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Traidcraft 'Fair Break' Crisp Wafers

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2 Reviews

Brand: Traidcraft / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2009 15:23
      Very helpful



      My favourite choccie bar

      I was a huge fan of Kit Kats when I was younger. However, when I was about 15 I was told at school some horror stories about the Nestle company (google this to find out more), and about chocolate companies in general, and I decided that I was going to give up eating any chocolate that wasn't fair trade. I swapped my Cadbury's for Divine, which was fine, but sadly I never found a replacement for my favourite bar, and it was that that I missed the most.

      If only I had discovered Fair Breaks back then! (I don't even know if they existed then...)

      Two years ago I found Fair Breaks in my local Costcutters and bought one as they were only 20p which I thought was great, a little indulgence for a little price. It is a small bar, but if I had bought a bigger chocolate bar costing 50p, it might have been cheaper gramme for gramme, but the fact is I would have eaten the whole of the bigger bar and not felt any more satisfied than if I'd spent only 20p and bought a Fair Break.

      A Fair Break consists of three layers of wafer with a thin layer of chocolate cream in between them, with the whole thing covered in fair trade belgian chocolate.

      This chocolate bar is deliciously crisp if you bite into it in the traditional way, or you can lick the chocolate off, peel each layer of wafer off and eat them individually, scraping the chocolate cream off with your bottom teeth. Eating it this way makes it last a good five minutes longer, and you get a more chocolatey experience. However, sometimes you're in the mood for chomping. Maybe you should buy two and have one each way? Why not? It's only 40p!

      This is not a review about Fair Trade as a principle, but I will just say a few words about why it being FT adds to its appeal. When you eat this bar you know that the cocoa workers in Africa have been paid a fair wage for their work, and are hence able to have a better quality of life. Tradecraft, the company that makes Fair Breaks, are helping the cocoa farmers to become more business-like and more included in the chocolate industry, rather than simply doing the manual labour.

      In conclusion, this chocolate bar is delicious and ethical and the perfect size and price for a little treat. Look out for multi-packs in Home Bargains or B and N Bargains where they work out at just 8p each. Stock up and put one in your lunchbox, it's perfect after a sandwich!

      Each bar contains 112 calories and 6g of fat.
      Contains: milk, wheat, gluten and soya.
      May contain traces of nuts.
      Suitable for vegetarians.


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        08.05.2009 16:50
        Very helpful



        Ok as a little treat and not too unhealthy!

        I do like wafers covered in chocolate from time to time and when I saw these in my local Sainsburys (5 for £2.00 in a sealed pack) I thought I'd give them a go simply cause I hadn't seen them before type of thing.

        So I bought them in a pack of five which was all that was on sale though I have looked them up on line and if you shop about it a bit they are available as single purchases but they are new on the market so you need to keep your eyes peeled for them.

        The Packaging....

        Black, plastic oblong packet with a picture of the wafer on it and on the front in purple and white writing I'm told they are Traidcraft Fair Break 'Deliciously crisp wafer biscuits covered in Fairtrade Belgian Milk Chocolate' then I'm told that Fairtrade guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers. On the back of the wrapper I'm told a bit about Traidcraft (the manufacturer of these products), ingredients are listed and allergy advice is given, contact details for Traidcraft are given, nutritional information is listed, the best before date is clearly stamped on and finally the bar-code is shown. Basic but not cheap packaging this is. Each of my bars is wrapped almost identical to the outer wrapper but I am told that each one weighs 20g.

        A Bit About The Manufacturers Of This Product...Traidcraft....

        Traidcraft is bringing real improvements to sugar farming communities in rural Malawi. One village already has its own fresh water supply and there are plans to improve the local hospital and build a school.

        The Wafer Bars Themselves....

        First impression was that they were so small! Quite thick, sure they are but thin and short basically these are a one bite and they're gone treat! Visually they are nice to look at. No smell to them but each one is covered in light milk chocolate 'ripples', evenly and the choccy looks smooth.

        Taste wise, well they are really nice. The chocolate is nicely sweet though not overly so and it was smooth in texture but missing a creamy feel to it as chocolate I'm used to in the UK lol. However I did like it.

        The wafer inside was cream in colour, crunchy and very light and airy. Throughout the wafer there were like three thin rows of chocolate nugget type thing going on but although it gave the wafers a very slight chewy feeling, really nothing much and mainly this was just a light sweetish snack.


        I did really like them, they were light and tasty but the problem was that they were so small were they I sat and ate all 5 in a row! They were fresh, I liked the chocolate that adorned each one and there is something very satisfying about knowing your helping people in other countries by eating ethically sourced goods. Would I buy them again? If I saw them cheaper maybe I would cos I did think they were overpriced for what you end up getting so it depends on you and your morals here! Maybe you don't mind paying over the odds for things but sadly I do and appreciate and need value for money lol.

        Nutritional Information Per Bar....

        Energy: 118 Kcal
        Protein: 1.3g
        Carbohydrate: 14.0g
        Fat: 6.2g


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