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Tesco Value Spicy Curry Flavour Snack Pot

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      11.10.2009 15:38
      Very helpful



      Cheap snack option

      If, like me, you sometimes struggle to find something nice and tasty and easy to make for lunch, without spending the earth. I often edge slowly towards popping down to the local shop to buy a Spicy Curry Flavoured Pot Noodle. They may not be the most healthy option possible, but they do provide a filling and tasty snack to fill the whole in my stomach. Imagine my excitement when I last visited Tesco, seeing on the shelves right next to the branded Pot Noodle was a Tesco Value Spicy Curry Flavour Noodle Quick Snack Pot.

      Even though I am a big fan of the Branded Pot Noodle variety, I thought they were definitely worth giving a try as most of the other Tesco Value products I have tried in the past have lived up to all of my expectations.

      The first thing that I noticed about this product was apart from the standard Tesco Value styling with lots of red, white and blue stripes, was the pot size and shape is practically identical to the Pot Noodle brand. Once pealing back the top plastic covering film, I noticed there is no sauce sachet of Mango Chutney which does have an effect of the taste, lacking a bit of the spice of the branded version. The quantity of the noodles inside the pot is, however, slightly less than with the branded version being 70 grams as opposed to 90 grams and there are definitely not as many pea's and carrots and practically no soya pieces included.

      Cost wise, the Tesco Value Spicy Curry Flavour Snack Pot costs a mere 28p per unit, which is a third of the price of the branded Pot Noodle version which costs 88p. With this comparison the flavour is definitely not 3 times worse, in fact the Value brand taste pretty good and after tasting them, I will continue to buy this version instead of the more expensive brand variety.

      Overall, the Tesco Value snack pot is the way forward for me and at 28p per pot you can't loose. If you haven't tried it yet, and your a fan of Pot Noodles, your bound to be a fan of these so give them a go. I therefore am going to give this product 4 stars out of 5, missing out on the top marks due to the quantity being slightly less than other versions and the flavour definitely lacks the kick of the original brand. Very good product.


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      24.09.2009 15:19
      Very helpful



      Don't buy!

      I make no secret of the fact I'm a lazy cook. I lead a busy life and I'm either writing mountains of reviews, at the gym or keeping my boyfriend entertained and therefore I feel like I'm constantly on the go! I tend to live on toast, sandwiches, ready meals or snacks such as this. I cant be bothered in slaving away just to eat, it really isn't my priority in life.

      I think because food isn't my priority and I simply have the motto I eat to live and not the other way around is the reason really I buy economy products in the main. I'm just not that overly bothered about food unless it tastes really bad. Me I'm happy with some 9p noodles from a shop I can consume and get out my front door without having to wash up and stuff.

      Which is the reason I purchased this pot noodle type of product (but without their hefty price tags lol). I actually wanted it for after a gym session and before hitting my bed!

      The Packaging:

      White plastic pot which is rather long with a peel off foil matching lid to the top of it'. On the pot I'm told in red, white and blue writing (in the style of all Tesco value products) that it is indeed Spicy Curry Flavour Noodle Quick Snack 'Dried noodles in a spicy curry flavour sauce mix with soya protein and dried vegetables' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information on the pot shows me where to fill my water to, and preparation advice is given, ingredients and allergy advice is listed (Contains wheat, gluten, soya and the ingredients cant be guaranteed nut free) there is a full nutritional run-down on there, size is stated which is 70g per pot and contact details for Tesco are given. It is a cheap looking pot but it is informative and understandable enough.


      Add boiling water up the fill line
      Allow to stand for 2 minutes, stir thoroughly
      Stand for a further 2 minutes
      Stir before serving

      Me And The Snack Pot:

      Well I peeled off the lid to be met with a hard lump of light yellowy looking noodles and and some flecks of what appeared like carrot and red pepper and a tiny amount of really dried peas. No sachet of flavouring is including within this and the flavouring is already in it smelling like cheap curry mix really and giving colour to the noodles.

      I mixed it all up in accordance to the instructions given and when 'cooked' so to speak I delved in. Whilst this wasn't the worst thing ever to go in my mouth but it wasn't the nicest either and all I can really say is that you get 27p's worth and that is that lol.

      The noodles expanded a little but were small small in length but not too thin. They were quite chewy and bland. The vegetables had also absorbed some of the liquid making them edible and the peas did taste pea like though carrot and red pepper only gave colour. The yellow sauce was really thin though there was plenty of it. It didn't smell great just a weird combination of coriander, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek, garlic and cumin but it was harsh and cheap smelling rather than nicely blended type of thing. Like I say although it wasn't foul it really was a crude and basic offering and it is what it is.


      Quite filling and I ate mine but I wouldn't opt to purchase this again. Worth it's money maybe but no more than that. The noodles were tough and tasteless and the sauce was a pile of dried spices trying to add flavour which is did in a very weak, watery way. Not for me this I'm afraid!

      Nutritional Information per Pot:

      Calories: 315
      Sugar: 0.3g
      Fat: 12.7g
      Saturates: 5.7g
      Salt: 1.6g

      Only available in Tesco and available in this flavour and chicken mushroom.


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