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Tesco Walnut Buttercream Cake

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Brand: Tesco / Type: cake

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2009 19:07
      Very helpful



      you could not make a cake this good for this price

      This is the best cake in the world (dare I say it.... but as good as my grans).

      I have tried this in the past but have forgotton how good it was, until today. I was shopping in Tesco and noticed there Walnut Cake was a £1.00 (usually retails at £1.29 - not exactly a vast difference).

      Tesco Walnut Cake comes in a clear packet with a yellow label with Tesco written in the corner - Walnut Cake (A nutty walnut cake filled with a walnut flavour filling and topped with walnut pieces) - no artificial flavours or colours. And also the Nutrition value for one-eight of a cake (190kcal - 18.2g sugar - 8.3g fat - 3.1g saturates - 0.3g salt.

      On the bottom of the cake it tells you the storage instructions (this cake can even be frozen and defrosts in 2 hours - so buy loads when you see them on offer). There is Allergy advice - Ingredients- Nutritional Value and Tesco Contact Details.

      So on opening the packet (easy to open) you get a lovely smell of walnut (not overpowering). The cake has a golden brown top and sides and on the bottom there is a paper layer (again easy to remove). There are 3 layers of sponge and two layers of walnut cream filling, the sponge is a light colour and you can see pieces of walnut throughout. (Although it had said on the pack topped with walnut pieces this is not so, you just see the walnut that is within the cake - but this is not a problem).

      The cake itself is lovely the sponge is very light and moist and you get a lovely walnut flavour at the back of your mouth which slowly starts to move over your taste buds. The cake is soft to eat and kind of melts in your mouth with getting little tasters of the walnut pieces which are abundant in this cake (they are certainly not stingy). The walnut crème that is in this cake is also lovely and I think really adds to the flavour and texture of this cake (the layers of crème are not thick-so the cake is not sickly). The 3 layers of sponge are also great sizes (in-fact they are not tight with any of this cake - which can so often happen).

      The taste of walnut definately comes through the whole way through this cake but it is not overpowering. The cake is not too sweet and I reckon I could polish of the whole cake. This cake is lovely with warm custard over the top.

      Once I have opened the cake I keep it wrapped in clingfilm in a tin and it keeps just as good as when opened for up to 3 days, I feel it would keep alot longer but the cake just does not last that long in our house. My mum has managed to keep some for up to 8 days wrapped in clingfilm, and it still tasted as good as the day it was opened (my mum has more willpower than me).

      If you like walnut then this cake is definitely for you, and the usual price tag of £1.29 is well worth it, infact I would probably pay more for this (you could not make a cake as good for this price).


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