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Tyrrell's Ludlow Sausage & Wholegrain Mustard Crisps

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Brand: Tyrrell's / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2009 12:11
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      Ewwwwwwwwwwwww, Proper Nasty Crisps!

      I love most Tyrrells crisps and when I saw this new packet in the Co--Op I had to get a bag to try, the flavour is Ludlow Sausage And Wholegrain Mustard and because I love both of those tastes I thought these crisps would be delish.

      I was wrong, BIG TIME. The crisps are the normal crunchy and thick Tyrrells crisps, there's nothing wrong with the texture of them and they're the same as all crisps by this brand. When I poured some into a bowl I saw that some of the crisps still had the skins on and they all looked like they was well coated in flavouring.

      When I ate one though it was so naff that I thought I'd pick up a dodgy one and had to have another few to prove to myself just how crap these crisps taste.

      There's hardly any sausage flavour in them at all and the crisps have got a horrible greasy taste that I didn't enjoy. To me the greasiness was deffo meaty and not like vegetable oil, some people might like that because of the greasy flavour that proper sausages have got but it wasn't for me.

      I'd forgot that there was supposed to be mustard in the flavour of these crisps until I come to look at the packet to suggest the product for Dooyoo. It's hardly there at all and I only noticed it in one crisp that was quite a lot darker than the others and I think this one nicked all the mustard! lol Even then it wasn't worth shouting about and had a powdery hotness that was nothing like real mustard.

      I deffo think Tyrrells have put out a proper naff flavour here, I LOVE LOVE Tyrrells usually and can't think why they'd sell such a greasy weird bag of crisps. The horrible greasy taste made me feel a bit sick for ages after I'd eaten them and I couldn't get rid of the taste even after I'd eaten something else.

      If anyone else has tried them please let me know what you think because I'm madly disappointed with them. I was expecting a nice rich sausage flavour but ended up with a mouth full of horribly greasy crisps.

      This is deffo one flavour of Tyrrells that I won't buy again.


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