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Tesco Tiger Rolls

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bread

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2010 10:50
      Very helpful



      Delish White Bread Rolls!

      I've been mad on tiger bread for ages but usually buy the big loaves so that there is enough for all of us in the house. In Tesco they also do tiger rolls, I think they call them Tiger Paws but can't quite remember if that is deffo Tesco or Asda who have come up with this not very amusing name! lol

      They are about the size of the soft cobs you can buy in Tesco and aren't massive rolls. They always look wicked though because they have brushed the tops of the rolls with sesame oil to give it the cracked look that makes you think of tiger stripes. The rolls have got a wicked smell but it can be a bit overpowering and if you buy a very fresh pack of rolls then you'll be able to smell them in the car for hours after you've taken them into the house.

      You have to be a bit careful with these rolls because the tops of them are so crunchy that it makes the rolls feel hard when you give them a squeeze in the supermarket. The problem is that you can't always tell if the bread INSIDE is soft..... and sometimes these rolls are rock hard and that's a waste if you only find out when you get home.

      The taste is delish. The crust of the rolls is flakey and has got a gorgeous burnt flavour, once you bite through the crust though you get the softer bread and that has got a yummy flavour as well. The bread takes on a bit of the taste of the crust and I think it's yummy because it's quite an airy bread and doesn't taste too doughy or anything like that.

      I think these rolls go wicked with cheese and onion, you need quite a strong filling so you can actually taste it over the strong taste of the rolls and just cheese on it's own is a bit of a waste of time but if you put onion or pickle with it then it's fine.

      Recommended...... delish rolls from Tesco!!!


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