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Tesco White Muffins

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7 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cake

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    7 Reviews
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      04.04.2011 22:39
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      Lovely, every day muffins!

      I love bread type products for my breakfast and I am particulary partial to a muffin either covered in butter or jam or with soft cheese spread and salmon (if I have the pennies!) on it and so recently when I spotted these (for 6 of them) costing only 71p a pack I thought they had to be worth a try!

      The muffins come in a three sides light brown cardboard sleeve which is open at the top of it and it has a see-through plastic bag that holds the whole lot together. The information on the sides of the sleeve includes being told that they are Tesco White English Muffins 'Simply split and toast as an ideal snack anytime of the day' and that of course there are 6 in a pack and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. On the bottom of the cardboard sleeve other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, we are told how to grill them (2-3 minutes), storage instructions are given (these are freezable by the way), there is a full nutritional chart shown aand contact details for Tesco are of course given considering these are a Tesco own product lol. Nice enough informative packaging this is though it doesn't reseal.

      The Muffins:

      White, thick and slighty dusty to the top (with a little white flour) all you do with these is to cut them in half and put under or in a grill till they go golden.

      I love these as they taste of nicely seasoned bread and are plain in flavour with just a wheaty taste really going on. They contain no sugars or salt or anything so are suitable for any filling of your choice really.

      Even when cut in half these are thick enough to not be too crispy and these are easy and not crumbly to cut and all in all I like these ungreasy but not one bit dry 'English' muffins!

      Nutritional Information Per Muffin:

      Calories: 160
      Sugar: 1.8g
      Fat: 1.2g
      Saturates: 0.4g
      Salt: 0.7g

      Only available in Tesco stores.


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        28.01.2011 15:53
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        Muffins to Pizza...

        Ok let's start at the beginning, I miss school pizza.
        Anyone who says school food was bad...quite clearly did NOT go to my school! The main thing I remember loving at school was their pizza, when I first started it was on a long crusty baguette but towards the end they switched things up a little and it
        was a soft, doughy, circular pizza which tasted so good!!
        Since leaving I have been wondering how they made it like that, just small individual pizzas, and decided to experiment. This brings me to English muffins, or in my case, my new pizza base!

        I will give you now share with you a fantastic, cheap, filling, tasty and recipe so easy I think even THE worst cook in the world could manage it!
        One step up from cheese on toast!!

        Place the English muffin into a preheated oven @ 180 (if you prefer thin crust pizzas then half first but I like them big!)
        Leave for 1 minute
        Retrieve and put around two teaspoons of tomato pasta sauce (pizza base) on
        Top with around two pinches of mozzarella covering the base
        Put back in oven for around 10 minutes until cheese is nicely melted

        TA DA! Mini pizzas!!
        In our house the kids have one with chips/potatoes/salad and adults have two... they really are filling though!!
        Not QUITE as good as the school pizza I remember however it is getting there!!!
        Would highly rate this recipe especially for working parents, you could also mix things up a bit with ham, pineapple, pepperoni etc.
        Or even better get a few bits of everything and let the kids make their own topping.

        So far this is the only recipe I have tried however I am excited to try with bacon and egg as I believe this will me like the McMuffin!

        For those calorie counters among us:

        Table 1 - Calorie and Nutrition Values for 100g of Tesco English Muffins
        Calories 238
        Protein 11.3
        Carbohydrate 41.7
        Fat 3.2
        Fibre 2.8

        Table 2 - Tesco English Muffins Calories and Nutrition per Serving (1 Serving=1 Muffin/72g)
        Calories 171
        Protein 8.1
        Carbohydrate 30
        Fat 2.3
        Fibre 2

        Prices, where to buy
        Funnily enough you can buy the tesco English muffins from tesco itself!! They cost £1.99
        You can also get four Kingsmill branded for £1.90 or Sainsburys for £1.99


        I am going to keep trying recipes with these English muffins but I think they are great!
        Well worth the money and can be used for breakfast, lunch or tea.

        Also can be frozen so if you see them on special offer and you have freezer space...Great time to buy!!!
        Please see my photo below, I let the cheese melt a little more now but that is the end result!

        Hope this helps



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          10.08.2010 07:29
          Very helpful



          If you like english muffins, Tesco's are the ones to look out for!

          Tesco White Muffins - taste exactly the same as the ones sold by fast food restaurants!

          I love an egg muffin, especially if it comes with the added bonus of bacon or a herby sausage! Not to mention a slice of cheese of course.

          If you want to make an egg muffin which tastes like the ones you know and love from fast food restaurants, Tesco's are definitely the ones to look out for - i've tried other supermarket versions and although they will work, they definitely lack a certain something which is present in Tesco's brand.

