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Tunch Foods Pack Tunch Pineapple and Coconut Bar

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Brand: Tunch Foods / Type: Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2010 20:56



      I think that the Pineapple and Coconut Bar is fantastic. Not so keen on Lemon and Lime but I always have some in my bar for when I work late. Good review.John


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      04.05.2010 13:28
      Very helpful



      Well worth looking out for.

      Recently I have been doing quite a lot of mail order whole-food shopping from Planet Organic, a fantastic company based in London. I can highly recommend them, especially if you don't have an independent health food store in your area, as they have a vast selection of items which I have discovered for the first time.

      One of the items which I have tried is a snack bar called Pack Tunch. This is available in several variants, but the one I chose was pineapple and coconut. If you have ever tried a Nak'd Bar or a Lara Bar these are very similar in that they are a raw food snack based on healthy natural ingredients.

      Founded by three brothers, Joe, Dave and Ed, and first offered for sale in 2009. The brothers spent nine months developing the recipes for these bars; these were born out of a need to supply their own healthy snacks primarily, but soon blossomed to fill a gap in the market which the brothers had identified.

      The name Pack Tunch is a derived from the concept that between lunch and tea many of us have a drop in our energy levels. This often leads to 4pm munchies, often using chocolate or biscuits to bridge the gap. The idea is that Tunch Bars provide the energy, without adding unhealthy fats or sugars.

      Made in a barn outside Edinburgh these bars are distributed and sold in many stores nationwide now, and you can also order online at www.tunchfoods.com. As well as purchasing these online from Planet Organic, I liked them so much that I did place an order for these from their website at Tunch Foods. This arrived quickly was superbly packaged and was a delight to receive.

      The bars are also available in lemon and lime, and apple and cinnamon, and they retail for £1 each or 12 for the price of £11 online from their web shop, where postage is free for orders over £10.

      Unlike Nak'd bars these are shaped like a little round flat cake, and they are easily popped into your handbag or pocket as they are individually wrapped. The pineapple and coconut version I purchased initially was presented in an attractive yellow and brown sealed packet, with a pineapple logo.

      Each bar is 45g in weight and contains 171 calories and 5.2 g fat, and the only ingredients are dates, pineapple, almonds, coconut, apricots, puffed rice, raisins, and pineapple juice. These ingredients are bursting with vitamins, minerals, good carbohydrates, protein and fibre, making them a good choice.

      To me these are heaven. They are substantial snacks which provide an alternative to the biscuit barrel. Yes they are higher in calories than one biscuit, but you are fully satisfied after you have eaten the product, so you are not looking for other items. I really enjoyed the solid texture and the sweetness provided by the dried fruit. There is not too much emphasis on nuts here, so the product has a more universal appeal having only almonds added. This keeps the bar moist enough to be enjoyable without requiring too much liquid. The pineapple gives the bar a tangy flavour, and the coconut added is just right to make the bar taste tropical.

      Suitable for vegans and being gluten free these are excellent for those people who require products in this category. They have a good shelf life; mine purchased a month ago are fine until July, so they make a good choice for keeping in the cupboard.

      I think a perfect use for these would be on a long walk, as they are an ideal size to carry and won't spoil like chocolate does if they get warm.

      The main disadvantage is the price as retailing for £1 each these are certainly not a cheap option. Nak'd bars, their main competitor, are 88p for a larger 65g bar. I would imagine this is due to Nak'd bars having a much larger sales base, covering several countries now, so that they benefit from economies of scale when purchasing raw ingredients and so on. However, this new company is starting out, and certainly has unique ideas and flavours to offer the consumer who is seeking this kind of product, and hopefully in time the price will come down. Certainly for a snack for younger children half would suffice, and good for youngsters these certainly are as they contain no sugar, added syrups, etc, though there are still natural sugars present in the ingredients so I would always bear this in mind for dental health

      I can highly recommend their website, and the online shop even offers a mixed case of the bars which enables you to sample all the flavours. It is also important to note that all the ingredients in the bars are ethically sourced. This means nothing is air freighted and all the fruit is dried in the sunshine. As Pack Tunch say- the fruit already has its sea legs, as it has travelled a long way over the oceans to Scotland!

      I hope this company succeed in getting their product widely known as these little bars are full of goodness, and I can highly recommend them for bridging the gap between meals or for providing sustenance on long walks. I have even taken them on journeys for breakfast and have found them to be a perfect way of starting the day.

      If you visit the website at www.tunchfoods.com you can ascertain whether there is a stockist close to where you live.

      Tunch Foods
      Po Box 29184
      KY12 2AL

      Tel: 0845 224 8352

      This review is also published on Ciao by myself under my user name there Violet1278


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