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Tesco Smoked Mackerel Pate

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Smoked Mackerel pate

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 14:39
      Very helpful



      Creamy fish pate

      Food is a big part of my life and whilst discussing with a friend what we had to eat whilst out one day, she told me she had made some delicious mackerel pâté. I replied that although I loved fish Mackerel was one I disliked, but she persisted that it was worth trying, so when I saw a tub in Tesco last week I decided to buy it.
      Possibly because it is smoked and I do enjoy smoked salmon and that it is mixed with other ingredients I have now changed my mind! A woman's prerogative after all!
      The clear plastic tub has a cardboard sleeve with a picture of a serving suggestion with some toast and a few salad leaves. It also has what 40 grams contains which is the portion suggestion. The whole tub contains 130grams and the use by date on my tub was today - so quite a short shelf life, unless this was older stock.

      This should be stored in the fridge and once opened consume within 2 days.
      The pâté is a blend of Smoked mackerel with soft cheese, mayonnaise and a hint of horseradish, according to the details on the front of the pack. I should know by now to look at the list of ingredients on the back because when I did, I discovered just less than half of the contents are Smoked mackerel! There is 10% Pink Salmon - not mentioned on the front.

      The complete list is as follows:-
      Smoked Mackerel (47%),Mayonnaise ,Full Fat Soft Cheese , Pink Salmon (10%) ,Single Cream ,Lemon Juice ,Wheat Rusk ,Creamed Horseradish ,Cornflour. ,Smoked Mackerel contains ,Mackerel ,Sea Salt. ,Mayonnaise contains ,Water ,Vegetable Oil ,Pasteurised Egg Yolk ,Cornflour ,Spirit Vinegar ,Sugar ,Dijon Mustard ,White Wine Vinegar ,Salt. ,Pink Salmon contains ,Pink Salmon ,Salt. ,Wheat Rusk contains ,Wheat Flour ,Water ,Salt ,TempText2. ,Creamed Horseradish contains ,Horseradish ,Vegetable Oil ,Spirit Vinegar ,Water ,Sugar ,Single Cream ,Dried Egg ,Salt , Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum) ,Mustard Flour. ,Dijon Mustard contains ,Water ,Mustard Seed ,Spirit Vinegar ,Salt.

      There is an allergy advice message that it contains milk, wheat, gluten, egg, fish and mustard. Although made in a nut free factory they cannot guarantee it is nut free and there is a warning that it can contain minor bones.

      The pâté is a pale creamy beige colour, not very exciting, but if put on nice crackers, or served with toast and with a little garnish, it does look nice. I could smell the smoked fish aroma as soon as the tub was opened, and decided to try it before putting on crackers. It was pleasant to taste, not too overpowering and definitely fishy. It is fairly smooth and easy to spread but you can just feel the texture of fish.
      The cost in Tesco was £1.13.

      If you like to keep an eye on what you are eating, you will be pleased to know that 40grams contains 100cals. There is 5.5 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of carbohydrate, but sadly a big 7.9grams of fat. There is salt equivalent of 1.5gr per 100grams which is equal to 0.6grams per 40grams, which is 10% of your daily guideline.

      Will I buy it again? Yes I think I will occasionally as it makes a tasty change for a lunch, a snack or as a starter, a little goes a long way. When I asked my husband what he thought about it, he replied it's a bit like fish paste. But it's not at all like those little jars of fish paste I remember from years ago, it's more up-market! Might be tempted to buy some Smoked Mackerel and make my own now, without the stabiliser, and dried egg etc.


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