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The Fabulous Bakin Boys Oaty Flapjack Fingers

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Brand: Fabulous Bakin' Boys / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2011 11:47
      Very helpful



      A very tasty treat that goes down well with a cup of tea

      Since returning to an office environment for work I've found that even though I've adjusted back to set lunch times I do still get a little hungry around midmorning. As a result I've been looking around for a suitable snack to keep me going, nothing too big but just something to see me over till lunch time. Perhaps the most successful of all the different products I've tried have been the Fabulous Bakin' Boys Golden Oaty Flapjack Fingers. These little Flapjack bars are only 28g but they work a treat as a lunchtime or mid morning snack.

      The Fabulous Bakin' Boys

      The product itself is made by The Fabulous Bakin' Boys who are a relatively new addition to the snack food market. Formed under the current banner in 1997 the Oxfordshire based snack maker has been making inroads with various products from the still family run bakery in Witney. Since their inception they have grown in stature and the range and availability of their products seems to be ever expanding.

      Which Leads To

      My recent discovery of their Golden Oaty Flapjack Fingers in the Tesco Express store in Acton a couple of weeks ago. The fingers comes in a box of 6 and were available on a very reasonable buy one get two free offer, which I have to admit was very hard to resist. The box of six has all the usual branding messages on the outside, including the company address and all the nutritional information. The blue box really stood out with its gold lettering and it was actually that which drew my attention before I noticed the offer.

      Within the box the 6 fingers are individually wrapped and sealed to keep them fresh and provide a longer lifespan. Each fingers wrapping displays the logo and the Fabulous Finger title at the bottom. The individual fingers are quite hard to open as they don't just rip but once out of the packaging the smell is really nice. They have a very sweet & freshly cooked scent that really highlights the Golden Syrup listed within the ingredients.

      Once you remove the finger from the packaging the texture of the bar is a little sticky and you can feel the syrup on your fingers as it binds the oats together. As you get the finger closer to your mouth the sweet scent becomes stronger, but never reaches a point of being overwhelming.

      Of course the scent of the bar makes that first taste all the more tantalising. The bar is nice and soft to bite into and the Oats really give way quite easily. The first taste to really hit my senses is the Golden Syrup, however this is quickly joined by the Oats to give a rather nice and incredibly sweet tasting treat. The first bite seems quite moist and really tastes very appealing. Once the initial taste of the Golden Syrup passes there is a nice after taste of butter that really compliments the Syrup and Oat flavours. The addition of the butter gives the bar a nice consistency and makes it quite chewy. This makes you think it's a lot bigger than it actually is, but also makes each bite last a reasonable amount of time for a Flapjack.

      The slight problem with these though comes in bites 2 & 3 as they seem to dry your mouth out quite a bit. In fact by the end of the bar if you don't have a drink on hand then you'll certainly be going looking for one. The more bites you take the more it seems to dry your mouth out, but the taste of the bar makes up for how dry it makes you. The combination of the Oats and Golden Syrup really work and despite making you feel a little dry they are very nice.

      The Perfect Snack

      Having tried a number of other snack products in recent times I have to say that this is my preferred one. The size of the bar at roughly 6 cm long and 1cm wide is perfect for a mid morning snack and I can negate the dry mouth by enjoying this alongside my mid morning cup of tea. The Bakin' Boys have designed a very high quality product that really tastes and smells as good as it looks. At £1.50 for 6 they are perhaps a little pricey, however given the offer I managed to get them on in Tesco it was a bit of a bargain.

      For nut allergy sufferers they are made in a nut free factory and again this is a very powerful selling point for the bakery. I wasn't really sure what to expect from these Flapjack Fingers, but what I have found is a very tasty bite sized snack that fits the requirements of what I was looking for exactly. It tastes good on its own, but even better with a cup of tea and I'd certainly recommend buying these if you see them on offer.

