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Tesco Value Chicken & Mushroom Noodles Snack Pot

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Food

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    3 Reviews
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      27.04.2012 12:46
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      For the price these are fantastic!

      These tesco value noodle snack pots are available in a few basic flavours - there is chicken and mushroom, beef, and also a curry one. There could be more flavours but these are the only ones that I know and have tried. I'm talking about the chicken and mushroom one today. in a basic white pot with basic writing on this helps to keep the cost down, which Tesco pass onto us as these nifty little snack pots are only 25P!! They did previously be 12p but in the past 2 years seem to have doubled in price -BAHHH at inflation, but still, 25P I will not complain! :D

      Anyway, you make it up the same way you do any other snack pots - first boil the kettle then fill to the line and leave for a few mins before serving. Unlike the more expensive brands of chicken and mushroom flavour snack pots there is no sachet of soy sauce, but I'm not entirely sure you need it, and if you do want a little kick then I recommend buying Tesco's bottle of soy sauce for around 40p and then you have it handy for all the times you have a value noodle pot haha. Anyway after leaving the pot for a few mins give it all a good stir and then you can eat. The noodles are nice and soft, I was dubious the first time I bought them thinking they were going to be rock hard but I was soooo wrong haha. The directions are adequate so that the soupy liquid at the bottom isn't too much, though I do find its best to use a little less than stated. I think these are a really great snack and are so quick and easy to make! Ideal for students aswell I'd say. Anyway, if you haven't tried them then I think you should! :)


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        03.05.2010 08:26
        Very helpful



        Cheap snack and good value

        When my wife went to Tesco recently she saw these nice snack pots from the Tesco Value range and thought I may like them as a snack as I am always looking for something to eat in-between meals and on an evening while watching television.

        They come in the usual basic colours of blue and red from the lower range of the stores products, it is a white plastic pot with a thin plastic pull back lid, inside there are dried tiny noodles, the pot is filled half way with these noodles and enough room to add the hot water required to make them hot and ready to eat. Boiling water is added up to the fill up line inside, and it is approximately ¾ of the way inside the pot.

        For a 70g pot they were priced at only 18p but I have seen them for as low as only 9p in the past, they tend to go up and down in prices.

        When boiling water is added the noodles expand and it when left for 2 minutes and stirred it is all soft and ready to eat.

        The noodles are mixed with a Chicken and Mushroom sauce mix with Soya protein and sweet corn.

        They are ideal as a snack or for lunch at work, I often take them to work as I like a hot snack sometimes and they fill me up until I get home for my main meal.

        The texture is smooth and soft and the quality I would say is not as good as the original well known brand but for the price it can be expected but it is not such a bad one that I would not buy them again.

        They can be stored in a cool place and the pot can easily be recycled.

        For each pot it contains 320 calories, 0.3g sugar, 12.4g fat, 5.4 saturates and 1.7g salt.

        I did find it a little bland and so what I did was I added some dried Curry sauce mix and stirred it into the noodles and it gave it an extra flavour and it was then more enjoyable.

        My wife bought more than one of these at the time and so I will be adding the Curry again as I found them to be fine when it was added and also I may try Soya Sauce and see how it then tastes.

        For the very low price I think they are very good value for the cheap price but I must say I did miss the little sachet the branded ones have when I ate them at work but it is easy to take little additions to work too and just add them when needed.

        I rate it 5 stars.


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          24.09.2009 17:47
          Very helpful




          I recently decided to give the spicy flavoured snack pot in this range a try and wasn't keen on it at all! However this being the only other flavour in the range I did decide as that as the other flavour wasn't totally gross Id give this one a go!

          The Packaging:

          It' come in a white plastic pot (if your familiar with pot noodle then it looks like that in size and shape) with a foil pull of lid to the top of it. On the front of the pot in red, white and navy writing I'm told it is Tesco Value Chicken & Mushroom Flavour Noodle Quick Snack 'Dried noodles in a chicken and mushroom flavour sauce mix with soya protein, mushroom and sweetcorn' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart displayed to the bottom of it. Other information on the back of the pot shows me where to fill with water to, directions for making it, ingredients and allergy advice is all given (this contains milk, wheat, gluten and soya), a full nutritional chart is shown and contact details for Tesco are given. It is a cheap looking pot but it serves it's purpose and it is informative enough to be fair to it.

          Preparation Guidelines;

          Add boiling water to the fill line
          Allow to stand for 2 minutes
          Stir throughly
          Stand for a further 2 minutes
          Stir before serving

          Me And The Noodles:

          Well I peeled back the lid and was greeted by a lump of hard noodles with a bit of visible yellowy coloured powder flavouring already added (no sachet) and a few pieces of dried up sweetcorn. I made it up according to the instructions and ended up with pale whitish noodles with the sweetcorn bobbing up to the surface. I hated this and I mean hated it! Everything about it in fact lol.

          The smell of mushroom was overwhelming though I couldn't see any which actually cofuddled my brain! The noodles whilst being reasonably thick were quite short and tasted really tough and chewy and felt quite hard to swallow and digest. I could taste the tough old bits of soya in it and the only redeeming feature was at least the sweetcorn tasted like sweetcorn should though there wasn't an awful lot of it in my pot maybe about 4 bits.

          The sauce was salty and mushroomy but really thin like a flavoured water and by the time I ate it (whilst holding my nose) I did find one slither of a mushroom which was rubbery sitting in the bottom of my pot!


          A horrible, cheap and nasty product this really is. You get what you pay for and that's it. I found the whole thing a displeasure to eat and if I hadn't of been starving and in a hurry to leave my house it would of hit the bin at 100 miles an hour lol Not pleasant, avoid!

          Nutritional Information Per Made Up Pot:

          Calories: 320
          Sugar: 0.3g
          Fat: 12.4g
          Saturates: 5.4g
          Salt: 1.7g

          Only available in Tesco stores priced at about 27p a pot (but don't bother!).


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