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Tesco Soft White Rolls

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2013 18:37
      Very helpful



      A handy and cheap little food item .

      I'm reviewing Tesco soft white rolls.
      These are the round rolls rather than the finger rolls/hot dog rolls.
      They cost around 60p for a PK of 6. ( For some reason the price can vary between 60p and 68p .)

      =WHY THESE=

      The reason I bought these rather than our usual burger baps is because these are smaller , and as they would be used for burgers for little Holly and Conal I felt the smaller ones more suited to the children's size.

      We had decided on burgers and chips for Thurs dinner because my charges, Holly and Conal, were stopping overnight and for them burgers for their evening meal are a real treat. My only issue was that I didn't want to give them a full sized burger since I judged that rather too much when I was doing other things besides the burgers. When I saw these in the Bakery section I decided they were perfect for our needs.

      These are nice soft baps ,identical to the generic burger baps but slightly smaller.
      There is no particular aroma from them really, so I suppose they could be termed bland as regards smell .
      They are lightly browned on top to form a 'skin' and have just a light dusting of flour.
      Inside they are VERY soft. You need to use a sharp serrated knife with these because a blunt one will simple compact the dough and give you a ragged finish. That might not bother some people, but it annoys me.
      The packaging is basic. Just the six baps in a plastic bag, stuck on label and no frills.

      One of the things the kids love is that I always toast the baps darkly before assembling the burgers. This gives the burger an added bit of crunch and also helps lessen any sogginess that sometimes occurs. These little baps toast beautifully , but very quickly, so don't be tempted to pop them under the grill and then wander off to do something else. They brown nicely in around 1 or 2 minutes, depending on how high you have the grill setting.

      Normally I buy burger patties from our butcher , because as well as being nice and tasty they are just the right size for us adults, but in my opinion they are far too much for little kids, so I buy the frozen smaller sized burgers for children-sized meals .
      The ordinary sized frozen burgers (not the quarter pounders) are just the right size for the Tesco soft rolls. They sit nicely on the bap and when the onions, mushrooms etc are added there is very little overspill or mess.

      We used a pack of six of these for our evening burger meal and another pack of six for our lunch next day.
      The second pack were just buttered rather than toasted first , and they were nice enough that way. Not delicious by any means .In fact rather bland ,but perfectly acceptable .

      In my opinion these are a bit dry in texture, but if used with burgers etc you don't notice that, and when buttered and served with baked beans, 'bisketti' or similar sloppy accompaniment they are just fine and mop up juices nicely.
      We've also used these on their own, just toasted and buttered as a bed time snack and they are nice used that way. The butter seeping into the warm bap combats any dryness or blandness .

      These are not baps to die for regarding taste ,but at 60p a pack they are half the price of branded rolls .
      They can also often be on offer at 2 pks for £1 and once I got them on a BOGOF (Buy one get one free) . So as far as I'm concerned they are great value and considering they are usually served with something else then the lack of any delicious flavour to them isn't a massive issue for me.

      Would I recommend them ? Yes. As long as you understand these are plain and simple little baps and don't expect them to set your taste buds a-tingling.
      I feel 3 stars apt for these. I'm removing one star for their lack of flavour and one for the fact that they can be a bit dry.

      Thank you for reading.~~~myloh.


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        02.05.2010 13:40
        Very helpful




        I brought this pack of 6 soft rolls in Tesco the other day because they was on special offer and you could get 2 packs for £1.00, that made it the cheapest way for me to buy the rolls I needed because I knew I needed at least 10.

        They look nice in the pack and felt lovely and soft when I squeezed one in the supermarket. They look just like they do in the photo Dooyoo have got up with a bit of flour sprinkled on top, they are all joined together but are easy to seperate and when you do you'll get that strip of soft bread that joins the cobs and that's yummy to peel off and eat.

        The taste of these rolls is wicked, they are a bit doughy tasting but that's quite faint and the main flavour is just of a good quality white bread. I love the light texture of these rolls and think it goes wicked with any filling you want to put inside them, I had one with cheese and relish yesterday and it was GORGEOUS!

        They ARE lovely and soft and they also keep good, as long as you wrap them up carefully you can get a couple of days out of them and that's the main reason I buy soft rolls because even though I love crusty cobs you have to eat those quick because they'll start going hard after 1 day.

        I also think these are brill for burgers in buns because the soft texture of them means you can taste the burger and cheese big time, the bread also soaks up some of the grease off the burger and that gives it an even yummier flavour.

        I deffo recommend these rolls because they taste wicked and go good with everything you put in one. I think they are proper nice with cold fillings like cheese and ham but they are also brill when you put something hot in them like bacon.


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