      Per Bar

      130 Kcal's
      1.3g Protein
      16.9g Carbohydrate
      Of which 8.5g Sugar
      6.8g Fat
      3.3g Saturates
      0.9g Fibre
      Trace amounts of Sodium
      Trace amounts of salt


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        08.05.2011 18:08
        Very helpful



        love em

        The Fabulous Bakin Boys company began in the 1990s and offer sweet treats such as flapjacks, cookies and cakes to consumers.

        ***Getting In A Flap***

        FBB produce a few different types of flapjack including a few with red or purple berries, chocolate and yoghurt. They also have a flavour known as Golden Oaty. These Golden Oaty flapjacks are baked in Oxfordshire and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are described as being "buttery flapjack fingers blended with golden syrup".


        The cardboard box housing the fingers follows a blue, white and yellow design and contains all the information you may need about the flapjacks. It has a little peep hole at the front allowing you to see the fingers within. The box can be recycled. The flapjacks are individually sealed for freshness and this allows them to be ideal for popping into lunch boxes or in a bag for munching sessions. The plastic wrapper surrounding the finger is blue at the edges and clear fronted allowing us to be tempted by the delicious flapjack inside!


        A short list here as these flapjacks only contain 47% oats, golden syrup, 8.5% butter, sugar and vegetable oil. They are more than suitable for vegetarians but do contain gluten and milk products. It is worth noting that these flapjacks are baked in a nut free factory!


        Each finger contains 130calories. Add to this 8.5g of sugar and 3.3g of saturated fat and come to your own conclusions about how unhealthy they are!

        ***Availability and Price***

        Supermarkets and bargain stores such as Home Bargains stock these. This pack is currently available in Asda with 9 flapjack fingers priced at £1.49 on a 2 for £2.00 offer.

        ***My Thoughts***

        I love flapjacks and sweet things in general though try to limit my intake of them now. I was first introduced to Bakin Boys flapjacks last year whilst in Home Bargains. My latest purchase was a heat of the moment thing when I picked up a pack of the Golden Oaty and the Red Berries flapjacks from Asda.

        Each flapjack being individually wrapped is ideal for me as I can pop one in the back of the buggy to munch when out and about. They are quite small and certainly don't rival a chocolate bar in size but are perhaps a little bigger than a treat size chocolate bar. On opening the wrapper and removing the finger, I can smell a tasty, fresh baked oatiness about the bar. It is smooth on the underside a offers a slightly rough, top layer and sides. The bar is golden as expected and feels quite moist but not sticky. The oats are formed tightly together with the syrup to ensure little mess and this is appreciated.

        ***Quality Runs Through***

        The texture of the bar once placed in my mouth is desirable. The base is firmer than the rest and everything holds well. The oats are easy to bite through with more pressure being needed on the sticky base. Some flapjacks I have tried are too gritty and difficult to swallow but these are very moreish and the oats have a gentle firmness to be noticeable but softened slightly by the syrup. On their own, the oats would be very bland however, the syrup used here is very high quality and delicious.

        The syrup has been added to coat the inside of the flapjack bringing every bit of it together until devoured. It sort of melts slightly when lingering on my tongue leaving a little puddle of sugary sweetness a bit like creamy caramel would offer. The sweetness within one finger is sufficient to give a boost but anymore than 1 and it begins to give a sickly effect.

        The flapjack isn't too sticky inside but a little chewing is required to munch my way through the bar. I can generally get a few bites out of one bar and it will take me a few moments to chew and fully digest one. Thankfully the oats go down a treat without feeling the need to stick in my throat which is something I experience with other flapjacks. The taste left in my mouth is pleasant with a baked sweetness about it.


        At full price these are pretty expensive but on offer, you cannot really complain. The variety choice with FBB is brilliant but the golden oaty variety are a safe option in terms of flavour. They are tasty and the sweetness is just right for my tastebuds. I find them ideal for a day time snack when out and about as they fill a little gap until my meal..well oats are known for that aren't they? The sugar content is certainly not ideal but for a sweet treat, its better than chocolate.

        All in all, I would highly recommend these flapjacks fingers to you all and thank you for reading :)


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