below the high standard you would expect from them. The website is http://www.tesco.com Why can’t they make some crisps with no cals? So as I can be a really slim Gal I jump on my glider and I try oh! So hard But I just keep on eating It’s really so sad If sweets had less calories it would be ideal Cause if I was slim, much better I’d feel I must get a zipper attached to my mouth Then they’d be less wobbly bitts all going south Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed the crisps Margaretxx


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