          Another handy quality is that the muffins freeze extremely well for up to one month, making them ideal to store for future use - they defrost within an hour or two and heat up perfectly in the toaster or under a grill - i've taken to preparing bacon in bulk at the beginning of the week and simply defrosting a Tesco muffin each morning for an easy breakfast (and at a much better price than the takeaway version too!)

          I would highly recommend choosing Tesco muffins over other supermarket brands - they also sell a wholemeal variety which i've yet to try but probably should as it would be slightly healthier - perhaps on days when i'm particularly hungry I could have one of each!


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          21.01.2010 08:21
          Very helpful



          Perfect hangover breakfast

          I nipped into Tesco's yesterday just to buy some bread and milk yet at the same time pondering what to give my girls for their lunch. It was their swimming day and they always come home absolutely starving. While I was picking up a loaf of bread I spotted these White Muffins - perfect I have bought these in the past and made kind of mini pizzas for them which they both absolutely love so I decided these were the perfect quick and easy option.

          I love these muffins, every now and then I treat myself to a pack and have them for breakfast. It is only every now and then though because these are deliciously yummy yet also incredibly moreish and it is incredibly difficult for me to stop myself from going back to the packet to help myself to another one. I love them for breakfast, lightly toasted, served hot with butter and marmite....yum!

          Toasting them gives them a light crunch texture but then you also have a really light fluffy texture which just soaks up all the butter. I adore the flavour yet they also taste really naughty so I tend to only indulge at the weekend.

          Where I find these really handy is that you can pop a packet in the freezer. I do this and then use the as a quick and easy meal for my girls when I am in a rush or have nothing planned. I simply slice and toast the muffins and then spread a thin layer of tomato puree over each piece of the muffin. I then add some grate cheddar cheese some little bits of veggies like mushroom, pepper and sweetcorn. Both slices then go under the grill until the cheese melts and the wole thing turns into something resembles a mini pizza. These go down an absolute storm in our house and the only drawback is that they both usually ask for more.

          I believe a pack of 6 of these muffins costs approx 76p and I think this is quite reasonable when you compare it to the huge price of a loaf of bread these days.


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            03.10.2009 22:54
            Very helpful



            See Above

            Whenever we go to Iceland we always buy kingsmill, Love to toast Muffins, however on a recent visit to Tesco we noticed 6 White English Muffins sitting on the shelf at a mere 72p for 6. The whole family love muffins. Personally myself I have a stebiz muffin, this is a toasted muffin filled with egg. A bit like a McMuffin. I'm well renound for them, and the kids love them.

            Others in the family like them toasted too but with jam or just margarine. So how do these Tesco ones stand up against other brands. Well they seems a lot more doughy. So for those who don't toast them you will find them more chewy. Those who toast them will not really notice any difference. They toast well. They cut easy too, so you always have an even muffin. You can always freeze these too. It only takes 2 hours to defrost them.

            For those who have allrgies please note that they contain Soya, Wheat and Gluten. They are also suitable for vegetarians.


            Wheat Semolina
            Wheat Protein
            Vegetable Fat
            Spirit Vinegar
            Emulsifiers (Mono-and Di-Acetyltartaric Esters of Mono and Di Glycerides of Fatty Acids, Mono and Di Glycerides of Fatty Acids)
            Soya flour
            Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Calcium Propionate)
            Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid)

            Each Muffin 72g

            Energy 175kcal
            Protein 8.1g
            Carbohydrate 30.0g
            of which sugars 3.0g
            Fat 2.3g
            of which saturates 0.5g
            mono-unsaturates 1.2g
            polyunsaturates 0.6g
            Fibre 2.0g
            Sodium 0.2g
            Salt Equivalent 0.6g


            A great muffin suitable for all the family. Best toasted, but can be eaten fresh. Toasted toppings of all kinds egg, tomatoe, jam etc taste delicious.
            Highly Recommended.


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              30.09.2009 00:29
              Very helpful



              If You've Never Had Them Try A Packet Of These For A Different Breakfast Or Snack

              We always buy these Tesco muffins and I think they're lovely and loads better than the ones in Sainsburys. You get 6 in a pack and they cost about 70p but Tesco quite often sell 2 packs for £1.00 and because they freeze good it's always worth buying the 2 packs when you see the offer.

              I'm the only one who really loves them and the rest of the family just have one here and there so I reckon I'm the best person in the house to tell you about them because I usually end up eating all 6 of them over a few days.

              They have got a proper nice texture and a nice doughy flavour and I always toast mine and put butter and sometimes jam on them. I toast both sides so that the bottom of the muffin halves are nice and crisp but not too much and when I've buttered them they go nice and soft and soak the butter up lovely.

