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Thorntons Chocolate Celebration Cake

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4 Reviews
  • Good for vegetarians
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    4 Reviews
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      13.04.2015 22:40
      Very helpful


      • "Good for vegetarians"


      Lights the candle and away you go!

      TRIPLE LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Need I say more.

      Apparently this has 22 servings??? You're joking right. That right there is two pieces, come on.
      Oh no that's in my dreams, it's at 1least 12 servings, 22? Really?

      Who cares about servings. Pah!
      On a very serious note regarding taste, this is everything and more you need to celebrate with.

      This is layer upon layer of goodness as it releases endorphins that all the reason I need to have this and just thank the good lord above birthdays only comes around once a year!

      3 Layer of chocolate sponge
      Chocolate Buttercream Ganache
      Chocolate sprinkles
      and a few Thorntons chocolate truffle on top, light the candles and away you go.

      Seriously, this is very rich so I only had a small piece and the quality and richness was so nice and spot on that I would not have dared ruined the taste by eating anymore.
      For a slice at 45g, this is 245 kcal/ 100g is 426. It's actually not as bad as I thought kcal wise.

      The packaging is my main issue here. When buying at big brand supermarkets, they always have flowers bags, carriers for wine but nothing for cakes. The packaging around this cake is like many others where it is just flimsy and you need to not pack it away but actually carry it separately which is awkward. I have purchased a cake carried bag now and this helps, but only is I remember it!

      The prices vary online, but we purchased ours from OCADO for £9.99


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      08.05.2013 01:53
      Very helpful



      This is love at first, second, third view, never mind the taste

      My parents had their Golden Wedding earlier this year, the main cake they had was a homemade Christmas Cake recipes for their party, but got home we had a Thorntons Chocolate Celebration Cake.

      =Cost and Availability=
      I was quite surprised to pick this up in my local Asda store for £10

      It does say on the box that the cake is suitable for 20 people, but they would be tiny pieces.

      =The Cake Information=

      The cake comes presented in a purple and brown box, and immediately quality comes to mind, there is a clear plastic top where you can see (or drool!!) over the cake. On the side of the box there is a picture of the cake on a glass stand, and further pictures of the cake in slices.

      =More Information=
      This is taken from the box, the cake has three layers of chocolate sponge and there are all wrapped in chocolate butter cream ganache and hand decorated with chocolate curls.

      Calories (please turn away at this point!) - 228kcal per typical serving, bear in mind that a typical serving is 1/20th of the cake.

      There is further information from ingredients and allergy ingredients.

      =The Size of the cake=
      The cake is about 8in in diameter, and has a further 2 inches of the ganache, and the large curls of chocolate, these are in both milk and white chocolate.

      The centre of the cake is a large oval piece of chocolate with the word Thornton's piped on to this, there is room of you wanted to add a name of your own on there,

      I was really impressed with the cake, just looking at it, I was close to drooling, even though there is ganache on the cake, it cut smoothly did not crumble, the layers of sponge are soft to the touch and feel like they melt in the mouth, the texture of the chocolate it is Chocolate heaven.

      I would say eat it with a fork, as the chocolate just gets everywhere and if you have children with sticky fingers the mess goes everywhere,

      =Once Opened=
      If you have any remaining cake it is recommended that you store the cake in an airtight container.

      =Confession Time=
      I have to confess that we got 12 nice slices from it and we had the cake over 3 days, as it is rich, but it is gorgeous and defiantly worth the money,

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this cake, it is excellent value for money and even it was priced at £20 it would still be worth it. This is a great party cake for any adult celebrating a birthday or anniversary.


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      22.04.2013 17:23
      Very helpful



      A delicious, light, chocolate cake for any special occasion


      It was my partner's birthday at the weekend and although we don't normally celebrate birthdays with cakes I thought that it would be a little extra something to the gifts that I'd bought. There was no time to order a cake from the local bakery, so it was a case of seeing what the supermarkets could come up with. I shop in Morrisons normally and I've often glanced at the cakes on the bakery counter in passing, but really hadn't taken all that much notice of them. When I had a look on Friday, I was surprised that they have quite a variety, although a lot are for children. However there was quite a nice-looking chocolate cake for 20 people which I thought would be suitable for 2 people who love chocolate. The I noticed the Thornton's Chocolate Celebration Cake. To say that it looked delicious is an understatement. I must admit that I did think twice when I saw the price. The Morrisons' cake was £7 whereas Thorntons was a whopping £10. Having compared the look of the two, though, the Thorntons one did appear better quality and, after all, it's a 'once in a year thing', so in the trolley it went.


      Jospeh Thornton was a travelling confectioner who opened his first shop in Sheffield in 1911 called Thornton's Chocolate Kabin. He gave the shop to his sons who slowly built up the business and by 1938 they had 35 shops (there are now more than 600 in the UK). Over the years, Thorntons have gained a reputation of producing quality chocolate and confectionery and although they're quite pricey, I personally think that you can't beat Thornton's chocolates for special occasions.


      The cake is now actually called Thorntons Triple Layer Chocolate Celebration Cake and is presented in a purple and brown box. There's a clear plastic top through which you can see the (according to Thorntons) 'ultimate chocolate indulgence', and the sides show the cake on a glass stand together with slices of the mouth-watering contents. According to the box, the cake has three layers of chocolate sponge all wrapped up in chocolate buttercream ganache and hand decorated with chocolate curls. On one side of the box there's the list of ingredients (far too many to detail in this review), allergy information and the nutritional values - 228 kcal per typical serving means that it's probably not the best thing to eat if you're on a diet.


