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The Fabulous Bakin' Boys Halloween Cupcakes

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Brand: The Fabulous Bakin' Boys / Type: Cake

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2009 21:22
      Very helpful



      Love them

      We went a little overboard on Halloween and brought way too many sweets and cakes and then our friends brought sweets and some homemade cakes so we had a table completely full of stuff. The next day I noticed that there was quite a few of the Fabulous Bakin Boys Halloween cupcakes left and thought great I am going to have to eat them all now. Well I had one on Sunday and they were delicious and I am still eating them now. They are yummy and a shame they are just for Halloween and here is why.

      They are by the Fabulous Bakin Boys who are quite new I believe and they do cupcakes, flapjacks and that sort of thing. You can find the Halloween cupcakes as they are in black cardboard packaging and orange writing. They have the Fabulous Bakin Boys logo in the corner and the box is actually very inviting. There is even a picture of a friendly ghost on the front which is nice. They cost me buy one get one free and they were £1.29. I think you can get them on offer at the moment as its after Halloween so get some if you can.

      When you open up the packaging you will find 6 cupcakes that fantastically are individually wrapped so luckily my 12 cupcakes were saved from the party and didn't go stale (which happened to some things). The wrapping is clear at the top with black Halloween decorations which again looks really good.

      So you open the cupcake and it is basic sponge on the bottom and orange icing on the top which is very Halloweeny. The cupcakes are of a reasonable size and I can eat one in 4 bites. When you bite into them the icing is not that horrible hard icing you get on some things but it is so soft. This allows you to take a good bite of the cupcake and not hurt your teeth or get any stuck on your teeth. The icing is a slight orange flavour and the sponge is plain.

      The taste of these cupcakes is quite unique and does not taste as orangey as you expect it to. It is like a smooth creamy orange taste which I love and because it makes sure the flavours are not too overpowering which can make you feel a little ill. My husband though really hated the flavour so I do think it is one you love or hate.

      The cupcakes themselves are so small and lovely that you just know they can't be too good for you so here are the nasty details but not as bad as I thought they would be.

      A cupcake contains 148 calories, 8.1g of fat, 11.4g of sugar and 0.3g of salt.

      The one issue I have with these cupcakes is because they are so light to pick up and eat, you find that you can very easily eat a couple of them (or a few on one night I had) and this of course is not a good thing. They are yummy though so worth it!

      In conclusion I think these cupcakes are fantastic and I would definitely buy them again when Halloween comes around next year. If they started to sell these types of cupcakes now I would buy them again. These have made me think that I would buy more of the Fabulous Bakin Boys range because they were so delicious.

      Five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading.



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