              Sometimes I think the odd muffin tastes a bit too salty and even though that's not a bad thing because I don't mind salty food but I do think it's weird that they don't all always taste the same. The texture of them is quite firm and I have had Kingsmill muffins before and they are the best because they are so fluffy but these ones do have a proper nice texture that is filling and nice to munch on for breakfast.

              I sometimes have mine as part of a cooked breakfast like in Mcdonalds and they're a nice change from toast with my bacon and eggs and just as good for piling bits of the breakfast in and making a thick butty out of it all. Yummy! Another nice way to eat them is with scrambled eggs on it but I still butter the muffin because then it goes wickidly soft and soggy when the soft scrambled eggs melts through the butter even better and my mum mixes slices of cooked sausage in with her scrambled eggs and that's nice on the muffins as well but even I don't dare have butter then!

              These aren't the best you can buy because they would be the Warburtons or Kingsmill ones but for everyday breakfasts and snacks these ones are pretty wicked for the price and they keep well for about 3 days after you open the pack so that's quite good because I remember the Kingsmill ones didn't keep that good and started going stale a lot quicker.


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              10.08.2009 00:20
              Very helpful



              Delicious - perfect for breakfast or any time of day!

              I just adore toasted Muffins. I really don't think there is anything that makes a better breakfast than a toasted muffin smothered in butter. Actually they are divine at any time of day. I could get easily get through a pack of them a day if I lost my willpower and find them deliciously moreish. These Tesco 6 White Muffins are the ones that I buy.

              These muffins are priced at 72p per pack and you get 6 in a pack which is pretty good value for money. Kingsmill do a pack of 4 white muffins for 86p so the Tesco ones are a good bargain comparatively. Tesco also do a pack of 6 wholemeal muffins which are a bit more expensive and cost 99p.

              These Tesco White Muffins are packaged quite simply. They come in a clear cellophane wrapper and are held in place with a bit of card underneath them. On the front of the wrapper is '6 Tesco White English Muffins' in brown and white writing and the basic nutritional info. On the back you will find all you need to know regarding storage, ingredients, allergy advice and the full nutritional information. I think they have made the packaging simple to let the muffins speak for themselves. Through the pack they look irresistible - golden circles of bready delight, full, soft and round and lightly dusted with flour. Even if I'm not planning on buying any I can't resist them when I see them!

              Upon opening the packet you are greeted by a faint doughy aroma. When you take a muffin out it feels quite thick and squidgy. They are nice and easy to slice open. The knife runs through them easily and they don't make a mess shedding crumbs everywhere. You then pop the two halves into the toaster (or under the grill) for a couple of minutes and they are done. I think these are nicest when they are not too well done and lose the taste if they are over-done so I would recommend keeping the toaster on a fairly low heat or to not leave them under the grill for too long. Once they are toasted they go a nice deeper golden brown on the top and smell mouth-watering.

              When you butter them the butter sinks into the muffin leaving delicious looking yellow puddles on the top. And then finally comes the eating part! These muffins taste gorgeous. They are thick but not stodgy and they taste fresh, doughy and soft. The tops go slightly crispy where they have been toasted and this compliments the softness and lightness of the middle of the muffins beautifully. In my opinion they taste nicer than toasted bread and toasted crumpets because they are fresher and more flavoursome. The consistency is wonderful - not dry or chewy and they are not heavy in your stomach. These muffins stay fresh for around 4 days if you keep them in an airtight container.

              You don't have to have them with just butter of course. They would be nice with jam, marmite or marmalade. Or you could fry up a couple of bits of bacon and have them between one of these muffins. Or you could do a McDonalds and have an egg McMuffin with egg and bacon. Or even have the full works and stick a sausage in between one as well. They are very versatile and there are lots of choices for different and interesting breakfasts or snacks to create with these muffins.

              The nutritional information of the muffins is as follows: 175 calories, 3g sugar, 2.3g fat, 0.5g saturates and 0.6g salt. So unfortunately they don't make a particularly low calorie or diet friendly snack, particularly if, like me, you find it hard to just eat one at a time! I also smear mine with quite a lot of butter - so much so that it runs off the muffin, so I dread to think how many calories I munch through without even thinking about it! As I said though, Tesco do offer a wholemeal version of these muffins which are slightly lower in fat and calories so they are an option if you do want to make your breakfast slightly healthier.

              Overall, I highly recommend these muffins. They are delicious for breakfast or for a snack at any time of day. They are cheap but quality tasting. The only problem with this is that it's tempting to eat twice as many!


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