      The cake itself is about 8 inches in diameter and approximately 2 inches thick. It's covered in a thick smooth chocolate ganache on top of which are 12 quite large curls of chocolate (they alternate between milk chocolate and white chocolate). In the centre is a large oval piece of milk chocolate with the word 'Thorntons' piped onto it (this quickly disappeared when I turned my back!) Thorntons say that this cake serves 22. I would say that yes it would be possible to feed that number of people, but each one would only get a small slice. In my opinion, 16 is probably the maximum number of slices that would be reasonable especially if you're serving this at a party and don't want to appear stingy. In our case we got 12 slices (because we made a bit of a pig of ourselves).


      When you slice into the cake it doesn't crumble - it stays nicely in shape which is excellent if you're serving this to guests. The ganache is quite firm although it does leave traces on your fingers, so I think it's better to eat it with a fork. The three layers of sponge cake are really light and the texture is a nice contrast to the chocolate butter cream filling - it's much lighter than, say, a chocolate fudge cake, but nevertheless is quite moist. The taste is that of - well - chocolate, but it's a smooth, rich flavour and I don't think that there's the bitter cocoa taste that you get in some chocolate cakes. It does recommend that once opened, you store the cake in an airtight container. We kept it in the fridge, though, as we didn't want it to become dry and it's lasted four days without any adverse affect.


      You can buy this cake at supermarkets (Morrisons, Sainsburys, and Asda all seem to sell it) and it costs £10. It does say on the box that you can 'have your gift delivered' by visiting Thorntons' website or giving them a ring, but I can't find the cake on their site at all. I certainly don't recall having seen this in any of their shops either.


      This has to be the nicest chocolate cake that I've tasted for a long time. Yes, it's expensive, but I think as a treat then it's worth every penny.


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        24.03.2011 17:04
        Very helpful



        Alices second birthday cake of the year. An excellent choice, even if I do say so myself!

        When Alice was twelve last week she asked for a buffet as she had a few friends and relatives over. The poor thing came had the bad luck to come down with flu an hour into her party though and of the many platefuls of party food that I prepared (for her!) she ate just a single sausage roll and a bite of an egg Mayo sub. She wasn't even well enough for a slice of birthday cake - and believe me, Alice can be a bit of a gannet so when she said no to the cake I knew she really was ill!

        So yesterday in Sainsburys I decided to buy her another cake, we'd already planned a BBQ for tea last night and a delicious slice of birthday cake wouldn't go amiss for any of us.

        I had picked up a Sainsburys own brand chocolate cake, but when I saw this Thorntons one for the same price I swapped them over pretty sharpish. To be fair, the Thorntons one was slightly smaller, but that didn't matter as there were only eight of us yesterday wanting cake and the quality definitely looked better than the Sainsburys cake.

        It's pure chocolate; from the chocolate sponge, to the chocolate filling, to the chocolate burtercream and curls on the top. Actually Thorntons refer to it as chocolate Ganache, which it undoubtably is, but I prefer the nicer (and less continental sounding) buttercream moniker.

        The cake is delicious. The sponge is extremely chocolatey, very dense and moist with a rich cocoa flavour. There are three layers of sponge, each sandwiched together with a thick layer of saucy buttercream. The cake is obviously of a very high standard, I'm in no way a cake expert (actually I'm not even a cake fan unless it's a a special occasion - or a special cake) but even I could tell this is just moist enough with the right ratio of chocolate embellishments.

        The buttercream (sorry Thorntons, GANACHE) is excellent; sweet, rich, intensely chocolately. Basically everything a chocolate buttercream should be. But usually isn't. My only conplaint about the buttercream is that it's a bit too thickly spread on the cake. It covers the top and entire side of the cake, which is unusually generous of Thortons but a bit over the top considering there is also a large amount of the cream inside the cake. The flavour of the buttercream goes well with the sponge, both of them have an authentic chocolate flavour which is in stark contrast to the Waitrose chocolate cake we had on Alices actual birthday which was horribly synthetic.

        I'm impressed with this cake, it would be suitable for an adult or child and as the buttercream is so thick on the top of the cake I was able to stand Alices twelve candles up without them falling over. The cake is different to the one Dooyoo have got pictured, I suspect the cake and packaging has had an update as its much more modern looking now. There aren't many chocolate curls so they don't make much difference to the overall flavour of the cake, they do give it a polished appearance though and makes it look less of a (relatively) cheap supermarket birthday cake. Another nice touch is the small milk chocolate plaque on top of the cake, we let Alice have that (it being her birthday) and she said it was creamy Thorntons chocolate. Although to be honest will say the same about any chocolate, I should have tried it myself!

        On the box it says this cake will serve 16 people, this sounds a bit of an exaggeration but I actually think Thorntons have got it spot on. The cake is extremely rich so you don't need a huge slice, this definitely isn't the type of cake that you'd have a huge slab of so you could possibly even stretch it to serve more than 16 if you're a good cake-cutter. I do like sweet things and rarely find anything that is too richly chocolate for my tastes, but the very thin slice of cake I had was more than enough for me. Mark, who isn't particularly fond of chocolate or cake, put his back after a single bite and said it was much too rich for him. As I knew it would be. Funnily enough three year old Hollie hardly touched her slice of cake, I know she usually adores chocolate cake so I can only assume it was too heavy for her smaller appetite. She later licked all the buttercream off though so she wasn't too offended by it.

        I'd definitely buy this cake again, it went down well with most of us and is keeping well as there is still a quarter of the cake left which hasn't been particularly wrapped well in my breadbin and it's as moist and delicious looking as it was yesterday. Will do for Alice and Charlottes pudding tonight! One thing I'm pleased about is the fact that the gold board the cake comes on is reusable. Me and Hollie have just started baking a few times a week and the next batch of cupcakes will look great on this board, just be gentle as you wash it and you'll have a nice display board of your own which didn't cost a penny!

        £8 from Sainsburys and Ocado.


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