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Tesco Snackers Crackers

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Crisps / Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2012 22:12
      Very helpful



      Just as nice as Ritz!

      I love Ritz crackers. It's not often that I buy them (usually only at Christmas time). However, recently I got into buying Ritz a lot! Looking for 'Ritz' in Tesco's the other day, I saw these 'Snackers' by Tesco and decided to give them a go!

      I tend to eat these on their own straight from the packet. Although, my favourite thing to do with these Snackers is to place small chunks of cheese and Branston Pickle between two of these. They are delicious this way and the flavours compliment each other very well.

      I find these crackers to be very addictive and I just cannot resist reaching for another one. They are round and crunchy. They are slightly salty and this is what gives them their flavour I think.

      I think that they are great for parties- simply leave them on the buffet along with small chunks of cheese, Branston Pickle, Pate, Cucumbers and small thin slices of ham so that guests can create their own. (a bit like those kids 'lunch things' -Lunchables I guess).

      A 25g serving (that's 8 crackers) will provide you with 117 calories which I do think is quite a lot especially as I like to add chunks of cheese etc. to mine. So they are definitely something to have as a treat rather than to eat all the time. You will also get 1.8g of protein, 16.7g of carbohydrates (of which 1.7g is sugar). Eight crackers will also provide you with 4.8g of fat of which 2.2g is saturated. You will also get 0.4g of fibre and 0.2g of sodium from eight crackers.

      A 200g box of these will set you back 99p which I think is excellent value for money. I will certainly be buying these again!

      Thanks for reading!
      October 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      10.02.2010 16:57
      Very helpful



      A cheaper and tastier alternative to Ritz crackers

      For me a refreshing snack has to be Ritz crackers with ham and cucumber on but the price of Ritz has rapidly gone up recently so I tried the Tesco alternative. It was a good choice even if I do say so myself as both me and hubby find them to be much nicer than the Ritz ones.


      The crackers come in a red box which has a picture of a stack of crackers on the front and back of the box. The Product name and Tesco logo can be found at the top of the box. On the sides in white sections you can find all of the relevant information relating to the crackers, the ingredients and nutritional values can also be found here.

      Inside the box the crackers are in a plastic bag which does help to keep them fresh as the bag can be folder over to stop the air getting in. There is a cardboard slit and flap at the top of the box which helps to re seal the lid.


      When opening the box I did not notice any smell from the crackers but once I opened the plastic bag then I was able to smell them slightly. They don't have a specific smell which I can describe but if you know the smell of Ritz crackers then this is the one which I am referring to.

      They are round in shape and have a bumpy edge which is similar to that if flower petals. The middle of the crackers have 7 small holes, I am not sure why they have them but they do make them look nicer. They are not too thick, I would say about 4mm and they are just a good size for me to be able to eat them in two bites, hubby manages this in one mouthful but I cant! They are a nice golden brown colour.

      Eating them without putting any topping one can be quite a challenge after about 3 or 4 as they do get slightly dry. They have a pleasant and quite sweet taste for crackers and I can tell that these are slightly salted and I have had the odd one or two which have been very salty but for me this is no problem as I do like salty food. I noticed they have a stronger taste than that of the Ritz brand. They can be quite messy when bitten as small crumbs do fall of but this is the same with any cracker.

      For me and hubby we do enjoy topping them with ham and cucumber and sometimes a light spread of Dairylea but they can actually be topped with anything you desire. I find that these are good for putting in lunch boxes with a small tub of accompanying salad and meat for my boys to be able to create their own dinners which they really do enjoy.


      The box size of these crackers is 200g and as an educated guess I would say there is approximately 50 crackers in the box.

      The ingredients for those wishing to know are:-

      Wheat flour, Sunflower oil, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Raising Agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Invert Sugar, Syrup, Salt, Barley Malt Extract.

      They do contain wheat and gluten and Tesco cannot guarantee that they have been made in a nut free factory. These crackers are suitable for vegetarians.

      The nutritional values for those whishing to know for a serving of 8 crackers are:-

      Energy - 493 Kcal
      Protein v- 1.8g
      Carbohydrate - 16.7g
      Of which sugars - 1.7g
      Fat - 4.8g
      Of which saturates - 2.2g
      Mono-unsaturated - 2.0g
      Polyunsaturated - 0.4g
      Fibre - 0.4g
      Sodium - 0.2g
      Salt Equivalent - 0.5g

      These may not seem like the healthiest crackers but for me they are a lot healthier than sitting eating a few packets of crisps!

      The box is 100% recyclable but the inside plastic bag depends on your own recycling facilities.


      These crackers are a Tesco own brand so can only be bought in Tesco's stores. They have a good price of £1.05 per box but they are regularly on offer. This price is saving me over 50p per box I buy.


      After switching to this brand from the popular Ritz variety I can say I am very happy. The crackers to have a nicer taste and they are so much cheaper. All fans of Ritz should give these a go.


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