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Trimlyne Raspberry Fruit Bars

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2 Reviews

Brand: Trimlyne / Type: Cereal Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2013 17:15
      Very helpful



      A cheap and delicious snack for a sweet tooth. Beware of certain ingredients though!

      ~The Product ~ 'Bar Code'!~

      The six fruit 27g bars come in a small 5 ½ x 4" box. The bright varying pink carton contains all the relevant information that is also included on the snacks. The package displays six of the fruit bars piled on top of each other and looking very appetising. The Trimlyne logo is featured next to the brand name in a co-ordinating colour of green. The advertising also proudly announces that the pack contains '6 Individually Wrapped Baked Bars with a Delicious Raspberry Fruit Filling' and 'Contains only 93 kcals and 0.7g of fat in each bar'.

      The ingredients are noted both on the packaging of the carton and fruit bars: 'Fruit Filling (50%), (Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Raspberry (8%), Stabiliser: Glycerine; Dextrose, Oat Flour, Gelling agent: Pectin, Citric Acis, Acidity regulators: Sodium Citrate, Calcium Citrate; Flovouring, Colour: Anthocynanins), Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oils, Oat Flour, Inulin, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Egg, Emulsifiers (Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids, Mono and Diglycerised of Fatty Acids, Sorbitan Monostearate), Invert Sugar Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Stabiliser (Glycerine), Salt, Whey Powder, Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Glucono-Delta-Lactone), Flavouring, Natural Colour (Beta-Carotene)'.

      There is also a practical warning that this product has been 'Produced in a factory where nuts and sesame seeds are used', along with the allergen notice that the snack 'Contains milk, gluten and egg'. Further practical product information is given that includes 'Storage Instructions - Keep cool and dry.
      Furthermore, 'Suitable for Vegetarians' and the snacks are 'produced in Netherlands'.

      ~My Usage Experience ~ 'Bar Tending'!~

      I found these low calorie snacks in my local 99p store and was instantly attracted to them, not because of their slimming hype but because they looked like one of my favourite biscuits, Fig rolls!

      I couldn't wait to try these fig like rolls that had the alternative fruit filling. As I peeled back the easy to open plastic wrapper I couldn't detect any aromas such as the fruit or biscuit. But, if I hold up the bar close to my nose, I can distinguish a faint smell of the filling, not raspberry but a general scent of fruit. These bars are just over 3" in length and 1 1/2 " in width so no big feast here, a neat snack nevertheless. The crispy crunchy but fairly soft biscuit outer layer is moist and delicious. A beautiful fawn and light brown colour furnishes the bar with an appetising 'just cooked right' appearance. The flat base with its curved top imparts a home baked impression that adds to the snack's inviting image.

      With 50% of fruit filling, the bar oozes with ample contents. Surprisingly though, the taste isn't at all what I had expected, seeing that it is described as 'raspberry' fruit bars. Looking at the ingredients, I then could determine why! Only 8% of Raspberry flavour is added to each bar! But, I wasn't disappointed as the taste of the filling is very fruity, more like a combination of very sweet summer fruits.

      I am often disillusioned with some cereal bars, as they tend to have more coating than filling, but not here. If anything, I'd say a fraction more biscuit could have been added to equalise the fruity content. I would also advise that the filling is very sweet! Undoubtedly due to the high content of 'Glucose-Fructose Syrup' and 'Sugar' that seems to contravene the 'Trimlyne' hype!

      ~Would I Recommend? ~ 'Prop Up The Bar'!~

      Yes I would recommend these delicious fruit bars but only as an occasional low calorie treat. One could be swayed by the healthy imagery on the packaging and low calorie advertising but each bar contains 11.5g of sugar along with flavouring and a few other ingredients that are not conducive to a healthier life style! I will add though, that I prefer natural sugars as opposed to sweeteners that carry health risk.

      A pack of 6 bars only cost me 99p at my local....99p store! But these snacks are available at many other outlets, including online, such as at Amazon.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on these fruity little gems :~) xXx


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        13.11.2009 22:22
        Very helpful



        I think these are nicer than the apple flavoured variety

        PRICE: £1.19 at my local Morrisons for a pack of 6 bars


        Calories: 92
        Kj: 388
        Protein: 1.3g
        Carbohydrates: 18.8g
        (of which sugars): 11.5g
        Fat: 0.73g
        (of which saturates): 0.4g
        (of which monounsaturates): 0.2g
        (of which polyunsaturates): 0.1g
        Fibre: 1.2g
        Sodium: 0.04g

        NB: Not listed, as there are too many - but there don't appear to be any nasties in there.


        NB: Admin have informed me it's fine to do two separate reviews on two separate flavours of Trimlyne Fruit Bars.

        I recently reviewed the apple flavour of Trimlyne Fruit Bars, and here I'd like to speak about the raspberry one.

        Similarly to the apple flavour, the box contains six individually wrapped cereal bars. The outside of the box is a dark pink, with the front showing very basic nutritional information together with a few of the bars surrounded by an image of some raspberries. The rear of the box shows nutritional information, ingredients list, dietary/allergy advice and a note to say that the packaging is recyclable.

        The raspberry flavour bars are the same size as the apple ones....quite small, measuring approximately 1/4" thick and about 4" long. The outer biscuit/cake type coating is a nice pale golden-brown colour, very neat-looking, and no filling seeps from the edges.

        The filling on the raspberry bars is the same consistency-wise as in the apple variety, but is a dark, rich ruby red colour, and I think the serving is slightly more generous than the apple ones. The filling is very smooth, with no fruit seeds or chewy bits.

        There isn't an immediately distinctive smell, but the raspberry flavour is very good - sharp and tangy with a little hint of subtle sweetness. Bearing in mind that the biscuit/cake type coating isn't overly sweet, it blends very nicely with the sweet-ish/sharp taste of the goo inside, although it is a little tough to chew. I did expect the filling to resemble raspberry jam, especially from the flavour point of view, but it didn't - it was much nicer and nowhere near as sweet.

        Like with the apple variety, the raspberry bar was nice - I think overall I preferred it to the apple as it seemed sharper and though exactly the same size, somehow more bulky and solid. I think it was that little bite of sharpness in the flavour that made the raspberry bar feel as though I was eating something with a bit more substance. I still need two to fill me up though.

        I have been buying Trimlyne Fruit Bars for a while, as they can provide me with just a little something to stave off bedtime hunger, and I find I'm buying less of the apple flavour and sticking more to the raspberry.

        As with the apple variety, I knock a star off simply because of the biscuit/pastry layer being harder than I personally like - I think I'd prefer it to be soft and oaty, as I feel it would add to the substantiality and would blend even better with the raspberry filling.

        A good buy, which is nowhere near as evil as something like chocolate or a cream cake, and I'd recommend these ones above the apple flavour simply because to me they taste nicer.

        Thanks for reading!


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